Sunday, June 02, 2013

LRT Celebrities: Macho Mark

Hi guys. A comment from Anon and VC regarding my missing LRT Celebrities posts has made me realize that I've been neglecting my duties to my readers. Haha. So I've made a comeback with Macho Mark who was spotted in STAR LRT heading towards Sri Petaling. Took this while I was together with KH. He remarked, "I know what you're doing", but he doesn't mind la. Don't worry. I'm being hiao for the good of everyone. He's not really my cup of tea, but I know he will make some of you wet his boyish presence. Happy Sunday guys! It's a long weekend for me. :D


Ash Godiva said...


Mr Lonely said...

have a great weekend! =D

Anonymous said...

pinoy? not bad.

Anonymous said...

wow...kena mentioned. Keep em coming Will ;)

- VC

thompsonboy said...

my type...

William said...



Not too sure about that

LOL. Don't be so demanding. :P

I'll get you his number

Twilight Man said...

Your camera skills getting better?

Derek said...

Not my type also ;P