Monday, August 26, 2013

Literally Pissed

Out of Order... by lakeoffyre
Out of Order..., swiped from lakeoffyre on Flickr.

I really hate RapidKL with their poor maintenance mentality on the Ampang Line. Not every station has a toilet, and for those that do have a toilet, they close them on whim. My best guess would be that something was spoiled and to make life easier just bar the toilet from being used. Then they can take their own sweet time getting it fixed and the cleaner would not need to bother about it. Wonder if they outline this in their 'quality management' policies. Provide facilities, but make them unavailable. So annoying when you arrive at the station after a long jam and a full bladder only to find that the loo is still closed after a week! What can you do but board the LRT and tahan for another 25 minutes. Eh wait, Plaza Rakyat got toilet! So I alighted there only to find that the toilet was barred too! With a broom handle no less! Must be to stop zombies from getting out. Crap. Went back up and proceeded to Masjid Jamek where I had to take a long, long walk to get to the toilet. And after I was done, I had take another long, long walk to get to the Sentul Timur direction. Thank goodness it wasn't #2! Menyampah!


Anonymous said...

omfg! totally agree with you on this one, sista!
had similar experience, but mine was #2, and to make things worse, i had diarrhea on that day! fcuk!
hate hate hate our public transport! now imagine when MRT is completed, malaysia being 3rd world as it is, don't expect the toilets would be better.

Anonymous said...

go before you board la..


Twilight Man said...

In America the homeless guys would just pee outside the doors sometimes.

bryan said...

In Sydney, the local government has to provide mobile toilets to prevent people from peeing on the streets on weekends after drinking

Hdaran said...
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Hdaran said...

Reality check; we live in Bolehland!

William said...

Such a nightmare!
Lets hope that they get it right.

How to go before boarding if the toilet is not open?

I should pee at the turnstiles :P

Beats having to scrubs walls and floors haha

Endless Possibilities.

Jaded Jeremy said...

That's just terrible lah.