Monday, May 27, 2013

Labour Day Drama

Eggs Benedict by williamnyk
Eggs Benedict, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: June is coming soon, and I'm just doing the start of May! Hehe

On May Day, one woud definitely sleep in. But my beauty sleep was interrupted by a raging hard-on at 6:00am. At times like that, a boyfriend in your bed would be very much welcome, but when the tough gets going, the hand starts fapping. Continued to sleep after that till about 9:30 am. Mum had whipped up some Cholerra instant noodles (the noodles were green!) for breakfast. SK picked us up for brunch not long after. Met Lifebook at Plan B. Paradigm Mall. By the time we arrived, it was nearly full already and service was expectedly bad. The couldn't serve us water because they did not have enough glasses to go around. Wonderful. Food and coffee came slow as molasses too. Ish. I went to ask a waiter about our orders and he said that he would check. He checked by standing there they way he did before I came up to him. Commendable. The food wa better than the service. I ordered one of the weirder items off the menu-- ox tongue sandwich. Really quite well made. Always liked tongue. You can interpret that in any way and it will still be true. Mum had their Eggs Royale and boy was it creamy. I like my eggs creamy. Once again, you can interpret that in any way and it will still be true.

Late Latte

Ox Tongue Sandwich

Did some shopping after that. Quite fruitful for my mum and SK. Then sat down at Tong Pak Fu for something cold. First time there after all these years. Tried their black sesame shaved ice but truth be told, that 'medal winner' couldn't hold a 'ice cube' next to Snowflake's Sesame Prosperity. SK's granny ordered their chu cheong fun and I can only say that it was foul. However, their Chilled Mango Sago Creme With Pomelo was truly good. Well-balanced. Back home, I went for a swim before going to BeautifulMale's choral drama at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. Apollo had arrived much earlier to secure a row of seats for us. Unfortunately, I ended up behind a big. snowy angmoh mountain. T_T. During intermission, we munched on some naan that we had packed earlier. Truth be told, choral dramas aren't really my thing. No used to the format. Prefer something with a more prominent vocalist. Hankering for the mixed pork soup at Jalan Hang Lekiu, we drove over there hoping for the best. Unfortunately, they were sold out. :(. Sigh. Stopped by at Meng Kee, OKR, but we left again after they told us that they don't serve noodles. Ended up at the hawker stalls at the corner of Jalan Kuchai Lama and OKR. First time ever dining inside a bus stop. LOL. A simple supper of wat tan hor and BBQ lamb. Yummy.



Black Sesame

Snowy Mountain


Twilight Man said...

Oh I am dating Lifebook to my house tonight for Plan A.

- a L E x - said...

lol no biggies~ Im still stuck way back in November last year :P

Nick said...

What is that on the 2nd last pic?

William said...

Plan A? LOL. Not Plan T?

LOL. Your Paris posts?

That's black sesame shaved ice

Mr Lonely said...

well, i do try the Chee Cheong Fun + 6pcs siu mai in Tong Pak Foo and it taste not very good~ >.<

thompsonboy said...

Plan B is the last place I would suggest going....

Zemien said...

Is that a gherkin on your sandwich or are you just happy to see me?

William said...

Yeah, tastes horrid!

Right you are

I'm happy to see you :)