Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coincidental Confession

Post Secret YOU ARE GAY by Ron Reason
Post Secret YOU ARE GAY, swiped from Ron Reason on Flickr.

KH pointed this out to me on the GSC FB page and what I read really surprised me. Sounded like our life story, but with some slight variations. I could actually steal it and make it my own here with slight adjustments. So for those of you who missed our story, here's a good version!

Gay SG Confessions

It all started during a time when blogging was all the hype, before people started spilling all their thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, or finding each other using social apps on smartphones. I used to be a blogger and I followed his blog religiously. He writes very well - funny, opinionated, sarcastic - it's like music to my ears reading his entries everyday. And my, the number of fans he has, would be awesome if I had just a quarter of his.

Editor: Yes, I found KH on Blogger. KH's blog read more like science journal on Elsevier rather than a magazine actually, but I still enjoyed stalking him. :P. And his blog wasn't super popular, but known among his friends (which is a respectable number since they did call him The Godfather back then).

I thought to myself, such a person must already have a boyfriend (our sexuality wasn't a secret in our blogs), and even if he didn't, he wouldn't want a nobody like me. I had just started exploring the gay community around me and I didn't have confidence then. He was so popular in the gay blogosphere, surely a lot of people were lining up at his doorstep.

Editor: I was such a noob back then, not exactly comfortable with my own sexuality and just trying to find an outlet to reach out to like-minded individuals. Was never in a relationship before and never thought that I would. At that time, he had already broken up and gone to Singapore for work while his ex went overseas to study.

Still, after contemplating it for a few months (due to the fear of trying to make friends with someone out of my league), I decided to write to him. I sent him a fan mail which I thought was really embarrassing. I wasn't expecting a reply but to my surprise, I did. He was very friendly and funny. We exchanged emails and subsequently decided to meet up.

Editor: I never wrote to him other than leaving comments on his blog. He was the cunning one who managed to get my e-mail addie and started writing to me from there. We wrote to each other daily and that made me very happy.

As we were in different cities then, he drove to mine and picked me up at a train station. Eager to please, I prepared a present for him, even though it was our first time meeting each other. Yes, I'll admit I was a bit desperate, but it was a sincere gesture really, and one that sealed the deal, according to him.

Editor: Firstly, KH didn't drive back then and we were a 45-minute flight away from each other. We met each other for the first time at the CBTL at Plaza OUG which ha since closed down. His straight bestie drove him there and at first sight I though the bestie was KH. LOL. I didn't prepare him a gift, we just talked a whole lot that day over a couple of ice-blended coffees. He did say that he liked my funny side, but only later did he discover the dvil in me. :P

We became a couple, and it's been 7 years now, even though he would tell people that it is 8. We don't know when is the anniversary, just vaguely around April to July. This comes in handy as there wouldn't be any reason to argue about forgetting the anniversary now.

Editor: Yup, 7 years now, starting from 28th January 2007. This was the day he asked me to be his boyfriend and stole my virgin kiss. And my heart...

They say opposites attract, it couldn't be any truer on us. I'm introverted and he's outgoing. He loves to read while I hardly do so. I'm a bit OCD while he's a bit messy. He prefers walking about to shop and I like sitting down for tea. He's strong and healthy while I'm an incubus of viral plagues. Who knew we could be together for this long? Perhaps that's why they say find a person who makes you feel complete, because that's what I feel when I'm with him.

Editor: We aren't exactly opposites (we're both quite skanky, but I'm more so), but we do have our differences. He's more outdoor-sy while I prefer my creature comforts. He's patient while I'm short-tempered. He's like an aunty when it comes to shopping and I'm more decisive. Anyway, after so many years, we had started adopting some of each others' traits which I find surprising since that most of it was an LDR. I can just surmise that we're good for each other.

Our relationship isn't all easy breezy. We are apart from each other most of the time in the past 7 years, and I'm talking oceans apart. The dreaded long distance relationship that ruins countless couples, be it gay or straight. But we managed, we trust each other. Maybe I am just naive, but you either trust or give up the relationship. Because staying in a relationship without trust is self-torturing and emotionally taxing. It does no good to anyone.

Editor: Trust didn't come easy. Countless times I went to bed sulking and sad. Countless times I worried over un-replied SMS-es. Countless scenarios played in my head. Worry. Insecurity. And once I did sit on my bed and cry only to have KH call to give me assurance. Come to think of it, I never asked KH his side of the story in this regard... Baby? But now, trust comes implicitly, but it doesn't mean that it should be taken for granted. I'm glad that we're now in the same city and starting to 'date' again. LOL.

His birthday is coming up and all I want to say is, thank you for loving me, just the way I am. Happy birthday my dear, I love you.

Editor: Thanks for helping me find myself. Thanks for journeying with me for all these years. Your patience and your love is more than I deserve. I love you dear! (KH's birthday is in March!)


Editor: This matches! Anyway, to the guy who posted this on GSC, all the best to you and your BF!


Anonymous said...

I teared reading this...touching. ...


Sharks said...

I really salute those who are in LDR! Your story is just so...heart-warming! We need story like this ^^

Hdaran said...

"awwwwwwwww"ness overload!

William said...

I'm sure you also have your own story to tell

Definitely not the recommended mode of relationship but sometimes good things come to those who wait

Awww :P

Piko-chan said...

I'm sure GSC is not the cinema but I do not know what it is :S

Ban said...

i dun understand the attraction of GSC.

thompsonboy said...

perempuan sungguh kau ni

Twilight Man said...

You are so creative like honey and malt!

Gratitude said...

Lol I always love Ban's comments.

Derek said...

Such a sweet post dear! Muacks! Love you.

Derek said...

Piko-chan: GSC = Gay SG Confessions. Search for it on FB!

Mr Lonely said...

so gay~~~ XD

Anonymous said...

so jealous..sigh..makes me wonder when will my chinese knight in shining armor come to me...

William said...

Like Derek said, search for it :P


Wakaka. Drama ma.

Like honey & malt? That's an interesting comparison!

Too bad he doesn't blog anymore

Muacks!!! Love you too <3


He will come with riding a horse and holding a large calligraphy fan

Jaded Jeremy said...

Awwww. Yes, LDR is difficult. Even if love is strong, one get exhausted, especially with all the secrecy from family and straight friends etc. Tiring.