Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Three Square Meals A Day

Hakka Tai Poh Noodles by williamnyk
Hakka Tai Poh Noodles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Saturday was another makan fest with SK suggesting breakfast at Restoran Kim Kee, Kota Kemuning. Crowded as usual and ever so yummy. This time round, we tried some other items on their menu, namely the nasi lemak and Hakka Tai Poh noodles. The coconut milk rice was creamy enough, definitely up to standard. And the Hakka noodles were crispy, though I found them a bit yellow. Went well with the fried dumplings-- crispy and not too oily. Not only was the food impresive, but the waiters were patient and sunny even with the deluge of customers. Our waiter was so perky and sounded genuinely cheerful when recommending their bestsellers. Think they're high on something. Was amused by a kid sitting next to our table, eating wantan mee by shovelling a whole wad of noodles into his mouth. Whatever that couldn't go in was reversed out and the process was repeated. O.o". That's meal one.

Sashimi 7

Meal number two was with Lifebook at Yamada, my current favouite in terms of Japanese. For some reason, he requested to have a lunch with my mum. But it wasn't to discuss my dowry. LOL. Anyway, the traffic was nuts that day for some reason. USJ and Subang Jaya was deadlocked, even in the housing areas. Unbelievable. Took us an hour to get there! First things first, we ordered the seven variety sashimi moriawase. As usual, it came with an extra two types. Superb. Been ages since I had sea urchin roe. And I'm usually not a fan of mackerel, but the cuts given were yummy. Strangely, our appetiser of vinegared mackerel came later than the mains, which was a threesome of sets with sushi, unagi, saba, sukiyaki and soba. For dessert, we took the seasonal sakuramochi cherry (daintily shaped, but not so daintily priced) and kuzumanjyu, a jelly which had an interesting fermented filling representing the four seasons. Refreshing, but SK felt that it tasted basi. Haha. At the end, the bill was cheaper than we thought, should have ordered a bit more. XD.

Sour Fish

Sakuramochi Cherry

Third and last meal for the day was at Estilo with KH. Fetched him to Publika @ Solaris Dutamas. Although I was drinking hot green tea during lunch, I still felt a bit of the chill. Wasn't feeling that well, and it was worse in the evening. While KH ordered, I felt a little weak and just sat quietly nursing my low grade fever and sore throat. Still, that didn't stop us from ordering a large jug of discounted red sangria. LOL. Felt bottomless to me. Poured and poured, but it seemed like there was always some more. Just ordered four tapas to share-- patatas bravas (hooked on it since our Barcelona trip), cala rellenos (stuffed calamari), piquillos rellenos (stuffed peppers) and huevos rellenos (deviled egg). My favourite was the calamari. The sauce that it came with was bursting with the aroma of seafood, like a good seafood chowder. Practically lapped everything up with the bread. Was quite a romantic dinner-- al fresco dining, tealights, good music and ambience. Felt like a proper date. Haha. At the open air stage nearby, a free 1930s swing dance lesson was going on and that kinda spoiled the mood a bit. Did some walking around after that, with KH doting on me, holding my arm. Went to B.I.G. and Daiso before collecting my car at G6. Always a smooch session before starting up the engine and driving off...

Candlelight Dinner


Nick said...

I must say that those food pics do look deliciously tempting mouth watering superb oiishi lah...

TZ said...

so many nice food in a day... Wow~

Skyhawk said...

Long time no see...Will.i.am! Hahaha!

JokerPJ said...

why you eat from east to west, from north till south!!! gawsh!!! went so far for food!!!

William said...

Indulgence once in a while :P

Fat fat

Miss you too!

Food marathon ma

Ash Godiva said...

i love sashimi<3

Derek said...

When do I get to go?

Twilight Man said...

Food Queen you are!!

William said...

You like it raw no doubt

Hehe. When you wanna pay?

It shows on my belly!