Friday, August 23, 2013


Romantic by CarbonNYC
Romantic, swiped from CarbonNYC on Flickr.
Every day, KH asks me the same question:

"Hi dear, what time today?"

Not what time to shag, back what time I will get off work. Depending on my workload, I will reply him, but it's usually around the same time. But he never gets tired of asking. At the agreed upon time, we will make our way to the rendezvous point. Sometimes I would wait for him, at other times he would be earlier. I would Instagram while waiting, while he normally reads Gay SG Confessions. But when we meet, the greeting is standard:

"Hi baby!"

When we board the LRT, there would usually be no seats available, so we stand near the door, telling each other about our respective day. Oft times, KH would update me about interesting GSC stories and I would tell him about the things that annoyed me that day. And throughout the week, he would be planning about what to eat for lunch on Friday and what movies to watch. Sometimes often, he would show me the groceries he bought from Isetan Food Market (he even commandeered my Isetan card!). And I would sometimes be on the look out for LRT Celebrities. At times, the train can be crowded and I get to be naughty and brush myself against KH without arousing much attention. Hehe.

The 25-minute ride ends quickly. And we go our separate ways, with the familiar:

"Bye baby!"

When we reach home, we would update each other on whether we had eaten or showered. And this cycle would repeat every day. As simple as it seems, it's our daily weekday paktor session in addition to our Friday lunch and Friday mini dates (shopping / movies / dessert). Simple meet ups, but high on calories. Haha. Love you dear. XOXO.


- a L E x - said...

<3 :D

Twilight Man said...

Awww naughty Willy. He got excited being brushed yeah!

I realised I boarded subway trains the most in overseas during last 2 years and rarely had seats too. I love to watch people too and thought of your LRT celebrities.

Yours Queerly said...

OMG! Jealous! When can I get that mundane lovey dovey days!!

Tempus said...

Appreciate those moments man. 25 minutes at least you see him in the flesh.

I'm seeing mine in data picture formats now, and I have to fly 3 hours to HOPE to see him

J-boy said...


what about weekends? :P

kiddystick said...

awwww. so sweeet. you should spank his ass before you leave next time

Mr Lonely said...

haha, sounds a bit "gay" in some way~ joking~ XD

Sharks said...

Right person, simple love = blissful!

William said...


Grope lagi seronok. Glad that my pervy shots affected how you look at the world :P

Yearning to be Homo domesticus?

I was in an LDR for 5 years so I'm definitely grateful. Where is your BF now?

Weekends I got blog about ma :P

Kiss better

Memang gay pun!

Simple is good kan?

Jaded Jeremy said...

I suka.

Anonymous said...

Mana celebs...


Hdaran said...

I still remember the days you were yearning for him to be close by to you...

Derek said...

I also enjoy our daily weekday train rides.

Love you lots baby ;-)

Shin Yong said...

Simple yet sweet and lovely. I am always the one ask "What time?" xD

SimonMing said...

I love both of you too! Muacks!

thompsonboy said...

Kudos to both of you but I tried it and it sounded and felt very boring but thats just me

William said...

:D. And you have your board game bonding sessions.

Time to collect the harvest!

Love you baby xoxo

Haha. :)

Haha. Hiao ah? :P

Tue, to each their own

Ash Godiva said...

simple and sweet^^

Ban said...

he reads the gay sg confessions EVERY day???