Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Bye-Bye At Serai

Chili Pan Mee by williamnyk
Chili Pan Mee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Went for a pan mee breakfast at Super Kitchen, Seri Petaling. A word of advice, if you want to drink their gingko barley, don't go too early. Loitered at the Seri Petaling wet market while waiting for CK to arrive at the LRT station. Amazingly SK found granny blouses selling for just MYR5 at one the stalls. Reject items no doubt. But still, just five bucks le! Later in the afternoon, I picked up SK's granny and we met her at Serai, Empire Subang. It was a farewell tea gathering for CK who was leaving for his doctorate in Scotland. We were joined by several of SK's colleagues and also CK's suspected love interest (but of course they deny it, though they were caught massaging each other in just their swim trunks by the moonlight :P). Shared some cakes, drank some juices (the Honeydew Blast put me into a coughing fit!), did some chit-chat.


Honeydew Blast

Berry Pavlova

Sensing that mum was getting bored, we left halfway through to do some shopping at Jaya Grocer. The tea party ended not long after that, but we continued on at Empire. Went to Aino and KitchShoppe and found some pretty cool deals on Brabantia and Maxim products. For some reason, we always buy kitchen stuff when in Empire. Dinner time was near, so we ate there as well. Went to Marutama Ramen and tried their special Aka Ramen. Thick soup and very fragrant due to the seven types of nuts in it (and a twist of lemon). The noodles were also thinner and had a nice texture. Speaking of ramen, I have yet to try Ippudo at The Pavilion. Supposedly a must-try.

Aka Ramen


Twilight Man said...

Serai serves delicious food and exorbitant bills yet so many people queue outside during dinner!!!

Anonymous said...

who is ck? another plu blogger?

thompsonboy said...

Twilight, cause the halal crowds dont have much choices....and as for Ippudo, yuck.

William said...

For the kaya-raya crowd. Even the owner is kaya-raya.

Not a blogger :)

Aik. I thought you approved of it!

nicky05 said...

how much was it the ramen?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Would you recommend Marutama Ramen? Suddenly I gian ramen now hehe. Must be the sickness.

William said...

Below MYR30

Soup and noodles are both good