Monday, May 06, 2013


Retro by williamnyk
Retro, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Once again, post-church lunch plans at Plan B were scuttled by the lack of available tables. Waiting for a table is unacceptable! Walked around wondering what to eat and stumbled upon Purple Cane Tea Restaurant at one of the hidden corners of Paradigm Mall. Newly-opened and with interesting interior design-- wooden furniture with the use of painted bamboo, giant lanterns, patterned tiles, tea containers and old world tableware. From the menu, I picked out stewed duck wings (cheap and yummy), shrimp omelette, stir-fried pumpkin and fried artisanal noodles. Thought the portion was small, but turns out I over-ordered. Also ordered a teapot of Jasmine tea at just MYR2/pax. We drank pot and pots of it and the aroma was still strong! Worth it.

Purple Cane

Tea Omelette

Jasmine Tea

Paradigm Mall was abuzz at around 1500 due to the appearance of several TVB stars who were in town to film a TV series entitled "Outbound Love". Don't find the male actor cute. Mum and I ignored the stage and went into Uniqlo instead. Mum bought several items. I contemplated getting some colored jeans, but I think I will still go for Topman's coated jeans. At the entrance to Uniqlo, I caught sight of a twink whom I will call Ink Ian. He was busy fiddling with his old Nokia phone (spent to much on his ink perhaps) while others were jostling to get a better look at Moses Chan's girlfriend on stage. Just as we were about to go home, we bumped into mum's friend from Kuantan. She babysitted both of her boys from when they were babies. Both of her kids look completely different from what I remember. And they are taller than me now! The elder boy recognized me, but his brother had only a slight impression of who I was. Suddenly feel so old...

Ink Ian

Ink Ian


Mr Lonely said...

nice woh~ but it was a sad day for Malaysian~ =(

William said...

If the message gets across to more people, especially those in rural areas, we will do much better next time.

Twilight Man said...

Your mum is a real shopping queen and you make a great son! Good boy William!

The orang aslis in Sarawak's interiors had never seen any PKR faces with freebies & $$$....

William said...

Its quite difficult for her to find things that she likes, so when she does, I always encourage her to buy. Not easy to penetrate the Sarawak heartland.

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