Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Monster-sitting II: Mall Rats

The kids were still with mum and I on Sunday, so they followed us to church. To avoid minimal fuss and disturbance to the mass, mum packed along several 'distractions' for the kids. We brought Milo, bread, cheese rings, toy cars and other stuff to keep them occupied. Still, it was a challenge to keep them still and quiet. In the future, the parish priest would surely push for sound-proof kiddy rooms. Sick of Paradigm Mall already, so for lunch I decided on Tropicana City Mall. Ate at Pasta Zanmai as the menu had rice, noodles and pizza that was agreeable for the kids. The teriyaki chicken pasta, hotate pizza and tomato seafood omu garlic rice. I settled the elder while mum fed the little monster. Both couldn't sit still during meal. Had to keep the 'dangerous' and fragile items from the baby. The hot teapot pun nak main. After the feeding frenzy, the whole booth was showered with rice and bits of food. Cleaned it all up before paying. Ish. Walking around the mall with the kids presented other challenges as well. Leashes and restraining straps would be ideal. As usual, the little one didn't want to hold my hand and went on a collision course with walls, people and anything in and out of his way. Whenever I tried to hold his hand, he would sit on the floor. On the second floor, the kid was infatuated with the tempered glass railing. At every gap he would stick his hand in. :S. The big boo-boo finally happened at the Japan Home Center. For the whole time, I carried him because I did not want to risk him clawing down a whole shelf of fragile items. Just before going out, I put him down a while and he immediately bumped into the corner of a metal shelf. The poor kid exited the shop with a bruise on his forehead. Amazingly, he did not wail. Maybe it was because we brought him to look at the live garoupas, geoduck and prawns at the nearby seafood restaurant. Lastly, tried the creamy almond silky soy pudding (quite a mouthful) at Dao Kia. They 'advertised' via IG (means it actually works), so since I was there, why not? LOL. Definitely very smooth. Fragrant soya milk too.

Tomato Seafood Garlic Omu Rice

Back home, I uncharacteristically cleaned the interior of my new Almera and old Iswara. Vacuuming and wiping the carpets, dashboard and what not. Completely drained after that. Went upstairs for a nap and was woken up by the little monster's wailing. Luckily his mum came home in time to pacify him. Dinner was at the newly-opened Restoran Kong Sai at Bandar Kinrara. I noticed it on the way out to Donutes the night before. The place was swarming with customers. Judging by the number of tables outside the restaurant, I initially thought it was a mamak shop. Took us some time to secure a table. Had to enter into vulture mode and wait for customers to drop dead. Messy, messy. Understaffed for sure. Ate their signature steamed kampung chicken, lotus root soup, steamed tilapia and stir-fried vege. The soup was a bit different and the vegetable turned out to be wrong variety. Came home super thirsty. Something was chock-full of MSG. Ugh. Hate eating in such an environment. Reminded of HK. That concluded Sunday with the kids.

Soya Pudding


Twilight Man said...

I always thought you were weird to frequent Paradigm Mall. The parking is terrible!

I find Tropicana Mall so much easier.

bryan said...

Such a nice 'uncle'

TZ said...

I like Paradigm over Tropicana Mall. There is a Fitness First there :p

William said...

I'm used to it now :P. Better shops than TCM.

Kau fu :)

LOL. Doesn't matter to me.

Gratitude said...

I quite like Paradigm Mall actually; it has some outlets that I like.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Lol, how old is your younger nephew? Did you feel harassed? :P Susah hor, babysitting? Hehehe.