Monday, May 13, 2013

Vote for Wantan Mee

Foochow I by williamnyk
Foochow I, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
With the polls just less than a month away, my parish priest started talking about our rights as voters and that we have a civic duty to vote. During the sermon, he reminded that the rakyat were the bosses and we should not be afraid of changing our government. Not happy? Change. Still not happy? Change again. At the end, a video fom Catholic Research Center & The Council of Churches Malaysia was screened.

Responsible stewardship. Something everyone should think about. Suddenly had a hankering for the wantan noodles at Aman Suria, but apparently they had moved again. Difficult to do business there. Shops keeps closing down. Restoran 747 is no longer in business and the spanking new Ipoh Kopitiam just opposite it also went under. Can anyone tell me where they moved to from Restoran Shang Yi Fatt? :(. Ended up at Restoran Yong Hao that serves up Foochow food and dim sum. A horribly hot and stuffy restaurant with the workers constantly shouting at each other. Not a peaceful meal. Mum odered the wantan noodles and I must say that the noodles were good, but the sauce a tad too sweet for my liking. Red wine chicken mee suah for me and it wasn't good. Obviously the red rice wine was of questionable quality.

Foochow II

In the afternoon, I went swimming with KH. Our usual underwater grope fest. Don't worry, no need to service the filters after our swim. Our little swimmers did not escape. LOL. A very sweaty guy who had just finished gymming just jumped into the pool to wash his sweat off! Bloody hell. I would have told him off if he didn't bear some resemblance to an Athletes' Conquest pornstar. :P. Dinner was at SK's place. On ASTRO, some MY ASTRO Music Awards was going on and we watched that till near 11:00pm. Ella from SHE actually came. Her stylist had her wear a black bra top that would not seem out of place in Lady Gaga's wardrobe. However, she wore it over a white shirt. *roll eyes*. Several other singers came, notably the adorable Wilbur Pan. Thomas & Jac also sang, and I must say that they should just continue to look cute and keep their mouths shut. Evan Yo sang horribly in the first song and suddenly improved tremendously during the second song making me wonder if it was the same person. Maybe cause he took off some clothes :P. Not much else to report. Over and out.

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Twilight Man said...

What polls coming up less than a month???

It is true that restaurants close down very fast. I just called The Long Table restaurant 2 days ago and they have closed since Dec 2012! The Snowflakes in Uptown also evaporated!

Mr Lonely said...

same goes here~ vote for Wantan Mee!

ChatMate said...

It's GE13.
William's posts are always >1 month old.

Anonymous said...

This one takes the cake... so late neh..
- vc

William said...

Backdated post la bang. Snowflake pun bankrupt?



Standard je :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, is tht Dong Yu Zhe singing?
Btw I have always wonder, are the 2 guys of Dong Yu Zhe gay? They look very much so in the pic above xD (p/s I can only imagine the right guy is top, and the left is bottom).

William said...

Don't be surprised if the shorter guy is the top :P