Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vote for Wantan Mee Again!

Vote for Wantan Mee Again! by williamnyk
Vote for Wantan Mee Again!, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

My old Iswara turned into a moving sauna so I sent it to the mechanice for a quick fix. Hoped that an air-cond gas refill would solve my woes. Actually it did. For a week to be precise. By the next weekend, all the gas had leaked out and I had my mobile sauna once again. MYR30 down the drain. This time round, the mechanic did a more thorough check. Found two leakages-- at a metal tube near the cooling coil and at a long rubber tubing. The welding and tube replacement cost me another MYR240. :(. For breakfast, SK brought mum and I to Kim Kee at Kota Kemuning. Their wantan noodles were quite good and came with extra minced meat. The curry noodles also scored an A in terms of aroma and taste. Another winner was their kuay teow soup and pumpkin barley drink. Gotta try their other items. Promising!

Vote for Curry Mee!

Went to Hero Market after that. Grabbed a latte and croissant(sedap giler!) at their in-house cafe and bakery:

Moi: Melloyello Bread? Apa tu?

Staff: Rasa dia macam Gardenia, tapi kurang lemak.

Moi: Melloyello tu ramuan istimewa ke?

Staff: Melloyello tu nama kedai la...

Moi: Oppss...


Not satisfied with one visit to the hypermarket, we went to Central Hypermarket after that. According to the tenants, it will be torn down and a new consruction will take place. Had a late lunch at Restoran Ah Loy. Just picked out some economy fried noodles, YTF and tong sui. In the evening, I went for my monthly BEC gathering. Been a long time since I went to that church member's house. Her husband is an avid cup collector, so nearly every inch of the walls were covered with cup-filled cabinets. I asked her ten year old son if he ever remembered the cups being dusted-- he answered nay. LOL. As usual, we had our sharing sessions and multiple makan sessions. Never a dull moment.

Pineapple Stack


Mr Lonely said...

yay ! another vote for Wan tan mee~ XD

Twilight Man said...

Car air-con breakdowns is my biggest phobia!

I frequent the Hero Market near my home. Nice and cheaper than Village Grocers.

nicky05 said...

I have a fren, who always have wantan mee for breakfast ~.~.

kenni said...

I need your list of wantan mee address. !!

William said...

Won with a huge majority!

Village Grocer high class one ma

Hahahaha. Orange?

Ahahaha. Leave me your e-mail.

Anonymous said...

I want too... whatsapps me...

- vc

William said...


Derek said...

I wanna go eat the wtm and curry noodles!

William said...

Bring baby next time