Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Where's Dinner?

Goose Liver Pate by williamnyk
Goose Liver Pate, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Breakfast on Saturday morning was quite decadent. Bread with Black Forest ham and goose liver pate. Huhu. Later in the morning, brought my mum to GoodArch as she had some birthday month promotion that she wanted to use. For lunch, we went to Herbs & Spices at Seri Petaling as my brother wanted to try their nasi dagang. Bad choice. The rice tasted so salah. Think they used expired pre-packed coconut milk. Yuck. The Mee Hailam I ordered was just a black mess. Bumped into Jino and his boyfriend there. Sat down and chatted with them for a couple of minutes. His significant other was so quiet. Wrapped things up and went to Apollo's optical shop. My brother needed to get a new pair of spectacles. Didn't take long for him to choose the frame because he had very specfic requirements-- my brother's face is very wide, so there ain't much alternatives. As usual, I tried on frames again looking for possible variations to my look. Been years since I went for rimless spectacles. Looks like titanium frames also offer the lightness that I look for, with a difference in outlook.


Nasi Dagang

Later that evening, we were supposed to celebrate my mum's birthday over dinner but for some reason, we did not get word from my sister till the very last minute. Guess my BIL was acting a bit weird again that day. In the end, we went to Setia Walk but did not decide on a venue until we got there. Awkward. Very awkward. Could tell that my mum was a bit pissed at the arrangements or lack of it. SK and her granny met us there and they had a hell of a time getting to the restaurant (picked Padi House) because they parked at the extreme end. SK looked liked she was gonna faint (her IBS was acting up) and her granny looked like she had run a marathon. The staff at Padi House were also superbly unhelpful. I asked for a large table on the gound floor and the answer I got was: "Go upstairs and take a look for yourself". WTF. Received similar treatment upstairs. I told them I needed a large table and pointed to the unoccupied booths at the side. They just said "Cannot". WTF. Then I told them to combine tables for me. Why must the customer be the one to look for a solution? Stupid. And best of all, nearly couldn't get SK's granny upstairs because the escalators were not working. Pengz. With such BN-like service, not surprising that the food was lousy too.


Quickly paid and went off. Did some shopping at a nearby boutique and mum found some good deals. Luckily the shop had its own elevator that we could use, else it would be a challenge getting SK's granny downstairs. Before leaving, my nephew went playing at the water fountains and got himself all wet. My sister brought along a change of clothes for him, so I guess they had it planned all along. Setia Walk really needs to get its act together if its gonna see an increase in business. The gym and cinema are now open, and the survival of its other non-anchor tenants will really depend on the whole thing running smoothly in general.


- a L E x - said...

welcome to the excellent fnb industry of Msia :P

Twilight Man said...

I think Herbs & Spices belongs to someone I know. I will tell him off!
I went to eat at Fa Ying @ Paradigm with the boss' father yesterday. They also own Rama V. Any complains , tell me too.

Jaded Jeremy said...

What a terrible restaurant!

William said...

You need to save it!

Please do! I tried Fa Ying before. Not bad, but not super either.