Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Finally Fried Rice

Pai Tee by williamnyk
Pai Tee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Dumpling festival was around the corner, so mum went to a friend's house for a dumpling party (a whole bunch of aunties masak-masak la). Sent her to Seri Petaling after church and lunch (which we ate at Heritage Village Cafe-- quality deteriorated!). It was a perfect opportunity for me to smuggle KH home for some quality time. Huhu. Can you imagine that we did not get intimate since our Taiwan trip?! Immediately went over to fetch him. My car's air-conditioning was on the blink again and that really got on my nerves, coupled with the heat wave and KH's tardiness! Hmmph. But that quickly evaporated. Back at my place, KH immediately had me in his arms and showered me with kisses. Could really see the longing and affection in his eyes. He manja-ed with me for a while before proceeding to strip me for a shower together. Both of us were so sticky and sweaty from the sauna car-ride. Once all cleaned up, we proceeded to the bed for more snuggling and kissing. Our horniness soon took center stage and we started our COAT WEST reenactments. LOL. Hope my moaning didn't alert the neighbours. Hehe. KH always had new tricks up his foreskin. The release was well worth the wait. But with all delayed releases, there was a little block that seemed stem the gush a bit. Went over to fetch SK after that for some dessert at Sweet Bean Station (the place where we started). Ate their tau fu fah + black sesame combo. Hot and cold. And the tau fu fah was put into the bowl in about six layers. Interesting texture. By 6:00pm, we had sent KH home and went to pick my mum up with twenty or so bak zhang in tow! Yum yum! Had my fill on all levels. A satisfying day indeed. :P.

Phoenix Ball


Mr Lonely said...

well, the first picture dish pai tee, i think i eat before in Melaka, quite nice~

William said...

Yes, it is. Typical appetizer at Nyonya restaurants

Sharks said...

LOL, your title! I was wondering why so funny, haha!

William said...

Hehe. You get it.