Sunday, September 01, 2013

Monster-sitting I: Crabby Dinner

ChocoCake by williamnyk
ChocoCake, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

In a bid to get more familiar with Malaysia's corporate taxation, my sister and BIL went for a weekend course on the subject. Goes without saying that mum and I had to do some monster-sitting that weekend. As early as 8:30am, my mum had gone over to my sister's place. On the other hand, I tried sleeping in a bit, but couldn't. Did some exercise routines and freshened up for breakfast with SK. Nothing special, just wantan noodles at my favourite neighbourhood shop. Tapau-ed a packet for mum as well. When I got to my sister's place, the kids were already up and about, tearing up the house. Told Little Monster that we were going out and his eyes immediately lit up. He drunkenly dashed to the shoe cabinet to get his shoes. Mum wanted to buy 4D and do some banking, while I had an overdue appointment with my hairstylist. The elder monster had his hair cut too although it was only a week since his last cut. During the whole time, he looked so forlorn although he was the one who wanted to get the haircut in the first place. Lunch a was a simple mix of chicken rice, yam cake (too firm) and black glutinous rice soup (not fragrant) from Restoran Ah Loy in OUG.

Went home after lunch and watched a few episodes of Fairy Tail. Also swam, but KH did not join me. He was busy working at home. Basically had the whole pool to myself. So I wasn't shy to practise my lousy freestyle and backstroke (splashing around like a drunken dugong). Always a fantastic way to give my arms aches and pains. Dinner plans were with SK. She invited KH and Lifebook over for curry chicken, sweet and sour crab and steamed crab in rice wine. A yummy affair, but the curry chicken was a little lacking in ooomph. My whole family tagged along, and KH got the chance to interact with both my nephews. My sister and her tribe left after dinner, while mum tagged along to yum cha with us at Donutes. A challenge to get a table inside. Once again, I was disappointed with how cold their latte was. Sigh. Guess I'll settle for their classic coffee. Amazingly mum managed to join in our conversation (either she is young at heart or we are old at heart lol), but KH seemed a bit out of place. Poor fella. Squeezed his knees under the table and stroked his thighs when he seemed bored. And he would smile. Hehe. Didn't tarry as Lifebook had wrestled with a production problem at the office for the whole day. A stroke of luck that he could join us in the first place. Satisfied with how the evening unfolded. Should have more get togethers like this. :).


Derek said...

I was just a bit bored only ;-)

Mr Lonely said...

nice cake~

Ban said...

aiyo, dun call monster lar

thompsonboy said...

Banyak orange giler there that night

Twilight Man said...

Oh your mum is definitely young cos Lifebook is like nagging old man!!! LOL

William said...

Lucky never lou gai!

Not very good taste though

Memang monster ma :P

Hari2 banyak orang!

LOL. Not that bad la