Saturday, July 27, 2013

Belated Father's Day

Amitabha by williamnyk
Amitabha, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Mum had too much drink the night before and I guess she got a bit heaty from the tomyum steamboat, giving her a sore throat on Sunday. SK asked us to join for BKT lunch after mass, but we declined due to mum's health condition. Explored Paradigm Mall instead and decided on Paradise Dynasty. Just like a banking hall, they had a number queue system. Been wondering about that place ever since they opened. Day in, day out people crowd at 'kitchen aquarium' watching their ramen and XLB chefs work their magic. The waitress seated us near a giant status of Buddha with a water canal right in the middle of the restaurant. A bit weird having him watch us eat the signature eight flavour XLB and double boiled chicken soup ramen. Truth be told, I couldn't tell which flavour was which. Ony got the pungent one's right-- garlic and Szechuan malat. Mum ate the black truffle and I think she wasn't impressed. LOL. And it was kinda disappointing that our soup came long before the ramen. Bad timing is a sin on par with bad food. Did some window shopping after that and even met Nicky05 and OrangeWee at Lovisa. Dannel Lim (the artist formerly known as Daniel Lim of Malaysian Idol fame) was also in the house with sadly very little fans cheering him on. But he did seem so cheerful and spritely on stage. Think he has aged, but still stick thin. But I must say, his singing was commendable. According to the small talk on stage, he spend some time working in Korea, during odd jobs and menial labour. Now he's back and trying to jump back into the scene. Guess it will be an uphill battle.


Dannel Lim Groupies

Swam that afternoon and there was luckily one Malay eye candy. The fella had a lean, muscular bod. So my type. So straight that even my skanky neon green popsicle N2N couldn't catch his eye. T_T. Arranged to have dinner with SK and her granny that night. Made reservations at Kin Ryu Tei to 'avoid disappointment' since it was kinda still Fathers Day weekend season. Got our old table and ordered a pair of our favourite BBQ black pig spareribs, iberico stir-fried with shimeji, tenzaru soba, assorted nigiri sushi, house roll (surprisingly mini sized) and a grilled saba set. As usual, food was good and the bill was just under a couple of hundred. Nothing like a good Jap dinner to end the weekend.

Black Pork Spareribs Again!

KRT Roll


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