Monday, August 19, 2013

New Ride

Almera by williamnyk
Almera, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Saturday was D-Day for me to collect my brand new Almera. Had a simple meal of pork ball noodles and killed some time at the newly-opened Super Save nearby. Very much like Daiso, only cheaper and more Tiong Kok. Some good deals there. SK and I drove out in separate cars to Edaran Tan Chong cause she traded-in her Viva. Some hiccups. They nearly couldn't locate SK's car and my car had a slight scratch that wouldn't quite go away even with several polishings. Just a little fine line. I'm not that particular. These things happen sooner or later. Took the customary photo in front of the car as proof of collection and went off with the tint guy to his shop at 1Puchong. Decided on this shop after comparing TSER, VLTR and most-importantly $$$$. Plus CCC strongly-recommended it. The guy drove us back to the Nissan showroom after that and we drove home in my Iswara. Made a short detour to Giant before going home. By that time, I wasn't feeling very well. My throat felt scratchy and I was kinda flu-ish. Downed a bottle of herbal tea and took a nap. Felt much better when I woke up at 4:00pm and it was already time to pick up our vehicles. Mum also followed us out because we needed her to drive the Iswara home. SK was a bit more gaya cause she forgot her road tax, so she risked the short drive home. Immediately teared off all the plastic from the seats. Prefer things bareback. ;D. While doing the backseat, I found that there was no way to fold the seats down flat. Opps. Another quirky 'feature' of the Almera in addition to the missing boot lights, no seat pocket and weird air-con clunk on startup.

Curry Chicken Rice

Watched a bit of Fringe Season 3 before going out for dinner at Restoran Yoon Ping. Shared a plate of curry chicken rice (a flood of santan), YTF and dragon fruit ABC. After dinner, went to my sister' place to look for a padlock for my front gate. For years, had no 'real reason' to secure it. Haha. Played with the kids for a while. My eldest nephew had his first fifty sen coin from the Tooth Fairy. :P. Not like he needs it. His dad gives him small change all the time. The milk tooth came off while he was eating an apple. And he also demonstrated to me how he skinned an apple. All with the help of PRC 'ingenuity'. At about 9:00pm, I went out to yumcha with KH at K3K Benta Kaya. Took a seat at booth where we could have a bit of privacy. Hehe. KH was so comfortable that he nearly kissed me before he stopped himself. So sweet. Shared a cup of Longan Silky Honey Milk. I don't know where the 'Silky' comes from... soya bean perhaps. LOL. There was a live band that day, but we didn't quite pay attention to them. Left at about 10:30pm and stopped the car at a less busy road for a bit of fun. Was enjoying the hand job so much that we didn't notice the two migrant workers passing by the car. But I guess the tint didn't reveal much to those outside cause they just passed by without so much as a look. LOL. Don't worry, I didn't stain the seats as I wasn't brought pass the edge. Another blue ball end to the evening!

Ice Dragon


Hdaran said...

Congrats on the new car!

Twilight Man said...

Waaaaah! Waaah! Waaaah! Got new put-put cheh! Fetch me go ronda ronda!

kenni said...

Time to christen the car!

Ban said...

hahahaha... having fun with the new car!

Anonymous said...

The almeera has been deflowered...


JokerPJ said...

Dint go back seat? more space~

William said...

Congratulations to Edaran Tan Chong & Public Bank for getting my business

Fetch you minimally need Alphard :P


With KH!


Never tried le

Tempus said...

Yayay~~ wanna hitch a ride lo!!!

Gratitude said...

Wah so fast blessed the car jor! Lol

William said...

Nak pergi mana?

Have to test the extra leg space ma :P

Tempus said...

Mana mana pon boleh la~

Derek said...

Love riding in you new car 'P