Wednesday, August 07, 2013 vs Kelantan

Coffee by williamnyk
Coffee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Early on Saturday, SK drove over for breakfast with mum and I. Brought the tribe out to the nearby Kong Kee Wantan Noodles. Fed the little one noodles and soft wantan skin. Went out to Good Arch, Seri Petaling after that to settle some rebate issues with the administration office. Settled that quickly. Tapao-ed lunch as well at one of the roadside stalls. Some time after lunch, BIL's brother came over to pick the elder nephew for a short Melaka trip. Could breathe a little better with one less monster in the house. At 1330, I went out to meet KH. Picked up SK on the way out and headed to Kuchai Lama. Traffic around the Bukit Jalil area was horrible thanks to the Piala FA finals to be held that night. Noticed hordes of Kelantan soccer fans in red and white. Many were seen sleeping in their cars, some on towels on the road, while some families were having picnics at the parking lot. Gosh. Was so annoyed by the jams. And the heat wave didn't help my mood. Ugh. Felt like biting KH. Spent about ninety minutes on the road before we arrived at Donutes, Puchong Jaya. Thank goodness for the air conditioning. Ordered a hazelnut tiramisu latte, banana chocolate cake and a latte bun. Unfortunately, my drink wasn't as hot as I like it and the cake was quite zai. The coffee wasn't as fantastic as I was led to believe, but not bad la. And SK had a minor table toussle with a bunch of botox aunties who hogged more tables than they needed. By the time I got home, it was nearly 6:00pm.

Banana Chocolate

Latte Bun

Decided to bring the little tyke out for a swim. Don't think he has ever main air at the pool before. Took my mum around 45 minutes to pack everything and dig out his brother's swim trunks. Brought him to the kids pool and started to acclimatize him to the water. I started at his feet and moved up to his torso. He started fidgeting and looking for my mum. Slowly sat him down, and let his feet enter the water. He didn't like it. In less than two minutes, he started wailing. LOL. Plan B-- toweled him dry and brought him to the playground instead. LOL. Much happier on the slides. His first time actually. Dinner was at nearby Restoran BK where we ordered some small fried dishes, satay and YTF.



Mr Lonely said...

damn miss satay now~ T.T

Anonymous said...

You bite???

- vc

William said...


Not during BJ lol