Monday, September 23, 2013

Raya II: Dan Rendangnya Sekali

Eggy Breakfast by williamnyk
Eggy Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Breakfast on Raya 2 was a simple affair of bread and soft-boiled egg. And it was very uncharacteristic of me to get the urge to do housework. Swept the floor and turned up about fifteen dead cockroaches in my dustpan, some still twitching like zombies. Really wonder poison they have been ingesting in my house.

Dead and Dying

Proceeded to mop the floor after that. Sooo tired and sweaty after that. Lunch was at Maison SK. She had watched the famous roast pork video that had been making its rounds on FB. Presentation was good. The skin was super crispy and the meat moist. But it just didn't quite taste like siew yuk. But a very good first attempt. She also made squid ink pasta topped with arugula, cherry tomatoes and pan-fried salmon steak. For after-lunch bites, mum made fruit rojak.

DIY Siew Yuk

Kuro Pasta

Back home, I rested a little before going for a swim in my new Private Structure swim trunks! Quite a fun kermit-y green. Especially love the rainbow stripes at the side and the low cut. Too bad there were no cute twinks around...

Kermit Goes Swimming

Dinner was at my sister's house as her in-laws were in town. Her mother-in-law whipped up a batch of chicken rice and buburchacha. Scheduled a meet-up with MonkeyJack at PJ State. He was my junior in Universiti Malaya, but we never crossed paths (understandably cause I graduated long after he enrolled). Before this, we only interacted on FB and he would always address me as "senior". Cute right? Met at Strawberry Fields Cafe, where I did not find a single strawberry in the interior design. LOL. KH said he ate there once while he was an undergraduate more than a decade ago and he was surprised to find that they had actually expanded. Anyway, I was surprised to find MonkeyJack to be a person of frenetic energy. Quite a chatterbox! So different from his online persona. Our conversation revolved mostly on issues of work, psychiatry, supernatural and religion (heavy subjects over a cup of Illy latte). MonkeyJack had an interesting observation that Alvivi had a form of mania and they would self-destruct the day they got praise for what they did. Also got to meet Jorge, his boyfriend of six months. A completely different character. Quiet and strong. Hehe. Yin and Yang. It was getting late and KH wanted to jog the next day, so we said good night...


Latte I


Mr Lonely said...

yummy, but the cockrach pic was disgusting~ >.<~

Anonymous said...

yerk! cockroaches! euch! i would have been running around and screaming if i see lipas. eee!!

Twilight Man said...

Ewwwww! The roaches! Bluek! You must have been shooting cums all over the place to attract them but they died lah..........

Twilight Man said...

Derek came to leave a comment & I am so flattered that I might strike jackpot this week. Hey how come his blog is so expired with webs and cums?

Tempus said...

Super skimpy lo the trunk. I will die wearing that.

Ash Godiva said...

got a funny scene in a PRamlee movie

Wife:sayang kipas apa tu?

husband:kipas lipas


i wonder if my personality the same online and in fleshXD

Hdaran said...

My cousins and I killed that many bees once before...

William said...

Makes the food much more yummy lol

My house would be like a House of Horrors for you then

LOL. I didn't shoot cum in my kitchen and dining room! He stopped blogging ages ago! I feel lucky if he leaves a comment here too!

Hahaha. Just wear it

LOL. You can be funny in person.

Without repercussions?

Hdaran said...

Would you believe if I answered that everyone was spared?