Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Golden Goose

Golden Goose BKT by williamnyk
Golden Goose BKT, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Early Saturday morning, SK and I went to Klang for breakfast. She brought her granny in tow, while I had mum and KH. Hehe. Of course I sat in between mum and her son-in-law. Rightfully so as her son-in-law's hands were quite naughty throughout the journey. Gratitude invited us over for BKT at Restoran Angsa Emas, near Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital. So good to see his mum all well and in the pink of health. The BKT had a mild taste but it became thicker towards the end cause I think they were scraping the bottom of the pot. Not bad actually. Chit-chat and makan-makan with a nice pot of genmaicha that Gratitude brought along (typical Klang-ite!). Too bad we couldn't stay long. Had to rush back to KL to collect Lifebook's birthday cake from -Alex-. And she had a doctor's appointment at noon. Was yawning all the way back and KH kept giving me secret tickles and horny looks. That boy of mine is really playful! KH went home for lunch while we accompanied SK to the clinic in Puchong Utama. Never been in the area. Quite a new village feel to it. The walkway in front of the shops were dirty and perfumed with day-old Eau du Garbage. Messy. Ugh. Passed the time at the nearby Hero Market. It fight right in. Cement floors and low ceilings with ceiling fans. SK's consultation didn't take long. By 1:00pm, we had lunch a the nearby Knife Cut. Ironically, they don't serve 'knife slice' noodles (not that I like 'em anyway). I ordered the dry pan mee and kopi c. The noodles came in a plate, while the coffee they decided to serve on the table for me. Nearly got baptised in coffee. Luckily I escaped, but my phone and feet suffered a minor splashing. Ish. My review: order the soup noodles for its wonderfully piping hot soup and avoid the dry noodles cause they are a bit sticky.

Pan Mee Again


Kimuchi Collagen Nabe

Back home, I napped for about ninety minutes before showering and getting ready for dinner. SK had arranged a belated birthday dinner for Lifebook at Rakuzen, Subang Jaya. KH joined us, but Apollo FFK. Since my sister and BIL had to attend a fund-raiser at the Calvary Convention Centre, the kids also came along with mum. Definitely memeriahkan suasana. The high point of the meal was the MYR180 worth of kobe and omi beef that SK bought from Takashimaya in Osaka. For just MYR20, the chef prepared three dishes-- hot stone kobe beef (melt in the mouth goodness!), teppanyaki kobe beef (good texture and flavour) and stir-fried omi beef (my favourite!). Went well with the sake. Kanpai!. In addition, we ordered the sashimi moriawase and kimuchi collagen nabe (mesti pekena nasi nih!). Fine dining definitely doesn't mix well with kids. Several times, mum gave a high-pitched scream when the kids nearly spilled something or misbehaved causing the whole restaurant to look over. Phew. Our table was quite cramped, but from where I was seated, I could observe every rich twink that walked in. Quite some eye candy that night. Ended the night with the green tea birthday cake. When the waitress put it on the table, we couldn't help but exclaim, "What's that?". No one had seen the cake and we were surprised by abstract art decoration. Haha. Happy belated birthday Lifebook!


Hot Stone Kobe Beef

Green Tea Cake

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coincidental Confession

Post Secret YOU ARE GAY by Ron Reason
Post Secret YOU ARE GAY, swiped from Ron Reason on Flickr.

KH pointed this out to me on the GSC FB page and what I read really surprised me. Sounded like our life story, but with some slight variations. I could actually steal it and make it my own here with slight adjustments. So for those of you who missed our story, here's a good version!

Gay SG Confessions

It all started during a time when blogging was all the hype, before people started spilling all their thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, or finding each other using social apps on smartphones. I used to be a blogger and I followed his blog religiously. He writes very well - funny, opinionated, sarcastic - it's like music to my ears reading his entries everyday. And my, the number of fans he has, would be awesome if I had just a quarter of his.

Editor: Yes, I found KH on Blogger. KH's blog read more like science journal on Elsevier rather than a magazine actually, but I still enjoyed stalking him. :P. And his blog wasn't super popular, but known among his friends (which is a respectable number since they did call him The Godfather back then).

I thought to myself, such a person must already have a boyfriend (our sexuality wasn't a secret in our blogs), and even if he didn't, he wouldn't want a nobody like me. I had just started exploring the gay community around me and I didn't have confidence then. He was so popular in the gay blogosphere, surely a lot of people were lining up at his doorstep.

Editor: I was such a noob back then, not exactly comfortable with my own sexuality and just trying to find an outlet to reach out to like-minded individuals. Was never in a relationship before and never thought that I would. At that time, he had already broken up and gone to Singapore for work while his ex went overseas to study.

Still, after contemplating it for a few months (due to the fear of trying to make friends with someone out of my league), I decided to write to him. I sent him a fan mail which I thought was really embarrassing. I wasn't expecting a reply but to my surprise, I did. He was very friendly and funny. We exchanged emails and subsequently decided to meet up.

Editor: I never wrote to him other than leaving comments on his blog. He was the cunning one who managed to get my e-mail addie and started writing to me from there. We wrote to each other daily and that made me very happy.

As we were in different cities then, he drove to mine and picked me up at a train station. Eager to please, I prepared a present for him, even though it was our first time meeting each other. Yes, I'll admit I was a bit desperate, but it was a sincere gesture really, and one that sealed the deal, according to him.

Editor: Firstly, KH didn't drive back then and we were a 45-minute flight away from each other. We met each other for the first time at the CBTL at Plaza OUG which ha since closed down. His straight bestie drove him there and at first sight I though the bestie was KH. LOL. I didn't prepare him a gift, we just talked a whole lot that day over a couple of ice-blended coffees. He did say that he liked my funny side, but only later did he discover the dvil in me. :P

We became a couple, and it's been 7 years now, even though he would tell people that it is 8. We don't know when is the anniversary, just vaguely around April to July. This comes in handy as there wouldn't be any reason to argue about forgetting the anniversary now.

Editor: Yup, 7 years now, starting from 28th January 2007. This was the day he asked me to be his boyfriend and stole my virgin kiss. And my heart...

They say opposites attract, it couldn't be any truer on us. I'm introverted and he's outgoing. He loves to read while I hardly do so. I'm a bit OCD while he's a bit messy. He prefers walking about to shop and I like sitting down for tea. He's strong and healthy while I'm an incubus of viral plagues. Who knew we could be together for this long? Perhaps that's why they say find a person who makes you feel complete, because that's what I feel when I'm with him.

Editor: We aren't exactly opposites (we're both quite skanky, but I'm more so), but we do have our differences. He's more outdoor-sy while I prefer my creature comforts. He's patient while I'm short-tempered. He's like an aunty when it comes to shopping and I'm more decisive. Anyway, after so many years, we had started adopting some of each others' traits which I find surprising since that most of it was an LDR. I can just surmise that we're good for each other.

Our relationship isn't all easy breezy. We are apart from each other most of the time in the past 7 years, and I'm talking oceans apart. The dreaded long distance relationship that ruins countless couples, be it gay or straight. But we managed, we trust each other. Maybe I am just naive, but you either trust or give up the relationship. Because staying in a relationship without trust is self-torturing and emotionally taxing. It does no good to anyone.

Editor: Trust didn't come easy. Countless times I went to bed sulking and sad. Countless times I worried over un-replied SMS-es. Countless scenarios played in my head. Worry. Insecurity. And once I did sit on my bed and cry only to have KH call to give me assurance. Come to think of it, I never asked KH his side of the story in this regard... Baby? But now, trust comes implicitly, but it doesn't mean that it should be taken for granted. I'm glad that we're now in the same city and starting to 'date' again. LOL.

His birthday is coming up and all I want to say is, thank you for loving me, just the way I am. Happy birthday my dear, I love you.

Editor: Thanks for helping me find myself. Thanks for journeying with me for all these years. Your patience and your love is more than I deserve. I love you dear! (KH's birthday is in March!)


Editor: This matches! Anyway, to the guy who posted this on GSC, all the best to you and your BF!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ole-Ole Osaka

MYR2.10 by williamnyk
MYR2.10, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

SK went to Osaka for a vacation with Lifebook and as usual, she came home bearing gifts! She actually bought sushi (+ ice packs) at the airport and hand-carried it back to Kuala Lumpur. When she arrived home, she called us over for makan-makan. Yummy... even the rice tasted nicer. It would have been earlier if not for the fact that she was caught in a petrol price hike related traffic jam. So ironic that the LDP was clear, but she was stuck in Bandar Kinrara for half an hour. I too was stuck earlier, but cause I genuinely had to pump petrol! The fat bastard in front of me took his own sweet time at the pump. Waddled to the boot, slowly fished his wallet out of the tonnes of luggage he had at the back. Then continued on to the control station. That slug of a man slowly filled up his Grand Livina, like he had all the time in the world. And then he sloshed back to the control station to pay. Even when leaving, he cared not for the fact that a long queue was waiting for him. Chor chu tei kau chuen!. I hope he doesn't work for emergency services. Anyway, back to the Osaka goodies:

  1. Three super light umbrellas. Perfect for carrying around in my bag.
  2. Four pairs of boxer briefs with cute prints and a mini condom pocket. I gave two to KH.
  3. A red Brooks Brother handkerchief with Christmas stocking motif. So cute!
  4. Two green tea Kit-Kats (super sweet and milky!) and some Royce chocolates

Inari + Maki

Sinful Beef

Red Kerchief


Too bad she didn't tapau back a COAT West porn star for me...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Give Me A P!

The Lion King by williamnyk
The Lion King, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

As usual, I went to Church on Sunday and lunched at the nearby Paradigm Mall. Seeing that there wasn't much of a queue at Sushi Zanmai we ate there. Noticed that there was s strange energy in the mall. The whole place was crawling with cheerleaders! Girls with tightly-tied hair, makeup and short skirts. Boys in sweatpants (great for highlighting trouser snakes) and glitter-trimmed tops. It was the CHARM Cheerleading Championships. In case you're wondering, CHARM is the national governing body for cheerleading in Malaysia (do must have some kind of minimum tackniess guideline for the uniforms). On one end, school kids were shouting and going all ballistic, while on the other end, a drum store was having some kind of drum showdown. Goodness. Just shared a few items for lunch-- Salmon Belly no Spicy Ramen, Aburi Zanmai and Tempura Moriawase. Was satisfied with the food. Definitely off my list of banned restaurants. LOL. Went zig-zagging around the mall, stopping to look at the championships at one moment and shopping the other. Saw several cuties, but no pics. T_T. The event boosted business for many of the tenants judging by how crowded it was. Kids with buying power.

Aburi Zanmai

Can't Go Wrong With Salmon

Stopped a moment at Snowflake before continuing on to Uniqlo. Found some really good deals on a pair of cropped pants and a lounge wear set. Also bought a cotton pillow to replace my goose feather pillow. After so many years of absorbing my saliva and sweat (sometimes cum? :P), I think it's time to give it some rest. Continuing the previous day's shopping spree, we went to Tesco to use up some of my voucher's from HSBC. After walking out, I saw an interesting shop called Teochew Chendul, claiming to be established since 1936 in Penang. Gave it a try. For 4.90, they gave a generous portion of cendol. Unfortunately, it was kinda frozen. I would still recommend Heritage Village Cafe's version over this. Rained heavily again as we made our way home. Mum was sick of eating out, so she cooked porridge for dinner. Paired that with some stir-fried celery, sour vegetables and salted duck egg. Satisfying. Watched a PRC drama serial after that, another Forbidden City period drama set in the Qing dynasty. Can never get enough. :D

Penang Chendul

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Merdeka Shop Hop

Breakfast Again by williamnyk
Breakfast Again, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: Lengthy post ahead, but it gets better in the second half! :P. And yeah, I know October is ending soon...

My Saturday morning breakfast ritual was at Kong Kee Wantan Noodles in Puncak Jalil with a plate of flat wantan noodles (sometimes a change is good) and cup of teh c. From that starting point, I went on a long Merdeka shopping journey which started at the nearby non-halal butcher in PUJ. Finished that fairly quickly and next travelled to Endah Parade. Since it was a notoriously 'dead' place (with the exception of the seedy massage joints), the shops didn't open till past 11:00am. So we killed the time by walking into AEON Big. Think it was my first time there since Carrefour disappeared. Heard an announcement on the PA system that they were having so kind of Jamuan Merdeka, so we went to take a look. A large cake in the shape of the Jalur Gemilang, super-sweet tea, cake, curry puffs, Swiss rolls, chicken nuggets and cocktail sausages-- your typical party fare. And Sudirman's "Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu" was blaring over and over again in the background. Best thing was, the party was held outside the non-halal butcher section. Wakaka. Anyway, ate and shopped and proceeded to our main purpose there-- to fix SK's grandma's silver bangle. In the process, mum bought herself a pretty silver pendant. Next up, mum bought some hair care products at a distributor some shops away. Before leaving, fixed mum's wristwatch that was missing a pin in of its chain links.

Hypermarket Merdeka

From Seri Petaling, we drove to Old Klang Road to have a last shop at Central Hypermarket. Second last day of its operations in Bandar Park before the whole placed is demolished for redevelopment. Saw a cute gay boy in running shorts and pink hair buying soya bean, but I was unable to spycam him! So sad. Mum bought the kids favourite cream crackers while I managed swipe more toilet blue cleansers (have yet to track down the other stores that carry this unique product). Outside, a mobile phone shop was having stock clearance so mum bought some phone accessories and I got a replacement charger for KH's S3 at dirt cheap prices. Paused a while for lunch at House of Ceggo. Always loved their special bitter gourd pan mee. And we still had more stops-- Giant Bandar Kinrara. Bought more groceries and most importantly salmon steaks. Right as we were leaving, mum told me that she wanted a rub down, so I drove her to Reborn, IOI Boulevard for a 4-in-1 massage. Feeling lazy to go home, I waited at Ochado instead. Ordered my favourite 3Q Passionate Tea while watching "Hercule Poirot" on my phone. It rained for nearly two hours. Was a bit tired of sitting down, so I bought some bread at the nearby RT Bakery. They sell dainty Shanghai mooncakes at MYR39.80 for a box of nine. MYR4.42 for one bite. Couldn't bring myself to buy that.

Special Bitter Gourd Pan Mee

Right after the massage, we went home. Was already running late for my sex date with KH! Haha. Quickly showered and did my preparations (The first commandment: Thou shalt clean thy chute). Lube, check. SK's house keys, check. By the time I arrived, KH was already there. The poor dear was feeling a little bit under the weather. According to him, it was a case of Godiva Choclatier Carpet Germs. You see, the evening before, we had dark chocolate cake and a latte at Godiva, The Pavilion. While drinking from his tumbler, I dropped the cover onto the carpet. He chided me and I quickly washed the cover in the washroom. However, he claims that the incident gave him a stomach flu.

Heart of Darkness

Although a bit sick, he was still horny, as evidenced by his woody. Kissed and snuggled and hugged. And soon, our clothes were on the floor and he was entering me (in many, many ways). He was quite exhausted by the end of the session, but to my defence I did do some work too! :P. Actually, we had bought tickets for "Elysium" at 9:00pm, but KH decided to burn them since he wasn't quite up to it. Tried offering the tickets to JJ (since he was the nearest to the cinema), but he wasn't interested. We went to dinner at Puchong Jaya instead, taking up a recommendation from SK at Gao Ren Guan. Traffic was a bit Hell-ish.

Red Residiuum

Quite good business. Ordered some of their more weird items-- stuffed bittergourd (all steamed up and soft), pork belly in red wine residue and stewed pig offal. When they brought two bowls of white rice, I waved them off telling the waitress that I had ordered fried noodles (which I forgot to actually lol). But it was all good since KH didn't really feel like eating (too full from my cum?!). As we were finishing up the food, the golden skanky couple SimonLover and HornyBF walked in. I saw HornyBF's dinner FB post and since he was nearby (just a few shops away actually), invited him for a meet-up. Decided to move to another venue, so we just hopped across Jalan Kenari to Donutes. As luck would have it, we found a table inside and seated next to a bunch of gay lous no less with a straight cutie sitting behind us. Their latte was as lukewarm as usual and HornyBF tried some of their breads and rolls. We didn't chat too long to let KH go home and rest. A nice impromptu double date. :D.

Bitter Gourd Suprise

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Language of Their Own

Cendol by williamnyk
Cendol, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

For weeks, KH had been asking whether I wanna see a play entitled "A Language of Their Own" at Damansara Performing Arts Center (DPAC). About relationships, feelings and emotions in a homosexual context. Didn't really catch my fancy. No mention of nudity or hot guys or whatever. LOL. Anyway, I gave in and asked him to buy matinee tickets on a Sunday. Lifebook joined as well. Went to Mandarin mass as usual, but that day, my sister and The Tribe tagged along. Lunched at Heritage Village Cafe where we ordered the ayam pong tay, ikan asam, cendol & nasi lemak. Big Monster fiddled with his food, not particularly enthusiastic to finish his rice. On opposite ends, Little Monster was eating everything in sight and didn't even spare the discarded food waste on the table! By the time we finished, it was like the scene of a battle Food everywhere and torn tissues all over the floor. Pai seh. Since it was already 2:00pm, I asked my sister to drop me at church to await KH to pick me up. While waiting for him, I got a latte at a new coffee joint opposite SIC, called Coffee Sprex. Just half a shop lot and manned by deaf mute staff. At just MYR5, the coffee was pretty darn good. On our way to DPAC, we turned into Damansara Perdana to pick Lifebook up. Missed the junction and had to make some tedious U-turns to get back on track.

20130822-A Language of Their Own @ DPAC133-2

20130822-A Language of Their Own @ DPAC1093

DPAC had an interior design that felt a bit like KLPAC with the bare bricks and steel, but it softened the effect with light, flowing curtains, broadway lights, high-back chairs (think of when Morpheus offered Neo the red pill) and giant phallic ottomans. As expected, much yin energy was detected from the audience. Tattoo-ed bears, dandies, cute nerds, average Joe, all sorts of gay lous. Coincidentally, MJ, Khatijah, JL and Legolas also bought tickets. The show started late, about fifteen minutes to be exact. For the first half of the play, the two main protagonists set the base of the story. How they started and eventually ended. Relationship drama was made more gritty with the subject of AIDS and infidelity. Was kinda riveted by Paul Wong... his nipples to be exact. LOL. The second half was more 'fleshy' with another two characters in the picture. We also saw Paul Wong stripping into his white Renoma trunks, tie a towel around his waist and have sex with a red bean bag simulating anonymous sex in a Singapore Chinatown bath house. Not long after that, we saw Dennis Yeap (looked like an adolescent DanielH with Pinoy accent) being fucked by poltergeist on the same red bean bag, legs all flailing in the air and ass clad in similar Renoma undies. Surprisingly, I did not fall asleep halfway through the play.



Right after the play, we sent Lifebook home as he had a dinner date that he had forgotten about. So armed with a vague suggestion from him, we went to dinner at the nearby Restoran Wun Nam and ordered several of their signature dishes-- lotus leaf pork trotters (with dried oysters, gingko nuts and chestnuts), superior soup lala (fresh clams and mild MSG soup) and their homemade tofu (tasted light, but weird, not recommended). If you have deeper pockets, you can order sturgeon, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall and other premium items. Apparently the chef won some kind of cooking competition in China. The trophy is proudly displayed at the counter-- a crystal block flanked by a gold spatula and ladle. Wakakaka. And the young waiter there is kind of cute (and has large nips lol). Over dinner, we discussed about the play and realized that we did end up adopting each other's 'language'. In some small way, we had assimilated each other's ways and created our own unique communication. Felt a bit jelak after eating the trotters, so we went in search of something sour to drink. Ended up in Pearl Discovery, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park. Looked a nit dodgy, but the milk tea wasn't half bad. Surprisingly, they only had two sour drinks in their menu, and it wasn't that sour. Should have gone for Ochado's 3Q Passionate Tea! KH dropped me off at home and he told me he needed to use the loo. Finding that my mum wasn't at home, I embraced him, gave him a long kiss in the dark kitchen and wouldn't let his lips escape mine. We stood there locked together for a while. When we finally pulled away, he remarked, "Gosh, I'm hard". To which I replied, "Isn't that the point?". Love you dear.

Golden Spatula!

Braised Pork Trotters

Superior Soup Lala

Home Style Tofu

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Go Shopping

The shopping goddess at Robinsons (heard that their entity in Singapore is being sued by a gay man for employment discrimination) decided to bless me with MYR40 worth of vouchers so SK and I decided to make a pilgrimage there on Saturday. Mum tagged along, and even Sis and the tribe joined us. Luckily it did not take long to get the kids ready. And amazingly, we all managed to fit into SK's Almera, including her grandma. Ate breakfast at Woo Pin, Taman Danau Desa first. Don't think Big Monster liked his meal, but Little Monster lapped it up. Just one shop away, a Soon Soon Lye Fish Head Noodles shop was on the verge of opening. All renovations had been done, the signboard put up. But it seems that the plans have been scuttled at the very last minute. A banner now states that a Tai Lei Loi Kei Macau Pork Bun shop will be opening in its stead. Makes more sense really. Business suicide to go against Woo Pin at such close vicinity.

Parking aplenty at The Gardens. Managed to park at B1, an impossible feat under normal circumstances. The kids were thrilled and started horsing around. My heart skipped a beat when Big Monster decided to play tag among the shelves of crystal vases. And Little Monster nearly grabbed a bottle of EDT at the fragrance counter. Stressed. Managed to buy a pair of shoes for Little Monster. Immediately took a liking to his new shoes, exclaiming, "美美". A FB friend left me a message saying that he and his friends stalked me at The Gardens. LOL. Told him to come over and say hello next time. I wonder some spy photos of me would be post-worthy on someone's blog some day. Didn't eat in the mall, but shifted out to Taman Desa again to makan. Kenot tahan lama-lama at the mall with the two monsters. Visited Shin Kee Kitchen for their excellent duck rice (and trademark salty and oiy food LOL). Also got some stewed chicken feet, watercress soup and sour vegetables.

Got home at about 3:30pm after a short stop at Central Hypermarket. The whole building's gonna be torn down and redeveloped by the end of the month so I stocked up on some things before the tenants move out for good. Wanked a little and napped a little before waking up at 6:00pm. Had to freshen up for a BEC gathering in Seri Petaling that evening. Plenty of good food that night-- vinegar pork trotters, dry curry chicken, wine chicken, sardine puffs, taufu fah, pumpkin barley, porridge, tea eggs, homemade charsiew & siew yuk and much more. A good turnout and great fellowship.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

La Cucaracha

Roach Motel by williamnyk
Roach Motel, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

The Ridsect Roach Trap Challenge!

Day 1: No cockroach

Day 2: Two cockroaches dead OUTSIDE the trap

Day 3: Ambushed by a flying cockroach in my bedroom again. ZERO cockroach in the trap.

Day 7: Found two cockroach legs inside.

Day 9: Found a dead gecko inside (to their credit, they did claim that it works for geckos too).


Thursday, October 10, 2013

LRT Celebrities: The Twins

Here's a pair of twinks that KH spotted while on the way back home.


Direction: Seri Petaling

Judging from the textbooks on their laps, they're both studying accounts. They look quite alike, could be brothers or twins. Having said that, I'm having all sorts of naughty thoughts about the both them. Imagine a scene where they're both studying in a room. One of them suddenly gets bored and tickles the other. Things get raunchy and they end up rough-housing on the bed. One is pinned on the bed... and they look at each other intently before slowly locking lips. Needless to say, their hands go wild and find each other's hard members... Wakaka. Sounds like a typical porn 'script' no? Oh well. I need to get laid! =_=

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Locked In, Locked Out

Keys by williamnyk
Keys, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Woke up on Thursday morning not feeling well. Lazed in bed and sat on the porcelain throne twice. Dragged myself out of bed anyway and got ready for work. While waiting for my car to warm up, I munched on a stale cream cracker and a prune, feeling pretty sorry for myself. Put on my shoes and got out, slamming shut the front door and locked the grill. I thought that I heard the sound of keys falling to the ground, but I didn't think much of it. After securing the padlock, I look at my Troika key ring and found that it had come undone (not the first time, hence never get the screw end type)! Crap! Half of my keys were inside the house! Best thing was, the key I need to unlock the porch gate was not with me. AND I had no way of getting back in the house because I can't unlock the wooden door or the sliding door. Ish. Lucky for me, my sister had just sent my nephew to pre-school and was in the vicinity, so gave me her bunch of keys. Quickly retrieved my lost keys and went to work. Several friends indicated how lucky I was that I wasn't locked out in only my skivvies. Since this is not the first time that my key ring malfunctioned, I have decided to retire it for something more dependable... Finally fished out the Coach keyring that SK bought from Japan several years ago. :D

Friday, October 04, 2013

Six Hours

Teh C by williamnyk
Teh C, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

It was the last day of mum's course at church, so I sent her out again and lalu attended the 8:45 English mass. Father Lawrence was the celebrant and as with most of the CDD priests, English ain't their forte. He admitted that it was his first time, but I found his sermon quite legible. At least I could get the words although the language structure exposed the fact that he is not a native speaker or the language. Quite intriguing because his sermon revolved around Candy Crush Saga. LOL. After mass, I went over to Paradigm Mall for breakfast. Not many choices really. Wanted to try Uncle K Kopitiam, but all the food was spicy (I was nursing a dry throat that I guess was due to my moaning the day before :P) and the price ain't exactly cheap. Went down to Tea Garden instead and had shredded chicken flat noodles and Hainanese milk tea. Loitered around at Uniqlo while waiting for SK to finish her manicure. Bought some Ts for the kids and while rummaging through the stacks for size, was mistaken for staff twice! Ish! Hopped over to H&M after that. So ngam bumped into DanielH who had just finished his gym session. Had a short chat and he recommended me several items from the racks. When SK arrived, she shopped a bit before we proceeded to Purple Cane Tea Restaurant for lunch. The hot tea was really good for my throat. We just shared a plate of fried handmade noodles with fish fillet and prawns. Loved the egg drop gravy but the fish wasn't too fresh.

Sewing While Lunching

Fried Noodles in Gravy

By the time we finished lunch and drank pots and pots of tea, it was already 2:00pm. Just another couple of hours before I had to pick up mum, so I decided to lepak some more. SK was hankering for something sweet, so we sat at Komugi Cafe for a bit with a slice of Hungarian Walnut and a latte (I wasn't aware that I could request for Totoro milk froth art!). Did more wandering around, taking our sweet time at individual shops and boutiques. Finally stopped at Tesco to get some cockroach traps. Time for me to go on the offensive after a cockroach ambushed me in bed the other day. Practically climbed on my face! Yuck. Took much pleasure in squishing it and it lies entombed beneath my chest of drawers. Got home at about five plus (after an amazing six hours at Paradigm Mall without watching a movie) and I spent the time before dinner cleaning the car interior. Dinner was at Maison SK again-- yummy lotus root soup, steamed egg with minced pork, stir-fried vegetables and soya sauce pork belly. And of course we laughed the evening away watching the mainland Chinese dating show-- "Take Me Out". Pored through some torrents back home, but couldn't find anything I liked. So might as well jump into bed... Better yet if KH was there to warm it!

Dark Heart

Hungarian Walnut

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Pass The Fire On

Cold Cuts by williamnyk
Cold Cuts, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Mum was attending a three day course in church, so I had to send her out early on Saturday morning. On the way to Kelana Jaya, I picked up SK and we later had breakfast at Aman Suria after dropping mum off. Had leisurely bitchin' session over coffee in the cool morning breeze on the five-foot walkway. Back home, I spent the morning washing the car (wish it was like an Andrew Christian video). At noon, we went out for lunch at Mediteca. Ever since SK heard about their lunch buffet with free flow of cold cuts, cheese, salad and desserts, she was elated. KH, her granny and Lifebook tagged along. Judging from the amount of cold cuts and cheese alone, we definitely exceeded the price tag of MYR58++. KH's regular waiter Morsey was sooo happy to see us. We weren't too happy with the mains though. Salty! I wanted the lasagna with pesto clams, but they were out. Second choice was eggplant parmagiana. Quite good, but to finish it all was quite a challenge. When the owner Riccardo came in, I think he was fussing over the speed that we were depleting his cold cuts. LOL. Did a lot of bitching about work with Lifebook that day. The pains of IT systems. Some tables away were two female floggers (too bad not Bangsar Babe). One was dressed for the beach. Weirdness. Next up was a short trip to Bukit Bintang. KH and I went to Uniqlo while SK and her granny stayed at The Pavilion. I was supposed to get mum a small gift because there was a surprise family visit session at church that night. Funny thing was, I was already there the night before and bought mum a cute-sy Hello Kitty T shirt. Took me some time to source for another item. Didn't linger as SK's granny was tired from the walking.

Swimming in a Bowl

For the first time ever, KH drove me back to house. Never experienced his driving before (not even his ex) and I must say, it was a little unnerving, especially looking at the way he maneuvered. LOL. I'm sure my subtle 'nagging' and guidance can help him improve. Of course I invited KH in for some 'coffee'. I brewed a cup for him in the bathroom and subsequently in the bedroom. Definitely a full-bodied cup of coffee and oh-so creamy! To be frank, it was one of our best sex. New approach, new experiences. KH said I was noisier than usual and was more aggressive. Kinda shocked him when I requested another go. LOL. Definitely drained after the session. Snuggled for a while before KH declared that he needed to get home for dinner. So after KH left, I made myself a cup of hot Bilo Jasmine tea to soothe my sniffles (must have been the dust in my brother's room) and just lounged around waiting for dinner time. SK had prepared for me a steaming hot bowl of salmon fish head mee suah with shimeji mushrooms. The church thing started a little later than scheduled. The family members of the participants were made to wait in a dark room. The participants came in carrying candles and when the lights were switched on, it was supposed to be a 'surprise'. Don't think it worked very well. Worse of all was the fact that my mum's hair caught fire in the chaos! Luckily it was just a small patch. Someone actually joked that it was the Holy Spirit. Helped her trim the burnt ends when we got home after supper. Super tiring day!

Pop a Cherry