Saturday, July 06, 2013

A Not-So-Tai-Tai Conference

Soupy Breakfast by williamnyk
Soupy Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

The kids (C & R) landed in my mum's lap again on Saturday. BIL was still rushing his home renovations. The contractor is definitely incompetent and doesn't know how to manage his time and resources. So convicted is my BIL to have the whole major project done up by early June that he is now the one barking orders to the workers. Bizarre. Anyway, went out to have pork ball noodles again at Restoran Yong Sheng with SK and the kids were handed over to us. Although my sister already fed the toddler, he still ate a whole bunch of kuay teow from my bowl. Slurped up the noodles with ease. Cute giler. Let the kids horse around at home for a while before deciding to bring them out to The Gardens. But that in itself posed a challenge because mum had to pack a 'field kit'. SK and mum settled that back at my sister's place while I entertained the elder monster with "Wreck-It Ralph". Quite entertaining I must say. R was totally pyched about going out. He knew something was afoot when we dressed him up and made him wear shoes. Clever little tyke. First thing we did at the mall was look for lunch. SK had a hankering for Taiwanese food at Foong Lye, so we made our way up to the third floor. Unfortunately, the line was obscenely long. Sushi Zanmai had the same queue. Screw that. We went to Food Garden instead. I ordered Taiwanese food anyway-- smoked chicken. Boy, it definitely was smoked. Felt like Santa grabbing a bite to eat when chimney-hopping during the peak Christmas period. Had another round of feeding frenzy with the kids. After a while, they started getting restless and we had to let them roam the mall. R walked up and down, shouting his little lungs out. By 3:00pm, we were all tired, and R was starting to tear through the crowds like a drunk toddler. Kept falling down and finding it difficult to get up. Obviously, his battery was low (as was our's!). Shipped the whole lot back home to rest.

Finished the other half of "Wreck-It Ralph" with C. Later at 4:00pm, SK and I went back to Midvalley Megamall for Ash's so-called Tai-Tai Conference where none of us were tai-tai's anyway. And I keep reminding KH of that fact. LOL. Too bad KH couldn't join as he was in Kota Kinabalu for his second Mount Kinabalu hike. Reached at 5:05pm, but didn't see anyone at Chili's. Gave Ash a call and it turned it that he was running late. Didn't have Vincent~'s number, so didn't know that he was actually already roaming inside, going from table to table, staring at the customers. XD. We only sat down proper at about 5:25pm. Right at the window where we could ogle at passing eye candy. I introduced SK to the gang and it was my first time meeting Elton. Being such a hot day, SK and I shared a large mug or Heineken. Food-wise, we shared an Oldtimer and a plate of Eplosive Quesadillas. Nothing explosive about it, but yummy la. Vincent~ seemed to be on diet cause he only ordered a plate of Texas fries with cheese and let us all eat it. Been a year since we met, so there's quite a lot of fluff to discuss. Ranging from Vincent~'s dad near-foray into politics to his quest for more gay lou contacts in the UK (SK and I are already arranging for him to rummage CK's closet). Also found out that Ash had moved to Melaka and that Elton actually stays quite close to my place. Six large mugs of bottomless orange juice, three plates of bottomless nachos, and cup of super-beefy chili later (think they concentrated a whole cow into that one plate), we finally left.

Wanted something sweet, so we went to Sweet Chat and boy, was it a fatal mistake. Got the ngiao-est of waiters. Looked like a Cina punya Cina uncle with his pants done up too high and buck-teeth. His voice was whiny and loud, bordering on being rude. Here's the exchange:

CPC Waiter: What you want??

Moi: Bubur-chacha.

CPC Waiter: NO MORE.

Vincent~: Mango Lolo.


Moi: (WTF... scanning and scanning the menu). Local latte!

CPC Waiter: (looking at the rest) YES? WHAT ELSE?


Ended up, Vincent~ didn't order anything cause he didn't find anything that he liked. We promised to bring him to Snowflake later. When my local latte came, it looked like crap. Let me educate everyone here today that local latte equals 3-in-1 coffee premix. When mine came, I found that the kitchen didn't even bother to stir it. I had the coffee powder floating on top like an island! They should rename it to Local Latte Dinosaur. Ugh. Another place on my ban list (hmmm, I should maintain this as a static page on my blog! But will I get sued? :P). Went up to Snowflake, just like last year to wrap things up. Recommended that Vincent~ have the Sesame Prosperity. Did wonders for his flu. Did some camwhoring, but Ash and Vincent~ weren't fond of it! I borrowed Vincent~'s cute cap and took a few pics. Made me feel a decade younger for about 30 seconds. Wonder if we will meet up again next year. Hopefully Yenyl and JBoy would make an appearance next time and perhaps we won't have to wait a year!


Derek said...

So unfortunate didn't get to meet them.

Mr Lonely said...

well, i miss this food now~ >,<

Twilight Man said...

These days I have seen few dying cafes with waiters who reply me the same manner. KNS.

nicky05 said...

next time can meet again.

William said...

Another time lo... Many have not met you.

Don't buy instant noodles at the Asian food shop

When can meet you again?