Monday, August 05, 2013


Laundry Day by williamnyk
Laundry Day, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

My sister and BIL left for Guangzhou on Thursday morning for a short business trip. So mum and I were left with the responsibility to babysit and housesit. To make things easier, I stayed over too. On Thursday night, packed some clothes and toiletries, checked the snail mail, collected the laundry, watered the plants and set the lights before going over. Not too worried about forgetting anything as its only a 3 minute drive away. The guest room was quite comfortable and the attached bathroom came with a rain shower. Huhu. Would love to shower with KH in there. Didn't notice my sister leaving the house at 2:00am to catch her flight. In the morning, had to prod my nephew out of bed. The fella was quite zombified even while brushing his teeth. The little one on the other hand was far from zombified. He was wailing and perpetually stuck to mmy mum. Even declined my offer of a chicken floss bun. Very unlike him. Mum sent the elder to pre-school, while I drove myself out to Bukit Jalil. While on my way out, I noticed that I had forgotten to bring my work shoes. Ish. Had to make a detour before driving out to the LRT station. Ended up a bit late getting to work.

The next day, repeated the routine at my house before going to my sister's place again. My nephew napped half the afternoon away and just woken up at 8:00pm. During bedtime, he kept whining that he couldn't sleep. But I was super sleepy that night and didn't layan him. Seeing that I had fallen asleep beside him, he fell asleep too. The next morning, I found that I had forgotten stuff again. This time round it was underwear! Ugh. Was too lazy to go home (and I'm not the commando kind of boy), so I went to work in the boxer briefs that I slept in. At Bukit Jalil, I was greeted by a scene of chaos. A quick check on the billboard revealed that it was Sukan Malaysia. Sienz. Friday lunch I ate with KH at Figaro Coffee Company at Menara Standard Chartered. After I had checked in there, I got an ominous comment on Foursquare: "This place sucks". LOL. No wonder it was devoid of customers AND staff. Since KH had paid good money to buy the Groupon voucher, might as well use it. I chose the club sandwich while KH settled on the chicken cordon bleu. Although there were no customers, our food took half an hour to arrive. Must have been preparaed with tender love and care. Goodness. Thank their ucky stars that I had no complaints with my meal. Perhaps I was too hungry.

Club Sandwich

Felt super lethargic and moody after lunch. Dunno why. Trudged to Lavender at The Pavilion to help KH pick out a cake for his office June babies birthday celebration. Sometimes I wonder if my boyfriend is a Libran. So fickle!! That Friday, I left work at 6:00pm to go paktor with KH. Tried Meet Fresh at the top floor of The Pavilion. The Maynamarese cashier really displayed some attitude. Ordered one of their shaved ice thingies and a taro mochi roll that was way too bland and frozen to be considered yummy. Did a bit of jalan-jalan after that. Noticed a new underwear brand in department stores called "Frank Dandy". Judging by the styles, not so dandy. Boring British cuts meet Desigual garishness. Sent KH home after that. Both of us were quite horny for each other and it definitely showed when I felt him through his jeans. Did what we could in the car but of course that was only a one way ticket to blue ball land.

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