Saturday, September 28, 2013

Raya IV: Pilihlah Yang Mana Satu

Sushi Sunday by williamnyk
Sushi Sunday, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Church was quieter with a lot parishioners away for the long weekend. A visiting CDD priest celebrated mass and gave a nice sermon about the pros and cons of the notable ex-SIC parish priests. Happy are those who see the good in people. Or something to that effect. LOL. Maison SK had a lunch special again. This time round, SK was experimenting with maki, nigiri sushi, tamago and temaki. She bought a salmon block from OUG and she came home fuming:

SK: Can you slice the salmon for me?

Fishmonger: We charge MYR2 per piece.

SK: Per block you mean.

Fishmonger: Per slice.


Fishmonger: We sell fish, we don't slice fish.

Apollo, Brian, my sister and the kids came along as well to sample her first attempt at nigiri sushi. Not a bad attempt, but she could improve on the rice a bit. In addition to that, she made fried dumplings, teriyaki chicken and oven-baked mushrooms wrapped in ham. An excellent feast. She even opened a bottle of Royal Choya. When I got home, I collapsed on the bed and napped for ninety minutes. At night, another cook out was scheduled-- pan mee thanks to the chillies and fried anchovies that was supplied by Brian. Getting the dough right was kinda challenging. Several people kneaded the dough and it didn't quite feel right. But in the end, it was OK. While all the cooking was going on, I also caught a bit of the match between Lin Dan and LCW. Lin Dan didn't disappoint with his manly tan, bulging veins at his temples, muscular arms and determined look. And when he smashed, gosh the hint of VPL! Yummy. To celebrate Raya, SK also bought some lemang and rendang from one of the roadside stalls. Shocked I was when my BIL's sister asked, "What's that?". Malays know less about Chinese food due to the halal factor, but since we have no issues, we should go all out to enjoy all the yummy food in our country!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Raya III: Makanlah Kuih Sepotong

Some Like It Thick by williamnyk
Some Like It Thick, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Decided to flock to the mall on Saturday (orang KL mana ada kerja lain?), but hearing the horror stories about parking woes made us start early. Went out for wantan noodles at 9:00am, and by 10:00am we were good to go. Actually managed to park at B1 at The Gardens Mall, near the entrance. Hahaha. As Ridhuan Tee would say-- "Ultra Kiasu". Our main stop was at Isetan to use up SK's cash vouchers. We definitely spent more than that as mum went shopping for clothes. Noticed that the official LINE merchandise was finally on retail shelves, so if you're a fan of the plushies or vinyl dolls, go check them out at Isetan.


SK also changed some money for her upcoming trip to Taiwan and Japan. Since we had Japanese the day before, we lunched at Foong Lye for a change. As usual, one had to take a number and they gave me sass because my party of four had not arrived.

"My grandmother is making her up from the lower ground floor. You want me to tell her to HURRY UP?"

Erotic Art

Chives Over Chicken

I wasn't very hungry so I just ordered fried noodles. The sets are usually a little too overwhelming. Made a short stop at Art Friends and we were on our way home. Didn't rest much at all, cause I went out again at 4:00pm to catch a movie with KH at Tropicana City Mall. Watched "R.I.P.D", the afterlife equivalent of "M.I.B.". Not bad actually, plenty of comic relief. Too bad there ain't any shirtless scenes of Ryan Reynolds. Just after the movie, we rushed to Sushi Tei for Bunny's birthday dinner. They brought us to a room and confirmed our reservation:

"Table for six, plus one baby chair?"

Definitely the wrong table. Turns out they were in the room beside us. Opps. A small gathering with Jaded Jeremy, Janvier and The Chief. The last I saw Janvier was during Christmas 2012! Took us some time to order. Flipped the menu from front to back and couldn't decide on what to eat. Bad menu feng shui. Janvier won the best gift wrapping award (only because Legolas wasn't there). The gift had a nice latticed ribbon and added on with an origami kimono boy that subsequently found its way into Bunny's shirt pocket. Did the customary camwhoring and proceeded to Share Tea for drinks. The handmade taro with coffee jelly was neither hot nor was it blander at 50% sugar level. Bought Bunny an American brownie from Secret Recipe and I made the mistake of asking letting them reheat it because it kinda melted in the box. LOL. By 10:00pm, Bunny's battery had run low (he's obviously not the Energizer or Duracel bunny), so we all said our goodbyes.

P.S.: Heard that Bunny dumped his shirt into the washing machine together with the origami kimono boy. It now haunts the washer, wailing yurusenai... and umareshiya... during the spin cycle


Monday, September 23, 2013

Raya II: Dan Rendangnya Sekali

Eggy Breakfast by williamnyk
Eggy Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Breakfast on Raya 2 was a simple affair of bread and soft-boiled egg. And it was very uncharacteristic of me to get the urge to do housework. Swept the floor and turned up about fifteen dead cockroaches in my dustpan, some still twitching like zombies. Really wonder poison they have been ingesting in my house.

Dead and Dying

Proceeded to mop the floor after that. Sooo tired and sweaty after that. Lunch was at Maison SK. She had watched the famous roast pork video that had been making its rounds on FB. Presentation was good. The skin was super crispy and the meat moist. But it just didn't quite taste like siew yuk. But a very good first attempt. She also made squid ink pasta topped with arugula, cherry tomatoes and pan-fried salmon steak. For after-lunch bites, mum made fruit rojak.

DIY Siew Yuk

Kuro Pasta

Back home, I rested a little before going for a swim in my new Private Structure swim trunks! Quite a fun kermit-y green. Especially love the rainbow stripes at the side and the low cut. Too bad there were no cute twinks around...

Kermit Goes Swimming

Dinner was at my sister's house as her in-laws were in town. Her mother-in-law whipped up a batch of chicken rice and buburchacha. Scheduled a meet-up with MonkeyJack at PJ State. He was my junior in Universiti Malaya, but we never crossed paths (understandably cause I graduated long after he enrolled). Before this, we only interacted on FB and he would always address me as "senior". Cute right? Met at Strawberry Fields Cafe, where I did not find a single strawberry in the interior design. LOL. KH said he ate there once while he was an undergraduate more than a decade ago and he was surprised to find that they had actually expanded. Anyway, I was surprised to find MonkeyJack to be a person of frenetic energy. Quite a chatterbox! So different from his online persona. Our conversation revolved mostly on issues of work, psychiatry, supernatural and religion (heavy subjects over a cup of Illy latte). MonkeyJack had an interesting observation that Alvivi had a form of mania and they would self-destruct the day they got praise for what they did. Also got to meet Jorge, his boyfriend of six months. A completely different character. Quiet and strong. Hehe. Yin and Yang. It was getting late and KH wanted to jog the next day, so we said good night...


Latte I

Friday, September 20, 2013

Raya I: Cubalah Ketupat Ini

Aidifitri by williamnyk
Aidifitri, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: It's no longer the month of Syawal and here I am blogging about Raya Pertama. How can William not pull a William right?

Can you believe that KH has never attended a Hari Raya open house before?! No Muslim friends? No Muslim colleagues? A Malaysian family that does not gravitate towards free food? I was flabbergasted. LOL. So SK and I dragged his ass to the Selangor State Government Open House at Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam together with my mumsy. Waze taught us to use the LKSA which was quite convenient. Parking was a little chaotic as those RELA personnel really had no inkling on how to direct traffic. Arrived at about 11:30am, and the Menteri Besar was already there giving out duit raya. The only other VIP I sighted was Elizabeth Wong. Compared to 2011, the food wasn't very good. But I liked the fact the the lines moved very quickly. The lemang didn't taste like lemang, the satay was too dry, the laksa wasn't sour, the ayam percik was too tough and the cendol was bland. Hahaha. Didn't tarry nor go for seconds. Immediately went to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah to visit Gratitude's mum. She was much better from the last we saw her. To give Grat a little breather (and some privacy to gossip), we brought him out to lunch based on a recommendation from his aunt. Restoran Laut Sungai You / Shan Hee is a gem hidden in the old part of Klang, among the residential area of Palm Grove.

Can You Fry Glass?

Terrific Tofu

Ate stir-fried glass noodles (good wok hei, and not oily like most), Kam Heong meat crabs (fragrant and once again not oily), coconut prawns (tom yum prawns cooked in a whole coconut together with the flesh and water, an interesting dish but it was too sweet for my palate) and signature beancurd with minced meat (the tofu was lightly fried and had a good texture, the topping wasn't too salty). And to our delight, the bill was below MYR100. Continued on to dessert-- cendol and rojak at the Palm Grove roundabout. So many cars parked at the roadside. Quite good actually. Fragrant palm syrup.

Prawns Hiding in a Coconut

Crabby Creation

A Hot Day's Delight

At night, we went out Empire Subang for dinner (was supposed to go to Isetan, but they had revised opening hours for Raya). Plenty of parking available but the eateries were busy. Wasn't too hungry so we opted for Japanese at Pasta Zanmai. Maison SK was planning for a siew yuk lunch the next day, so we did some grocery shopping at Jaya Grocer. Since Tong Pak Fu was nearby, we had some dessert too before going home. What a day of gluttony. Hahaha. My waistline's gonna hate me!

Teri Tamago

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Double Rainbow by williamnyk
Double Rainbow, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Out of all the people who leave a message for me on my blog, Insequeerity is one of the few who actually respond back. Our e-mail conversations graduated to What's App and we subsequently arranged a meet up over coffee. Quite a whirlwind 'romance'.All happened in a short time span. Our stars finally aligned and perhaps that's why I saw a huge ass double rainbow after work. He arranged to have coffee at Podgy and the Banker because he likes the eye candy there. On Raya eve, I picked KH up and we made our way to Seri Hartamas. Halfway there, Insequeerity messaged that he would be late cause he was at the police station! Yikes! Since that was the case, we took our sweet time getting to the venue. Once we found parking, we still had the time to snog. As much as we wanted to smooch the night away, we got out of the car and secured a table. Quite good business for a Wednesday night. Saw the cute barista that he was talking about. One had bad boy tattoos on his forearms, while the other was a Malay Harry Potter with bulging biceps.

Podgy & The Banker

Ordered our drinks (standard double shot latte for MYR10, cheap hor?) and at about 9:40pm, Insequeerity walked in. The reason he was late: had to make a police report because a lady backed into his car and would only pay him MYR50 max. She started getting hostile and would not volunteer any information. In her hurry to get away, she backed into another car. An amazing story. Haha. With him, there's no awkward silences. Fluent in English and Cantonese and articulate. We didn't stay out too late as it was the seventh lunar month. :P. Sent to KH back home and since we were a bit 'itchy', stopped at side of the road near his condo and had a go at each other. Ended up going down on each other for a double orgasm. Didn't stain the car seats. LOL. What better than to taste each other during our kiss good night :P

Latte I


Monday, September 16, 2013


BKT by williamnyk
BKT, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Woke up Sunday morning with no breakfast or church plans. Just cooked up a packet of instant rice vermicelli and later sent mum to my sister's place. They planned a trip up to Genting for a couple of days with the kids. Sounded like a perfect opportunity for me to skank with KH, alas he was in Bangkok and would continue on to Colombo the following Monday. A wasted chance. :(. Oh well. The kids had just woken up and my sister was busy packing and making breakfast. When kids are involved, trust the whole boot to be filled. The little monster was cranky cause he slept at 2:00am the night before. It fell to me to keep him occupied while the rest of the adults settled things. At about 11:00 am, I drove over to SK's place and we both made our way to Klang to visit Gratitude's mum. Few days earlier, she had been warded for abdominal pain and subsequently underwent surgery to fix things up at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah. Since we had some time before visiting hours, we stopped for lunch first at Restoran Fei Kay, Taman Bayu Perdana. Supposedly famous, but quite dingy. Even the Myanmarese waitresses spoke Hokkien. Welcome to Klang. In my opinion, it wasn't that good. The claypot variety with a slightly thick soup. Took us just a few minutes to arrive at the hospital from the shop. Horrible parking conditions though. A very old school hospital. Paintings of the past hospital directors were lined up at the lobby. Very retro. The four elevators weren't sufficient to serve the volume of patients and visitors. Gratitude's mum was at the post-op ward. When we arrived, she was resting. Pulse was a bit high, but BP was good. At times, she would open her eyes and ask for some water to wet her lips. She mistook me for a relative. Hehe. After fighting off the post-operative infection, she should be right as rain.

Breathe Out

Left at about 2:00pm and went to AEON Bukit Tinggi, a big ass mall. Bought a can of Soft 99 Meta Clean wax to treat the scratches on my car as recommended by ChatMate (the gay car expert). The place was crawling with Raya shoppers. Didn't dawdle, went home immediately after a few drinks at Chatime. At home, immediately applied the liquid wax. Didn't help much with the appearance, but I hope it will protect the metal while waiting for my next course of action. Most probably will need a re-spray. Sigh. Will ask on my next scheduled service. Was supposed to meet Insequeerity that night at Podgy and the Banker, but took a rain check because he was late getting back from his hometown. And KH only arrived home from Bangkok during dinner time. Perhaps I should have gone to the STUD warehouse sale, but considering that I still have a stash of unworn ACs and C-IN2s, I decided against it. Just stayed at home to watch "Scary Movie 3". Inane, but entertaining. SK recommended that we have dinner at Ha Ha Siao Pan Mee in Puchong Jaya. The menu had 1,001 combinations for their pan mee. The whole colour coding and pricing was confusing. Imagine a Pantone chart type of menu for a color blind person. Chose their egg and seaweed variety with sago pumpkin dessert. Not bad. The noodles had a good texture, better than Super Kitchen I reckon. Back at home, had a shower and a long wank, then slept early. Ahhhh.....

Sabah Fried Pork

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Avacado Roll by williamnyk
Avacado Roll, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
With just 857KM mileage and three days shy of a month on my Almera, I sent it in to the Nissan Service Centre at Puchong Jaya. They actually had ushers and a giant white board with all the appointments marked on it. Service with a smile. Dropped my car off a tad earlier as I had a 10:30am appointment at Imperial Pot, Solaris Dutamas. SK picked me up from the service centre. Used the Groupon voucher that KH bought earlier as he wasn't in town to use it. Hehe. It was a dim sum set for two. Nothing much actually-- white porridge (very basic, but very smooth), siew mai (small-ish), unagi puff (quite different), piggy custard buns, stir-fried lotus root, char siew and tau fu fa. That was about it. Since there were four of us, we made additional orders of organic red CCF (an interesting variation), century egg porridge, avocado roll (yummy, but I think the filling was made with more sweet potato than anything else) and ham-wrapped enoki.


Eat Me!

Went for some hi-so shopping at B.I.G. after that. Love to see the fancy groceries there. So many varieties with attractive packaging and jaw-dropping prices. Can even freshly pluck heads of lettuce from the aisles. No where else will you overhear such a conversation:

"Dear, make sure you get the MALAYSIAN Milo, not the AUSTRALIAN Milo. The local product tastes better."

Spice Up Your Life


Picked up my car after that and had lunch at SK's place. A very gweilo lunch of bread with ham, coral lettuce, liver pate and sausages. In the evening, attended the St. Ignatius Church parish feast day mass. A VIP celebrant that day-- Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino. His Grace was flanked by six CDD priests. While he was there, he unveiled a brand new status of St. Ignatius of Loyola, something that took years to happen. Not surprising I guess since SIC ain't a Jesuit church in the first place. Coincidentally, the Nuncio launched the SIC 25th Anniversary coffee table book, basically a history of the parish. A gay couple sat just a few pews away too. Think they are not regulars. At the end was a makan-makan session, so I had to move my car for people who wanted to leave. Some idiotic Mercedes blocked the turning and I miscalculated causing me to scrape the side of my new car on the pillar. T___T. Can still remember the sound of my car eating the stucco. Lovely scratches just above the wheel. Sigh. Barely a month and already scarred. Got some first aid advise from ChatMate, but still couldn't sleep well that night... *sobz*


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taiwan Beef Noodles

Taiwan Beef Noodles by williamnyk
Taiwan Beef Noodles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Church as usual on Sunday and lunch was at Lai Lai Casual Dining at Kuchai Lama. Their signature dish is Taiwanese stewed beef noodles and it ain't cheap. Basic noodles cost MYR13.80. I added MYR2.00 for all tendon, and another MYR2.00 to add on a cup of bubble tea. Price aside, the noodles were OK. Same style of thick noodles. Portion wasn't big though, and the soup was tad too sweet for me. For an extra kick, you could add chili oil that comes with crunchy bits of shallots in it (way too crunchy! Ada plastik kot?). Mum ate the mixed mushrooms ramen. She liked it. Went to Endah Parade after that. A very quick stop at the silver shop and shampoo shop. Took less than fifteen minutes. A record for mum. When I tried to pay the ticket, I was presented with the error: "Invalid ticket". Enquired at the control centre.

Moi: Bang, dapat invalid ticket la.

Bang: (counting... counting) Sebenarnya tak payah bayar. Eh, you pandu kereta apa?

Moi: Kereta apa? ..... Oh, Iswara! (I lied)

Bang: OK la, nanti saya tolong you settle.

How ridiculous. Even if I drove a Mercedes, it should be free. Oh well. Made another short stop at Giant BK5 before returning home. The usually quiet Giant was crawling with pre-Raya shoppers. Went out again later that evening. A date with KH to watch "Boeing, Boeing!" at KLPAC. Dinner at LaoMaZi's (not Laotian Nazi cuisine like Niel thought) first. Walked in and the first table we saw was an ang moh with his gay Chinese friend. All too obvious. Saw him nudge his dinner mate and the fella actually made a 180 degree turn to watch us walk in. Am I that gay? Must be KH. :P. Took some of the recommended dishes, namely Lilypad Tilapia (fried with a sweet and spicy sauce), salted egg yolk tofu and stir-fried kailan. Preferred the fish. After that, a giant group of lala gays and their fag hags walked in. Each and every one of them with large man bags. From the corner of my eye, sempat see them Grindr-ing as well. LOL.

Tater & Rice

The play was a comedy about a guy juggling three air hostess fiances at the same time. Not funny all the way, but it did manage to get a few laughs out of me. Not the best of acting, but for just MYR18, one can't complain. Actually if we stayed back, we could have watched another musical for free from the same group of people. But with work the next day (and imagining the same group of actors :P), we left. At the dark parking lot, we kissed a little and it brought back memories of skanky session after watching "The Swimming Instructor" a few years back. Hehe. Next up, "Lafaz Gema" by Hands Percussion.


Monday, September 09, 2013

Mother-Out-Law Morning

Incensed by williamnyk
Incensed, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Saturday was a day of shopping. Woke up early for marketing and breakfast. Bumped into my MIL (or my mother-out-law as Chan Beng Chin reminded me) outside of DaMaCai. She always seemed surprised to see me. A very "WTF are you doing here?!" face. -_-. Cheered myself up with some retail therapy at The Gardens Mall.


Mum had a field day at Isetan. Didn't have lunch until 2:00pm. Thought of having Taiwanese as I was a little overwhelmed with Japanese lately but the line was too long. Ended up at Kita No Zen @ Hokkaido Ichiba. Can't escape. LOL. Had a chirashidon set, ankimo ponzu (fish liver in ponzu sauce) and a salmon ozisushi (had the aroma of perilea leaves). Lotsa twinky waiters at that place. Huhu, but service was a bit sketchy. Only the captain was attentive.


Fish Over Rice

Ankimo Ponzu

Ventured over to Midvalley Megamall after that cause mum wanted to shop at Ms. Read. Hate going there because of the crowds and bad air. Ugh. Wasn't impressed with the centre court Raya decorations. It looked like a bombed out mosque in Baghdad. Before leaving, stopped by at Cold Storage and Coffee Bean. FYI, B1F1 Citibank Clear Card privileges at CBTL is now only valid on weekdays. Booo! Jammed out of the mall and arrived home at around 5:00pm. Mum was supposed to fry some noodles for that night's BEC gathering, but turns out that there were no noodles at home. So out I went to tapau YTF at the shop nearby. The gathering was at Taman Medan. Until today, the access road is still an ugly road snaking through semak-samun. I wonder when will the area be spruced up.

Saturday, September 07, 2013


Last Friday (I'm pulling a William here, so it's actually God know last, last, last, last or last, last, last, last, last Friday), KH FFK me for lunch and dinner, so he made it up by bringing me to Mediteca. SK was invited along, but she was a little late due to fantastic traffic conditions. Like the previous Fridays, I was dogged by production problems at work and had to take calls, but luckily it was settled while waiting for SK to arrive. The waiter, Morsey and his female counterpart immediately recognized my boyfriend and ushered him to the table. Business was OK that night. A bunch of middle-aged ladies of leisure were having their oestrogen party (kalau belum menopause). Definitely kaya-raya judging from the way that they were carrying themselves-- when camwhoring, when laughing. Kepalsuan yang teramat. When the camera's trained on them, their backbones snap straight and they bring their chest to fore. At the other table, a bunch of quiet Japanese were eating and the latecomers were a group of yuppies celebrating a birthday. They came with helium balloons. I was half-expecting expecting party hats and Happy Meals. We started with a platter of ham and cold cuts with Burrata cheese and fig jam. Creamy, salty and sweet. Yummy. Followed up with warm veal tongue with cress pickle and red onion. Loved it! We sat just in front of the meat counter, so we had a god view of the owner (Riccardo Ferrarotti) working in a tight floral shirt. Unfortunately, he's not cute. While slicing the meat, he would go all "tro-lo-lo-lo-lo" in his deep Baritone voice. LOL. Still feeling a tad nippy, we had the chicken wings wrapped in lard with garlic rosemary and juice. Succulent wings in salty wrapping. Interesting. Our happy hour wine also came with some mini tapas of Spanish potato omelette and grilled prawns. Completed the meal with an order of cold alcoholic coffee. I chose Amaretto with cocoa dark, while SK went with brandy. Towards the end, an elderly ang moh walked in with his young money boy, but they were too busy fiddling with their gadgets rather than each other (unlike KH and I :DDD).

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Am I Living In Lorong Wisteria?

Case 1:
Neighbour X: Wah, Neighbour Y, your daughter's house is beautifully renovated!
Neighbour Y: ...
Neighbour Z: Aiyah, my daughter also will renovate her house. Getting married ma!

Case 2:
Neighbour X: Oh, Neighbour Y's son bought a new Nissan. Your daugther's car also Nissan right? But a few years jor right?
Neighbour Y: ...
Neighbour Z: Aiyah, my daughter getting married end of the year ma, sure change car de!

Case 3:
Neighbour Z: Aiyah, my youngest daughter's boyfriend very good de. Always buys expensive stuff for her.
(3 months later)
Neighbour Y: Eh, how come don't see your daughter's boyfriend jor?
Neighbour Z: Aiyah, that guy no use one lah. My daughter never liked him in the first place.
Neighbour Y: ...

'Want face' and 'money face' all rolled into one. :S. Seriously, I have an acute dislike of braggarts who 'blow their trumpet' (blow my trumpet instead by all means) more frequently than they blow their nose. Show offs with little appreciation of being humble. Ugh.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Monster-sitting II: Mall Rats

The kids were still with mum and I on Sunday, so they followed us to church. To avoid minimal fuss and disturbance to the mass, mum packed along several 'distractions' for the kids. We brought Milo, bread, cheese rings, toy cars and other stuff to keep them occupied. Still, it was a challenge to keep them still and quiet. In the future, the parish priest would surely push for sound-proof kiddy rooms. Sick of Paradigm Mall already, so for lunch I decided on Tropicana City Mall. Ate at Pasta Zanmai as the menu had rice, noodles and pizza that was agreeable for the kids. The teriyaki chicken pasta, hotate pizza and tomato seafood omu garlic rice. I settled the elder while mum fed the little monster. Both couldn't sit still during meal. Had to keep the 'dangerous' and fragile items from the baby. The hot teapot pun nak main. After the feeding frenzy, the whole booth was showered with rice and bits of food. Cleaned it all up before paying. Ish. Walking around the mall with the kids presented other challenges as well. Leashes and restraining straps would be ideal. As usual, the little one didn't want to hold my hand and went on a collision course with walls, people and anything in and out of his way. Whenever I tried to hold his hand, he would sit on the floor. On the second floor, the kid was infatuated with the tempered glass railing. At every gap he would stick his hand in. :S. The big boo-boo finally happened at the Japan Home Center. For the whole time, I carried him because I did not want to risk him clawing down a whole shelf of fragile items. Just before going out, I put him down a while and he immediately bumped into the corner of a metal shelf. The poor kid exited the shop with a bruise on his forehead. Amazingly, he did not wail. Maybe it was because we brought him to look at the live garoupas, geoduck and prawns at the nearby seafood restaurant. Lastly, tried the creamy almond silky soy pudding (quite a mouthful) at Dao Kia. They 'advertised' via IG (means it actually works), so since I was there, why not? LOL. Definitely very smooth. Fragrant soya milk too.

Tomato Seafood Garlic Omu Rice

Back home, I uncharacteristically cleaned the interior of my new Almera and old Iswara. Vacuuming and wiping the carpets, dashboard and what not. Completely drained after that. Went upstairs for a nap and was woken up by the little monster's wailing. Luckily his mum came home in time to pacify him. Dinner was at the newly-opened Restoran Kong Sai at Bandar Kinrara. I noticed it on the way out to Donutes the night before. The place was swarming with customers. Judging by the number of tables outside the restaurant, I initially thought it was a mamak shop. Took us some time to secure a table. Had to enter into vulture mode and wait for customers to drop dead. Messy, messy. Understaffed for sure. Ate their signature steamed kampung chicken, lotus root soup, steamed tilapia and stir-fried vege. The soup was a bit different and the vegetable turned out to be wrong variety. Came home super thirsty. Something was chock-full of MSG. Ugh. Hate eating in such an environment. Reminded of HK. That concluded Sunday with the kids.

Soya Pudding

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Monster-sitting I: Crabby Dinner

ChocoCake by williamnyk
ChocoCake, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

In a bid to get more familiar with Malaysia's corporate taxation, my sister and BIL went for a weekend course on the subject. Goes without saying that mum and I had to do some monster-sitting that weekend. As early as 8:30am, my mum had gone over to my sister's place. On the other hand, I tried sleeping in a bit, but couldn't. Did some exercise routines and freshened up for breakfast with SK. Nothing special, just wantan noodles at my favourite neighbourhood shop. Tapau-ed a packet for mum as well. When I got to my sister's place, the kids were already up and about, tearing up the house. Told Little Monster that we were going out and his eyes immediately lit up. He drunkenly dashed to the shoe cabinet to get his shoes. Mum wanted to buy 4D and do some banking, while I had an overdue appointment with my hairstylist. The elder monster had his hair cut too although it was only a week since his last cut. During the whole time, he looked so forlorn although he was the one who wanted to get the haircut in the first place. Lunch a was a simple mix of chicken rice, yam cake (too firm) and black glutinous rice soup (not fragrant) from Restoran Ah Loy in OUG.

Went home after lunch and watched a few episodes of Fairy Tail. Also swam, but KH did not join me. He was busy working at home. Basically had the whole pool to myself. So I wasn't shy to practise my lousy freestyle and backstroke (splashing around like a drunken dugong). Always a fantastic way to give my arms aches and pains. Dinner plans were with SK. She invited KH and Lifebook over for curry chicken, sweet and sour crab and steamed crab in rice wine. A yummy affair, but the curry chicken was a little lacking in ooomph. My whole family tagged along, and KH got the chance to interact with both my nephews. My sister and her tribe left after dinner, while mum tagged along to yum cha with us at Donutes. A challenge to get a table inside. Once again, I was disappointed with how cold their latte was. Sigh. Guess I'll settle for their classic coffee. Amazingly mum managed to join in our conversation (either she is young at heart or we are old at heart lol), but KH seemed a bit out of place. Poor fella. Squeezed his knees under the table and stroked his thighs when he seemed bored. And he would smile. Hehe. Didn't tarry as Lifebook had wrestled with a production problem at the office for the whole day. A stroke of luck that he could join us in the first place. Satisfied with how the evening unfolded. Should have more get togethers like this. :).