Friday, May 10, 2013


Triple Mango Delight by williamnyk
Triple Mango Delight, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

I have been eyeing the Hui Lau Shan at KLCC for a couple of weeks now. Every time KH and I want to have some after-lunch dessert (not toilet quickies), the place would surely be out of available seats. Maklumlah, just a small kiosk on the 4th floor. But luck was on my side one Friday and we managed to get a seat. I wa quite skeptical about it when KH suggested to go take a look. Luckily I didn't say something like, "if got seats I let you go for happy ending massage". XD. So I ordered their triple mango delight. Basically mango on mango on mango. Mango pudding, mango puree, chunks of mango and mango ice cream. Only the puree impressed me. But what was most interesting was the fact that the women sitting beside us were enjoying their cold desserts while sharing a plate of potato curry! Seems like a weird combination to me. I hear that Tong Pak Fu has something in the same vein-- curry fishballs. Gom dou tak!

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Derek said...

OOh you wanted to bet on happy ending massage? I don't mind ;-P