Friday, May 24, 2013

Third Time Unlucky

Fennel & Artichoke by williamnyk
Fennel & Artichoke, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Usual deal of Sunday church. Exhausted most of my Sunday lunch option, so brought mum to Publika instead. Her first time there. Parking was easy enough to find. First choice was Red Bean Bag at Block A. Still had not fulfilled my Western lunch option so I though I'd give it a try. Disappointment greeted me again. Full house. Trudged all the way back to Journal by Plan B only to find that there was no table available as well. Ugh. And worse of all, my Van's were biting my toe again. :(. Decided to go to the foodcourt. Ordered Woo Pin fish head noodles and the wantan noodles. Both were quite good. Walked around a bit after lunch. Exploring the many stalls at the flea market. Bumped into Jonathan Cheng and his 'friend'. Immediately went into spy cam mode and got some shots for a friend who goes wet at the mention of his name. Also explored B.I.G., a treasure a trove of imported goodies and groceries. Even a bottle of jam costs MYR50! Walked out with a can of pork liver pâté and packet of Black Forest ham. Only when I dumped the items on the cashier counter did it dawn on me-- should I have paid for these in the non-halal section? Opps. However, the Malay girl did not throw a bitch fit. She gingerly scanned the items and packed 'em. Me bad. :P. Before leaving Publika, we stopped at Namoo on the Park for some dessert. Mum and I shared a bowl of Mat Tang, yummy oven-baked pumpkin, sweet potato and rice cake, drizzled with syrup and crushed peanuts.

Publika Flea


Mat Tang

Monkey Bars?

After much 'deliberation' with my sister, dinner was had at Hee Lai Ton, Puchong Jaya. Been ages since I ate there. Although a double wedding was going on there, they still had tables for walk-in customers like us. Comfortable place to eat although the air-conditioning was set to warp drive. The price was also quite fair with the exception of the sweet and sour tilapia that we ordered. Renamed it to "Mountain Water Fish" and charged us MYR50! But it was well executed, not fried to a crisp. Went to the newest toilet in Puchong after that-- Donutes. Can you imagine, a 24/7 bakery chain from Taiwan (didn't see it in Taipei though). When we arrived, a crazy crowd had gathered outside. Went in to find that place had the 'ransacked' look to it. Nothing much left. Rumour has it that they serve a mean cup of coffee. But from my Taipei experience, coffee isn't a Taiwanese specialty. Shall reserve my comment first. Bought a few items, whatever that was left. The Polo bun was quite good, but a tad greasy. Lets see how long this fad lasts.

Mountain Water Fish

P.S.: Here's the spy pic. Lousy quality le. Sorry guys!


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I used to know Jonathan Cheng well during the 90s when my ex HKG boss kept his mistress in a Sri Petaling condo. There Jonathan & his BF also lived in same unit. Who wants his shirtless photos? Thomsonboy?