Monday, June 24, 2013

Tokoroten ところてん

Recently downloaded a piece of Jap porn of GT by the name Shaved Squirting 2. Classy eh? Not really a fan of Eros by KO Company, but I gave it a try anyway since bandwidth is unlimited. Totally surprised me at the first scene. But anyway, here's a hilarious synopsis that I got from Google Translate:

[Part 1 muscle snapping refreshing Twink competition bread Kimi video first appearance! men, but ordinary ... speech also different person anymore Once shooting begins "(laughs) I'm to Tokoroten myself, with soil M" in the good young man wind ! with Dick rolled pant Tokoroten carp white liquid and drop does not stop ... Butt is and expansion! you to stand out blood vessel! as "ass mighty!" Mushaburitsuku to cock and make it the cock Gingin! Once thrust a huge dildo to squirting from Tokoroten! Is that Moro sense only Don When dug this continuous tide surprised (laughs)! staff'm a squirting first time come out come out in shooting actually treasured recording video!]

Didn't understand a word of it? Don't worry, I'll try my best to explain. LOL. It's my fault really for not explaining why I found the porn cool in the first place. FYI, the first scene in this porn features quite a manly bottom (uke) with a nice muscled body. When he had his legs up in the air and fucked, his abs would show nicely and he would squirm and arch his back. And thank goodness no girly moaning came out of that macho face (but not my type). Another thing was that his dick would be hard the whole time and leaking profusely! His whole abdomen was wet and the pre-cum gathered in his navel like a bird bath! When they started the fisting and jackhammer dildo action (Yarabi!), he even started to 'leak' cum! Weirdness. O.o. Never seen such a thing before. And in the end, he could still ejaculate!

Tokoroten in Koike-Shoten

Let me point you to the word 'Tokoroten' in the translated synopsis. It's actually a type of seaweed jelly noodle that is made by pushing a block of jelly through a long sieve. Think of it this way:- the top (seme) is the push stick and the uke is the long sieve. When the bottom is fucked, cum and pre-cum and what not would come out of his dick, which in this case is the 'Tokoroten'! I sound crazy don't I? Just view the video below and if you want the torrent link, drop me an e-mail in the comments or my contact page. Enjoy!


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