Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Golden Goose

Golden Goose BKT by williamnyk
Golden Goose BKT, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Early Saturday morning, SK and I went to Klang for breakfast. She brought her granny in tow, while I had mum and KH. Hehe. Of course I sat in between mum and her son-in-law. Rightfully so as her son-in-law's hands were quite naughty throughout the journey. Gratitude invited us over for BKT at Restoran Angsa Emas, near Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital. So good to see his mum all well and in the pink of health. The BKT had a mild taste but it became thicker towards the end cause I think they were scraping the bottom of the pot. Not bad actually. Chit-chat and makan-makan with a nice pot of genmaicha that Gratitude brought along (typical Klang-ite!). Too bad we couldn't stay long. Had to rush back to KL to collect Lifebook's birthday cake from -Alex-. And she had a doctor's appointment at noon. Was yawning all the way back and KH kept giving me secret tickles and horny looks. That boy of mine is really playful! KH went home for lunch while we accompanied SK to the clinic in Puchong Utama. Never been in the area. Quite a new village feel to it. The walkway in front of the shops were dirty and perfumed with day-old Eau du Garbage. Messy. Ugh. Passed the time at the nearby Hero Market. It fight right in. Cement floors and low ceilings with ceiling fans. SK's consultation didn't take long. By 1:00pm, we had lunch a the nearby Knife Cut. Ironically, they don't serve 'knife slice' noodles (not that I like 'em anyway). I ordered the dry pan mee and kopi c. The noodles came in a plate, while the coffee they decided to serve on the table for me. Nearly got baptised in coffee. Luckily I escaped, but my phone and feet suffered a minor splashing. Ish. My review: order the soup noodles for its wonderfully piping hot soup and avoid the dry noodles cause they are a bit sticky.

Pan Mee Again


Kimuchi Collagen Nabe

Back home, I napped for about ninety minutes before showering and getting ready for dinner. SK had arranged a belated birthday dinner for Lifebook at Rakuzen, Subang Jaya. KH joined us, but Apollo FFK. Since my sister and BIL had to attend a fund-raiser at the Calvary Convention Centre, the kids also came along with mum. Definitely memeriahkan suasana. The high point of the meal was the MYR180 worth of kobe and omi beef that SK bought from Takashimaya in Osaka. For just MYR20, the chef prepared three dishes-- hot stone kobe beef (melt in the mouth goodness!), teppanyaki kobe beef (good texture and flavour) and stir-fried omi beef (my favourite!). Went well with the sake. Kanpai!. In addition, we ordered the sashimi moriawase and kimuchi collagen nabe (mesti pekena nasi nih!). Fine dining definitely doesn't mix well with kids. Several times, mum gave a high-pitched scream when the kids nearly spilled something or misbehaved causing the whole restaurant to look over. Phew. Our table was quite cramped, but from where I was seated, I could observe every rich twink that walked in. Quite some eye candy that night. Ended the night with the green tea birthday cake. When the waitress put it on the table, we couldn't help but exclaim, "What's that?". No one had seen the cake and we were surprised by abstract art decoration. Haha. Happy belated birthday Lifebook!


Hot Stone Kobe Beef

Green Tea Cake


Anonymous said...

Takde action??

Twilight Man said...

So your mother's son-in-law was a horny and naughty brat.

William said...

No opportunity

Ash Godiva said...

what is the last picture?looks like strawberry slice on top of mince meat?or don't tell me it's the cake?@.@

William said...

He is quite frisky

LOL. That's the cake!

Derek said...

Hmm .. think you over exaggerate le LOL