Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Go Shopping

The shopping goddess at Robinsons (heard that their entity in Singapore is being sued by a gay man for employment discrimination) decided to bless me with MYR40 worth of vouchers so SK and I decided to make a pilgrimage there on Saturday. Mum tagged along, and even Sis and the tribe joined us. Luckily it did not take long to get the kids ready. And amazingly, we all managed to fit into SK's Almera, including her grandma. Ate breakfast at Woo Pin, Taman Danau Desa first. Don't think Big Monster liked his meal, but Little Monster lapped it up. Just one shop away, a Soon Soon Lye Fish Head Noodles shop was on the verge of opening. All renovations had been done, the signboard put up. But it seems that the plans have been scuttled at the very last minute. A banner now states that a Tai Lei Loi Kei Macau Pork Bun shop will be opening in its stead. Makes more sense really. Business suicide to go against Woo Pin at such close vicinity.

Parking aplenty at The Gardens. Managed to park at B1, an impossible feat under normal circumstances. The kids were thrilled and started horsing around. My heart skipped a beat when Big Monster decided to play tag among the shelves of crystal vases. And Little Monster nearly grabbed a bottle of EDT at the fragrance counter. Stressed. Managed to buy a pair of shoes for Little Monster. Immediately took a liking to his new shoes, exclaiming, "美美". A FB friend left me a message saying that he and his friends stalked me at The Gardens. LOL. Told him to come over and say hello next time. I wonder some spy photos of me would be post-worthy on someone's blog some day. Didn't eat in the mall, but shifted out to Taman Desa again to makan. Kenot tahan lama-lama at the mall with the two monsters. Visited Shin Kee Kitchen for their excellent duck rice (and trademark salty and oiy food LOL). Also got some stewed chicken feet, watercress soup and sour vegetables.

Got home at about 3:30pm after a short stop at Central Hypermarket. The whole building's gonna be torn down and redeveloped by the end of the month so I stocked up on some things before the tenants move out for good. Wanked a little and napped a little before waking up at 6:00pm. Had to freshen up for a BEC gathering in Seri Petaling that evening. Plenty of good food that night-- vinegar pork trotters, dry curry chicken, wine chicken, sardine puffs, taufu fah, pumpkin barley, porridge, tea eggs, homemade charsiew & siew yuk and much more. A good turnout and great fellowship.


Twilight Man said...

You went to Woo Pin again. The boss must give you a gold medal.

William said...

Give me a discount instead!

Jaded Jeremy said...

"Kenot tahan lama-lama at the mall with the two monsters." Hahaha I totally understand.