Friday, September 20, 2013

Raya I: Cubalah Ketupat Ini

Aidifitri by williamnyk
Aidifitri, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: It's no longer the month of Syawal and here I am blogging about Raya Pertama. How can William not pull a William right?

Can you believe that KH has never attended a Hari Raya open house before?! No Muslim friends? No Muslim colleagues? A Malaysian family that does not gravitate towards free food? I was flabbergasted. LOL. So SK and I dragged his ass to the Selangor State Government Open House at Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam together with my mumsy. Waze taught us to use the LKSA which was quite convenient. Parking was a little chaotic as those RELA personnel really had no inkling on how to direct traffic. Arrived at about 11:30am, and the Menteri Besar was already there giving out duit raya. The only other VIP I sighted was Elizabeth Wong. Compared to 2011, the food wasn't very good. But I liked the fact the the lines moved very quickly. The lemang didn't taste like lemang, the satay was too dry, the laksa wasn't sour, the ayam percik was too tough and the cendol was bland. Hahaha. Didn't tarry nor go for seconds. Immediately went to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah to visit Gratitude's mum. She was much better from the last we saw her. To give Grat a little breather (and some privacy to gossip), we brought him out to lunch based on a recommendation from his aunt. Restoran Laut Sungai You / Shan Hee is a gem hidden in the old part of Klang, among the residential area of Palm Grove.

Can You Fry Glass?

Terrific Tofu

Ate stir-fried glass noodles (good wok hei, and not oily like most), Kam Heong meat crabs (fragrant and once again not oily), coconut prawns (tom yum prawns cooked in a whole coconut together with the flesh and water, an interesting dish but it was too sweet for my palate) and signature beancurd with minced meat (the tofu was lightly fried and had a good texture, the topping wasn't too salty). And to our delight, the bill was below MYR100. Continued on to dessert-- cendol and rojak at the Palm Grove roundabout. So many cars parked at the roadside. Quite good actually. Fragrant palm syrup.

Prawns Hiding in a Coconut

Crabby Creation

A Hot Day's Delight

At night, we went out Empire Subang for dinner (was supposed to go to Isetan, but they had revised opening hours for Raya). Plenty of parking available but the eateries were busy. Wasn't too hungry so we opted for Japanese at Pasta Zanmai. Maison SK was planning for a siew yuk lunch the next day, so we did some grocery shopping at Jaya Grocer. Since Tong Pak Fu was nearby, we had some dessert too before going home. What a day of gluttony. Hahaha. My waistline's gonna hate me!

Teri Tamago


Mr Lonely said...

yummy~ like the food so much! =D

William said...

Must be making you super miss Malaysia :P

Jaded Jeremy said...

I've never been to Raya open house either.

Derek said...

Thanks dear for asking me along! Or did I volunteer myself? Hehe

Ash Godiva said...

as for me i do something like...semi open house every rayaXD

Twilight Man said...

Next time fetch me to their open houses too! Got free makan I want.