Friday, August 30, 2013

Husband, Wife & Yakuza

Flower Crab by williamnyk
Flower Crab, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

KH is a supporter of the erotic arts. He donated a sum of money earlier this year to KLPAC and to show their gratitude, they gave him a pair of complimentary tickets for "Rashomon". Since it was a matinee show on Sunday, I decided to attend the earlier mass to avoid too much rushing. Had the time to have breakfast at Woo Pin, Taman Desa. Been a few months since my last visit and I was 'pleasantly' surprised to find that the price had increased from MYR7.50 to MYR8.00! KNS. Anyway, mum and I shared a large bowl with added spinach and that came to MYR11. Even the gingko barley drink increased 10% to MYR2.20. Meh. Stopped a while at Central Hypermarket to stock up on honey vinegar and psyllium husk. Even had the time to shop for salmon steaks at Giant BK5.
Since I had such a late breakfast, I just ate a mini glutinous rice cake that we had tapau-ed from yesterday's dinner.

KLPAC in Sepia


By the time I reached KH's condo, it was a little before 2:00pm. Took less than half an hour to reach Sentul Timur. Picked up our tickets from the box office and went around camwhoring. Hehe. Seating didn't begin until 3:00pm. Was kinda boring waiting around, until an interestingly dressed character made an appearance. Overheard:

ZZZ: Hi XXX. Long time no see. This is my friend YYY. He's a fashion designer.

XXX: You don't say. I love your crazy pants. A male Lady Gaga look you have going. See you later.

ZZZ (whispering to YYY): I heard he lives in trees or something.


Actually, the fashion designer was dressed in a white cap, white tank top, white flower corsage around the neckline, black mesh long-sleeved top and black and white striped long pants. Paired with chunky white shoes and a clutch that looked like it was an oversized condom foil packaging! Definitely beat the other gay lou who dressed like he belonged in a kendo group. Our seats were quite good, just three rows from the stage. Could see things pretty clearly. I was actually more interested looking at what was happening backstage. The play was quite short. Just 75 minutes. But I guess that's good, cause I didn't quite like it. The lead character spoke purely in Japanese and along the way, some fan of his in the audience kept squealing some anime sound effects at random intervals. And my curiosity about 'adult content' was answered when the lead actress was 'raped' on stage. A lengthy 'rape' that didn't really wanna watch. And the whole 'Ring Wraith' scene, I think it was over-dramatic. If it wasn't for the cool music from Hands Percussion, I think it would have been a duller affair.



With a little time to spare before dinner, we took up Nicky05's recommendation and went to Tommy le Baker (looking at the Cina-ness of the staff, can also be called Tommy Lee Baker) at Viva Residency. Just opposite the road actually, with free parking. Tried their latte and a banana almond tart. Strangely, the coffee was good at the first sip, but turned more and more sour as we drank it. I liked the tart though. Wangi and crumbly. Overall atmosphere wasn't that good. Al fresco bakery at a shoplot area with flies.

Banana Walnut Tart

Dinner was at Maison SK again. Mum boiled shark bone soup with chicken feet (sounds like a witch's potion kan?), while SK made tempura salmon fish heads (yummier than it sounds!), pig kidney in rice wine and stir-fried lotus root with fishballs and eringii mushrooms. Dessert was grapes and some tarts which I bought earlier from the bakery. Practically out the whole day. Exhausted!


Anonymous said...

why you eat eat eat all the time but still no tummy? benci nyerrr

Mr Lonely said...

i wanna cook crab too~ XD

William said...

An illusion lol

William said...

Local crabs should be different

Derek said...

I was also bored. Blame it on Joe Hasham LOL

kenni said...

I guess the condom foil packaging is the H&M x Margiela candy wrapper clutch.

Haha. Y they didn't thought of condom foil. Genius.

William said...

@derek: now we know what to avoid lol
@kenni: wow, there's a name to it. Hehe

Twilight Man said...

Wah! This Woo Pin bosses staging daylight robberies!