Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rocket. Ignition.

Amberjack vs Salmon Toro by williamnyk
Amberjack vs Salmon Toro, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: It's still pre-GE13 in my timeline! Bersabar ya? :P

Like the previous week, my church followed up on its general elections awareness programmes. This time, they got someone to brief the parishioners about the flow during the voting process. Told us what to look out for and what to avoid. Also educated us about our rights and what we should if certain scenarios should arise. Was thinking of splurging on lunch, so I brought mum to Yamada at SS15. I love their sets because they usually feature a diverse combination of items. Departing from the norm, I ordered some ala carte nigiri sushi. The salmon belly and amberjack that I ordered were delish! Expected since it came with a premium price tag of MYR6 and MYR9 per piece respectively! Well-worth the price.


Later that night, mum and I went to a PR ceramah at Happy Garden. Thankfully, we found a parking spot that was quite near to where the action was. Stood by the roadside and listened to speeches by Teng Chang Kim, Nurul Izzah and Teresa Kok. I must say that both Teng Chang Kim and Nurul Izzah are good speakers. Teresa on the other hand has an approach more suited for heartland folk. As the night went on, more and more people came and traffic became worse. And it didn't help when the Penguatkuasa SPR came and parked both or their four-wheeled drives right at the traffic light junction, effectively killing off one more lane. Basically, they just stood there and took some videos of the crowd. The DAP people were aware of their presense and treated them well, not giving the SPR and police any excuse to shut down their activity ahead of time. At about 10:30pm, mum and I left (gave the bunch of cuties nearby a final look) as tomorrow was the start of another working week...



Derek said...

Why no pics of the cuties? ;-)

Twilight Man said...

I wonder what they could achieve with the on going ceramahs everywhere?

William said...


Momentum I guess

Ash Godiva said... gusta:D