Thursday, July 11, 2013

Banking With Babies

Pepes Tenggiri by williamnyk
Pepes Tenggiri, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Took my replacement leave on Monday compliments of our two-times lucky YDPA. Used the off day to do some banking. Dragged the kids along with us as my sister had renovation-related chores to do again. Main objective was to replace my BSN ATM card. Managed to get it done in just half an hour. With the new card in hand, I gave it a test at the ATM. While I was changing the password and registering for their internet banking, an Indian woman suddenly walked way close to me and shoved me her ATM card. "Tolong tekan", she said. Shocking, but I calmed down catching a whiff of cheap alcohol off her and noticed the Welfare Department tag around her neck. Told her to wait while I finished my transaction. When I took her card, she just stared at me blankly. At the ATM pin screen, she expected me to know her secret pin. :S. I told her to key it in herself. Continuing from there, I navigated to the withdrawal screen where again I asked her to punch in the numbers leaving just MYR2 in her accoount. MYR300. Think it was money from the Welfare Department. With the money in hand, she lumbered off. Then we went to HLB to close my mum's little-used savings account. Service was slow, as slow as waiting for a gay man to get an erection from watching a porn actress finger herself. To make matters worse, the kids were getting restless. Since it was a waste of time anyway, I walked over to Maybank to settle my brother's banking chores and also updated my passbooks.

Ayam Bakar

Jus Alpukat

At lunchtime, SK swung over and gave us a lift to Pearl Point. Wanted to try the Korean restaurant, but it wasn't open. Ended up at Little Waroeng Djakarta. The waiters and waitresses were smitten with the little one and kept playing with him. I ordered their pepes tenggiri which was much like our otak-otak. Yummy. The meal also came with a cendol that also passed my taste buds test. The little one had a fun time drinking the avacado shake with chocolate. Back at home, rested a little and went for a quiet Monday afternoon swim. Had it all to myself. If only I could lounge at the pool every day... Dinner was at my sister's place. For his birthday, SK got my nephew a DIY volcano set. Earlier, they had moulded the volcano using the cast provided. The plaster had set and my nephew pestered his mum to let him paint it. Of course it was quite chaotic as his little brother was like a little Godzilla. LOL. The next step would be to buy some baking soda and vinegar and there would be a little dribbling action going on... I prefer my volcanos to erupt. :P.




TZ said...

you always have the nice food picture :) I'm so hungry now.

Anonymous said...

So you've watched the porn actress??


Mr Lonely said...

i like cendol too~ =D

zet11 said...

I also thought about sex while I wait

AhWee said...

look so great the food yummy

William said...

Glad to be of service


Haha. Can find in UK?

Different sex!


Derek said...

I can help you babysit the kids! hehe