Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Frying Rice in the Morning

Cheap Eats by williamnyk
Cheap Eats, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

For months I had not step foot in the OUG wet market. Suddenly had to make a trip there on Saturday morning cause mum wanted to buy some chickens and vegetables. Quite an express trip because I told my mum that KH invited me over for sex at 10:30am. LOL. Even had time to spare to eat breakfast at Restoran Hoi Sum. Can you imagine that the place still serves up a MYR3.50 bowl of pork noodles? No mistaking cause the waiter gave a change of MYR6.50 for the red note I gave him. By the time I reached KH's condo (braved the Saturday jam, a JPJ roadblock and a police roadblock), his parents had already left the building. His mum went out to perm her hair while his dad attended some kind of investment talk. KH immediately ushered me to his room we started furiously kissing. Quickly enough, my clothes were lying on the floor and his red Andrew Christian brief I dumped on his laptop. Rubbing, groping, sucking, hugging, grinding, shagging-- you get the picture. Once he climaxed, he collapsed on me and we snuggled for a while. Seeing that our lunch appointment was near, we had a quick shower and dressed. SK fetched us to Senjyu, Bangsar Village. We were two exhausted boys. Haha. The three of us shared a sashimi set, fuji kaiseki set (five course meal) and a grilled hamachi head (a rarity). I must say that the cuts of raw fish were thick and juicy. The fish head was also much larger than I expected. More than enough for three people. And the vanilla and matcha ice cream that came in a large scoop. Definitely value for money. The lunch would have been perfect if the girl seated next to our table wasn't such a motor mouth. Ordering a meal sounded like a heated corporate meeting.



Hamachi Head

Did some waking around BV after that. The Kitchen Shop had some weekend promotion for a large MAXIM non-stick wok with glass cover for just MYR99! We left the shop with two. LOL. When aunties attack! Also took a look-see at the Private Structure shop. Nothing much of interest. SK also bought some groceries at the supermarket. Couldn't leave without a stop at Espressamente Illy. Doesn't take a psychic to tell you that I ordered the latte. While enjoying the caffeine fix, I saw Sufian A. and Paolo M. sashaying past. Quite the golden couple at the moment with their shirtless and lovey-dovey adventures all over social media. By the time I got home, I was already after 5:00pm. Took a quick showered and got myself dressed for the St. Ignatius Church 25th Anniversary Dinner at Yuk Chai. Traffic was good and we managed to find 'legal' parking outside. Dinner was slated to start at 6:30pm, but taking into account Malaysian tardiness, we ate at 8:15pm after a short tantalizing pom-pom performance by the veteran female members of the Legio Mariae and couple of speeches. Food was provided by a famous caterer from Sekinchan that often caters for political fund-raising dinners. Cheap and good (and with sealed and sanitized tableware!). Two emcees that night, one English, one Mandarin, but obviously the Indian guy took centre stage with his not-so-politically-correct-Chinese-Malay-Indian jokes and funny personality. Along the way, there was a new age Indian vocal performance, magic show (I hate his scarf tricks), dance performance by the youth, live band and 'face change' performance. The last 'face change' happened a tad too slowly and we could see the mask actually rolling downwards. Opps.


During the whole course of the dinner, we were encouraged to buy beer and whisky for 'health reasons'. :S. The parish priet also sang two songs and managed to get pledges amounting to several thousand ringgit. Good sponsors also came forward judging from the great lucky draw prizes. We had a 42" LED TV, iPad Mini, Air Asia tickets, Air Asia X tickets, Tune Hotels stays and many more. A stroke of luck saw my number being called during the first draw-- got an electric kettle. Reached home at about 11:30pm waiting for the grand prize to be announced. LOL. Didn't win the 42" LED TV. Oodles of fun that night. Hope the organizing committee managed to hit their target.

SIC 25th



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I have started seeing these wrapped crockery sets locally which is very hygiene indeed. I think I first saw them in China many years ago.

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omg, salmon again~ T.T~

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finally lol..


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Hygiene and China :P

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