Saturday, May 04, 2013

Water Woes

To The Roof We Go by williamnyk
To The Roof We Go, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
For about one week, I had noticed a funny smell in my water supply. Whenever I washed my face, or brushed my teeth, I caught whiff of a fishy smell. At first I thought that the smell came up from the drainage pipes, but I later realized that it was from the tap itself. Did tests at all of the bathrooms in my house, but only my attached bathroom was problematic. That was very peculiar. Was there something wrong with my piping? Highly unlikely. Further tests revealed that all the bathrooms had a problem. It was just a matter of letting the water run long enough before the odour appeared. Yucky. Conclusion was... there's something very wrong with my water tank. Immediately my mind started imagining that several bloated rats were floating in my water supply. Ewwwwww! Started scouring the FB forum for a reliable plumber. Found a guy who would do it for MYR150, but the earliest he could come was the following Saturday. Gawd. Had to endure one more week. I filled water at the kitchen and lugged the pail upstairs to my room. Also filled a large tumbler with clean water for washing my face and brushing my teeth.

What a Catch

On Saturday morning, Mr Plumber came and climbed up the roof. He removed a piece of tile from the roof and unplugged the water tank. Superbly dirty water spilled into the master bedroom's bathroom. Smelly sediment, mud and pieces of polystyrene. No doubt brewing since day one. After a decade, the environment was finally right for the bacteria colony to grow (mutate!) into a metropolis and cause the icky smell. The whole process took about one hour and in that sixty minutes, Mr Plumber went on and on about water quality. He is convinced that his late mother's dementia was caused by toxins in the water. Anyway, his cross-selling went on and on and on. All I could focus on was the cute polka dot case that he used to carry his digital camera. If he didn't say he was married, I could have sworn that he was gay. But that doesn't mean I'm wrong. But he did convince me to get a point-of-entry filter and I needed to replace my point-of-use filter anyway. Decided to go for a leasing option because the guys from the other company came all too often to 'change the filters' or push another 24 month installment down my throat.

Ini Curry lah!

Mum cooked me clear soup noodles for breakfast and for lunch I ate out. As usual, mum wasn't feeling hungry, so I walked out to the nearby shops for some curry noodles. In the evening, mum and I went to CCC's house in USJ20 for a housewarming steamboat party. CCC is my junior from my Form Six days back in Kuantan. SK and CK was there much earlier to make preparations. HP and her hubby also came. His place was really huge and had undergone major renovations. Quite an overkill for someone living alone and with no immediate plans to get attached (we think he is a closet case). Unfortunately, he did not install a single air-conditioner making the party a sweat-inducing affair. Since SK did most of the preparations, there was plenty of food to go around-- mostly fresh meats, seafood and homemade meatballs. And what's a party without alcohol? Near the end, Apollo joined us (the stove died by then, but luckily he did not want to eat) and we ended the night with some crazy cam-whoring.




Sharks said...

So meaning you have been nourishing your face and mouth with those bacteria? I think they act pretty good as your normal flora, hahaha!

William said...

Perhaps got beautifying effects!

Twilight Man said...

Now you scare me about the water we rinse our mouths. It is dangerous enough to infect us by just brushing teeth!!!

That plumber sounds like a Mr Lawrence I know of. No?

William said...

Wrong plumber! I recently installed a point-of-entry filter to avoid future recurrence. :S