Monday, September 16, 2013


BKT by williamnyk
BKT, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Woke up Sunday morning with no breakfast or church plans. Just cooked up a packet of instant rice vermicelli and later sent mum to my sister's place. They planned a trip up to Genting for a couple of days with the kids. Sounded like a perfect opportunity for me to skank with KH, alas he was in Bangkok and would continue on to Colombo the following Monday. A wasted chance. :(. Oh well. The kids had just woken up and my sister was busy packing and making breakfast. When kids are involved, trust the whole boot to be filled. The little monster was cranky cause he slept at 2:00am the night before. It fell to me to keep him occupied while the rest of the adults settled things. At about 11:00 am, I drove over to SK's place and we both made our way to Klang to visit Gratitude's mum. Few days earlier, she had been warded for abdominal pain and subsequently underwent surgery to fix things up at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah. Since we had some time before visiting hours, we stopped for lunch first at Restoran Fei Kay, Taman Bayu Perdana. Supposedly famous, but quite dingy. Even the Myanmarese waitresses spoke Hokkien. Welcome to Klang. In my opinion, it wasn't that good. The claypot variety with a slightly thick soup. Took us just a few minutes to arrive at the hospital from the shop. Horrible parking conditions though. A very old school hospital. Paintings of the past hospital directors were lined up at the lobby. Very retro. The four elevators weren't sufficient to serve the volume of patients and visitors. Gratitude's mum was at the post-op ward. When we arrived, she was resting. Pulse was a bit high, but BP was good. At times, she would open her eyes and ask for some water to wet her lips. She mistook me for a relative. Hehe. After fighting off the post-operative infection, she should be right as rain.

Breathe Out

Left at about 2:00pm and went to AEON Bukit Tinggi, a big ass mall. Bought a can of Soft 99 Meta Clean wax to treat the scratches on my car as recommended by ChatMate (the gay car expert). The place was crawling with Raya shoppers. Didn't dawdle, went home immediately after a few drinks at Chatime. At home, immediately applied the liquid wax. Didn't help much with the appearance, but I hope it will protect the metal while waiting for my next course of action. Most probably will need a re-spray. Sigh. Will ask on my next scheduled service. Was supposed to meet Insequeerity that night at Podgy and the Banker, but took a rain check because he was late getting back from his hometown. And KH only arrived home from Bangkok during dinner time. Perhaps I should have gone to the STUD warehouse sale, but considering that I still have a stash of unworn ACs and C-IN2s, I decided against it. Just stayed at home to watch "Scary Movie 3". Inane, but entertaining. SK recommended that we have dinner at Ha Ha Siao Pan Mee in Puchong Jaya. The menu had 1,001 combinations for their pan mee. The whole colour coding and pricing was confusing. Imagine a Pantone chart type of menu for a color blind person. Chose their egg and seaweed variety with sago pumpkin dessert. Not bad. The noodles had a good texture, better than Super Kitchen I reckon. Back at home, had a shower and a long wank, then slept early. Ahhhh.....

Sabah Fried Pork


Twilight Man said...

You bought that Soft 99 Meta Clean wax for small tiny scratches! I would just close my eyes until I get bigger dents.

William said...

Close eye, then buy bigger car?

Sharks said...

Personally I still prefer Teluk Pulai BKT. Ya can you imagine I climbed up to 8th floor because I couldn't stand waiting for
the stupid lift. Lol