Monday, September 09, 2013

Mother-Out-Law Morning

Incensed by williamnyk
Incensed, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Saturday was a day of shopping. Woke up early for marketing and breakfast. Bumped into my MIL (or my mother-out-law as Chan Beng Chin reminded me) outside of DaMaCai. She always seemed surprised to see me. A very "WTF are you doing here?!" face. -_-. Cheered myself up with some retail therapy at The Gardens Mall.


Mum had a field day at Isetan. Didn't have lunch until 2:00pm. Thought of having Taiwanese as I was a little overwhelmed with Japanese lately but the line was too long. Ended up at Kita No Zen @ Hokkaido Ichiba. Can't escape. LOL. Had a chirashidon set, ankimo ponzu (fish liver in ponzu sauce) and a salmon ozisushi (had the aroma of perilea leaves). Lotsa twinky waiters at that place. Huhu, but service was a bit sketchy. Only the captain was attentive.


Fish Over Rice

Ankimo Ponzu

Ventured over to Midvalley Megamall after that cause mum wanted to shop at Ms. Read. Hate going there because of the crowds and bad air. Ugh. Wasn't impressed with the centre court Raya decorations. It looked like a bombed out mosque in Baghdad. Before leaving, stopped by at Cold Storage and Coffee Bean. FYI, B1F1 Citibank Clear Card privileges at CBTL is now only valid on weekdays. Booo! Jammed out of the mall and arrived home at around 5:00pm. Mum was supposed to fry some noodles for that night's BEC gathering, but turns out that there were no noodles at home. So out I went to tapau YTF at the shop nearby. The gathering was at Taman Medan. Until today, the access road is still an ugly road snaking through semak-samun. I wonder when will the area be spruced up.


Mr Lonely said...

wow, salmon sushi again, definitely like it!

Twilight Man said...

LMAO!!! Muahahahahaha your filthy mouth I like!

...."WTF are you doing here?!"....

....bombed out mosque in Baghdad!....

Derek said...

Why didn't mention bumped into me also? Hehe

I am always happy to see you dear! ^^

bryan said...

met MIL, then cheered myself up. hahaha was is that bad?!

bombed out mosque LOL

Anonymous said...

still frosty with MIL eh...


William said...

You should buy some from the supermarket

Hehe. TQ. Her expression did reflect that.

I know baby sure happy to see me :)

Hahaha. The awkwardness.

Yeah lo. Hard to get acceptance. All daughter-in-law can understand this.

Ban said...

eventually, if she wants to see her son, she'll have to look a bit more cordial

William said...

She can still afford to at the moment