Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Double Rainbow by williamnyk
Double Rainbow, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Out of all the people who leave a message for me on my blog, Insequeerity is one of the few who actually respond back. Our e-mail conversations graduated to What's App and we subsequently arranged a meet up over coffee. Quite a whirlwind 'romance'.All happened in a short time span. Our stars finally aligned and perhaps that's why I saw a huge ass double rainbow after work. He arranged to have coffee at Podgy and the Banker because he likes the eye candy there. On Raya eve, I picked KH up and we made our way to Seri Hartamas. Halfway there, Insequeerity messaged that he would be late cause he was at the police station! Yikes! Since that was the case, we took our sweet time getting to the venue. Once we found parking, we still had the time to snog. As much as we wanted to smooch the night away, we got out of the car and secured a table. Quite good business for a Wednesday night. Saw the cute barista that he was talking about. One had bad boy tattoos on his forearms, while the other was a Malay Harry Potter with bulging biceps.

Podgy & The Banker

Ordered our drinks (standard double shot latte for MYR10, cheap hor?) and at about 9:40pm, Insequeerity walked in. The reason he was late: had to make a police report because a lady backed into his car and would only pay him MYR50 max. She started getting hostile and would not volunteer any information. In her hurry to get away, she backed into another car. An amazing story. Haha. With him, there's no awkward silences. Fluent in English and Cantonese and articulate. We didn't stay out too late as it was the seventh lunar month. :P. Sent to KH back home and since we were a bit 'itchy', stopped at side of the road near his condo and had a go at each other. Ended up going down on each other for a double orgasm. Didn't stain the car seats. LOL. What better than to taste each other during our kiss good night :P

Latte I



Shin Yong said...

*Jotted down* OKay! Must find a day visit it ; )

Double orgasm...hahaaha

kiddystick said...

double shot memang pun

Twilight Man said...

I finally met Willy's Horny Goat.

Hdaran said...

Now, does it matter who goes down on whom first?

dan said...

Wow, wouldn't KH be jealous if he found out? :)

Anonymous said...

Will was doing it with KH lah Dan...ape la lu ni

William said...

Double happiness

Haha. Give and take.

Hahaha. :D

Nope ;)


Thanks for clarifying :D

dan said...

*facepalm* sorry for the mistaken identity..must be the late night browsing..LoL..

William said...

A scandalous twist that would have sent my readership up the roof lol

dan said...

Glad to be part of that :P

William said...

Thanks for making things a little livelier lol

Derek said...

Yes double double shot for that night!

Yours Queerly said...

OMG! You two are naughty! Didn't know you did that after the coffee!!

Boo! Never shared the deets with me =P

William said...

Can you do a double shot?

LOL. You already had too many things on your mind that day

Yours Queerly said...

OMG! I just stumbled upon this post again! How ya been!?

I lost all my contacts and didn't have your number ><