Thursday, May 30, 2013

Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick by williamnyk
Take Your Pick, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On Friday, I went home a tad earlier to attend a small family function at my sister's place. My BIL's younger brother came back from a road trip and came back with lots of yummy goodies from Ipoh and Melaka. My elder brother was also in town for my mum's birthday. Seeing that there was one salted chicken drumstick leftover, we decided to set up the 'Choosing Ceremony' for my nephew who was turning one. Basically one gives the kid a selection of items on a tray to choose from. The item chosen would show the kid's affinity for a certain field of interest. I'm sorry that it's nothing like what happens at Hogwart's with the Sorting Hat. We put the following items in the tray-- chicken drumstick (gluttony - traditional option), book (academia), calculator (arithmetic), ten ringgit note (business), gold tael (corruption? XD), ruler (architecture? design?) and a pencil (desk jockey?!). We put the tray in front of my nephew and waited for him to take his pick. Suspiciously, he circled the tray. Did not dare to go near it. Guess in his mind, he thought that there would be something amiss. Things are never so easily attainable. LOL. Took him a few minutes to actually go near it. In the end, he chose the calculator. Next was the birthday cake. His aunt bought him a tiger head cake from Donutes.

Yam Yummy

Tiger, Tiger

For such a novelty design, one would expect the taste to be ho-hum, but it was actually quite good. Light and a little citrus with pudding in the middle. Cutting that cake gave me the feel of doing an animal lobotomy. Huhu. I sliced off both ears and gave them to my eldest nephew in the hopes that he will listen more to his elders. How fast the kids grow up. Already walking around and terrorising his elder brother. Forever looking for food (he ate Buncho poster colours the other day) and making cutesy noises while flicking his long tongue. Happy Birthday! Muacks!


P.S.: I wonder what I picked when I was a toddler. Don't think my mother remembers. She can't even remember whether I had chickenpox!


Ash Godiva said...

didn't know chinese got that selection ceremony as well:D

Vincent~ said...

I DID THIS B4!!!!!!!
Err.... i picked the calculator!

not sure what it means but i guess is i am good at maths?

kenni said...

My guess is you picked the chicken drumstick. good forecast.

Who gets to eat the drumstick?

Anonymous said...

where are the LRT celebrities posts?

nicky05 said...

what is ruler and green means ? hahaha

William said...

You did it too?

At least we know you won't give the wrong dosage

I dunno what happened to it. :P

LOL. I will try to fulfill your request

That's just a book la. Ruler for architect or surveyor kwa

bulge said...

nice cake~~~
when you cut the cake, do you think you are doing a brain surgery? ^__^

Derek said...

The cake is so cutez!