Saturday, September 14, 2013


Avacado Roll by williamnyk
Avacado Roll, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
With just 857KM mileage and three days shy of a month on my Almera, I sent it in to the Nissan Service Centre at Puchong Jaya. They actually had ushers and a giant white board with all the appointments marked on it. Service with a smile. Dropped my car off a tad earlier as I had a 10:30am appointment at Imperial Pot, Solaris Dutamas. SK picked me up from the service centre. Used the Groupon voucher that KH bought earlier as he wasn't in town to use it. Hehe. It was a dim sum set for two. Nothing much actually-- white porridge (very basic, but very smooth), siew mai (small-ish), unagi puff (quite different), piggy custard buns, stir-fried lotus root, char siew and tau fu fa. That was about it. Since there were four of us, we made additional orders of organic red CCF (an interesting variation), century egg porridge, avocado roll (yummy, but I think the filling was made with more sweet potato than anything else) and ham-wrapped enoki.


Eat Me!

Went for some hi-so shopping at B.I.G. after that. Love to see the fancy groceries there. So many varieties with attractive packaging and jaw-dropping prices. Can even freshly pluck heads of lettuce from the aisles. No where else will you overhear such a conversation:

"Dear, make sure you get the MALAYSIAN Milo, not the AUSTRALIAN Milo. The local product tastes better."

Spice Up Your Life


Picked up my car after that and had lunch at SK's place. A very gweilo lunch of bread with ham, coral lettuce, liver pate and sausages. In the evening, attended the St. Ignatius Church parish feast day mass. A VIP celebrant that day-- Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino. His Grace was flanked by six CDD priests. While he was there, he unveiled a brand new status of St. Ignatius of Loyola, something that took years to happen. Not surprising I guess since SIC ain't a Jesuit church in the first place. Coincidentally, the Nuncio launched the SIC 25th Anniversary coffee table book, basically a history of the parish. A gay couple sat just a few pews away too. Think they are not regulars. At the end was a makan-makan session, so I had to move my car for people who wanted to leave. Some idiotic Mercedes blocked the turning and I miscalculated causing me to scrape the side of my new car on the pillar. T___T. Can still remember the sound of my car eating the stucco. Lovely scratches just above the wheel. Sigh. Barely a month and already scarred. Got some first aid advise from ChatMate, but still couldn't sleep well that night... *sobz*



Derek said...

Poor car and baby! Hugs!

Twilight Man said...

Wow!! welcome to the scratch and cry club for first timers.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Aiyo, I understand the heartache. Is it all good now?

Think my worst thus far was not only scraping against a pillar but also denting the car doors. And it was Ban's car :( Paid for the repair as a lesson to drive more carefully.

Hdaran said...

So kesian!!!

William said...

Wah, so rare that you're the first to comment. Thanks baby.

Haha. Support club?

Not yet fix le. Ah, I think I remember that.