Monday, July 08, 2013

Sepang Sunday

Salted Caramel by williamnyk
Salted Caramel, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Early Sunday morning, I woke up at 6:30am to get ready and send my mum out to her day trip. A free makan-makan, beli-beli thing to Sepang and Tanjung Sepat. Dropped her at the center, then SK & I went to Yat Yat Lei for some breakfast. Just some soup noodles and a cup of coffee. Clear soup noodles are so easy these days. MSG soup, some noodles, ready to eat fried beancurd skin and some fishballs. No satisfaction. Went to church after that to catch the 8:45am mass. Straight home after that. SK packed me some chicken, dried oyster and pumpkin porridge for lunch later. So just camped at home in front of the lappie. Watched some TVB series episodes and anime. At about 1:00pm, I reheated the porridge. I only managed to get at the porridge in the microwavable container. Those in the Thermos was locked tight! Twisted and turned the cover, but it refused to budge. Nearly whacked it with a hammer. Fortunately, I am small eater. BWAHAHAHA. But seriously, it was enough.


At 2:30pm, I went out to fetch SK and her granny for tea time at Food Foundry. Quite crowded and the short rain caused the place to be a tad stuffy. While waiting for Lifebook, we shared a duck confit pasta (spicy and yummy). To go with my latte, also had a few slices of cakes. Lifebook arrived just in time to enjoy the blueberry mille crepe (supposed to be durian, but the waiter had excellent hearing), vanilla mille crepe, butterscotch cake and almond salted caramel mille crepe (the crunchy topping was oh so good!). The whole afternoon, we basically talked about Lifebook's recent major punya major real estate purchase. A dry subject, but I had the distraction of two semi-cute straight guys at the next table. The one facing me had a great smile while the one with his back towards me had a V-shaped torso and was wearing a tight t, and cute striped undies. LOL.

Duck Confit Pasta

Latte Me

Sine our timing was a bit off, alang-alang so to say, we had a very early dinner at 5:45pm. Dropped by at Restoran Kheong Kee at Taman Sri Manja. Been ages since we ate there. Some normal dishes, but way too much MSG. Mum arrived after 9:30pm that night. Due to some miscalculation, I waited about an hour for her. She came back bearing loads of goodies-- pau, Foochow kong pia and dragon fruits. Looked like she had loads of fun.

Faux Butterfly



Mr Lonely said...

well, i really like the taste of caramel especially it is combined with ice cream~ =D

Anonymous said...

that guy is wearing a shirt that says he is either a virgin or versatile. lol

Twilight Man said...

Hmmm! What a nice reminder that I should hop over to Food Foundry for some nice cakes!!! I heard Butter Scotch!!! I want!

zet11 said...

hese guys have a tight smile to you

William said...


LOL. I added that V!

The butterscotch so so le