Thursday, September 26, 2013

Raya III: Makanlah Kuih Sepotong

Some Like It Thick by williamnyk
Some Like It Thick, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Decided to flock to the mall on Saturday (orang KL mana ada kerja lain?), but hearing the horror stories about parking woes made us start early. Went out for wantan noodles at 9:00am, and by 10:00am we were good to go. Actually managed to park at B1 at The Gardens Mall, near the entrance. Hahaha. As Ridhuan Tee would say-- "Ultra Kiasu". Our main stop was at Isetan to use up SK's cash vouchers. We definitely spent more than that as mum went shopping for clothes. Noticed that the official LINE merchandise was finally on retail shelves, so if you're a fan of the plushies or vinyl dolls, go check them out at Isetan.


SK also changed some money for her upcoming trip to Taiwan and Japan. Since we had Japanese the day before, we lunched at Foong Lye for a change. As usual, one had to take a number and they gave me sass because my party of four had not arrived.

"My grandmother is making her up from the lower ground floor. You want me to tell her to HURRY UP?"

Erotic Art

Chives Over Chicken

I wasn't very hungry so I just ordered fried noodles. The sets are usually a little too overwhelming. Made a short stop at Art Friends and we were on our way home. Didn't rest much at all, cause I went out again at 4:00pm to catch a movie with KH at Tropicana City Mall. Watched "R.I.P.D", the afterlife equivalent of "M.I.B.". Not bad actually, plenty of comic relief. Too bad there ain't any shirtless scenes of Ryan Reynolds. Just after the movie, we rushed to Sushi Tei for Bunny's birthday dinner. They brought us to a room and confirmed our reservation:

"Table for six, plus one baby chair?"

Definitely the wrong table. Turns out they were in the room beside us. Opps. A small gathering with Jaded Jeremy, Janvier and The Chief. The last I saw Janvier was during Christmas 2012! Took us some time to order. Flipped the menu from front to back and couldn't decide on what to eat. Bad menu feng shui. Janvier won the best gift wrapping award (only because Legolas wasn't there). The gift had a nice latticed ribbon and added on with an origami kimono boy that subsequently found its way into Bunny's shirt pocket. Did the customary camwhoring and proceeded to Share Tea for drinks. The handmade taro with coffee jelly was neither hot nor was it blander at 50% sugar level. Bought Bunny an American brownie from Secret Recipe and I made the mistake of asking letting them reheat it because it kinda melted in the box. LOL. By 10:00pm, Bunny's battery had run low (he's obviously not the Energizer or Duracel bunny), so we all said our goodbyes.

P.S.: Heard that Bunny dumped his shirt into the washing machine together with the origami kimono boy. It now haunts the washer, wailing yurusenai... and umareshiya... during the spin cycle



Twilight Man said...

The mannequins looked hamsap! I am sure you pushed it close! Wakakaka

William said...

They were way up high... I'm innocent!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Thanks for coming to Ban's birthday party!