Thursday, May 30, 2013

Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick by williamnyk
Take Your Pick, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On Friday, I went home a tad earlier to attend a small family function at my sister's place. My BIL's younger brother came back from a road trip and came back with lots of yummy goodies from Ipoh and Melaka. My elder brother was also in town for my mum's birthday. Seeing that there was one salted chicken drumstick leftover, we decided to set up the 'Choosing Ceremony' for my nephew who was turning one. Basically one gives the kid a selection of items on a tray to choose from. The item chosen would show the kid's affinity for a certain field of interest. I'm sorry that it's nothing like what happens at Hogwart's with the Sorting Hat. We put the following items in the tray-- chicken drumstick (gluttony - traditional option), book (academia), calculator (arithmetic), ten ringgit note (business), gold tael (corruption? XD), ruler (architecture? design?) and a pencil (desk jockey?!). We put the tray in front of my nephew and waited for him to take his pick. Suspiciously, he circled the tray. Did not dare to go near it. Guess in his mind, he thought that there would be something amiss. Things are never so easily attainable. LOL. Took him a few minutes to actually go near it. In the end, he chose the calculator. Next was the birthday cake. His aunt bought him a tiger head cake from Donutes.

Yam Yummy

Tiger, Tiger

For such a novelty design, one would expect the taste to be ho-hum, but it was actually quite good. Light and a little citrus with pudding in the middle. Cutting that cake gave me the feel of doing an animal lobotomy. Huhu. I sliced off both ears and gave them to my eldest nephew in the hopes that he will listen more to his elders. How fast the kids grow up. Already walking around and terrorising his elder brother. Forever looking for food (he ate Buncho poster colours the other day) and making cutesy noises while flicking his long tongue. Happy Birthday! Muacks!


P.S.: I wonder what I picked when I was a toddler. Don't think my mother remembers. She can't even remember whether I had chickenpox!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Labour Day Drama

Eggs Benedict by williamnyk
Eggs Benedict, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: June is coming soon, and I'm just doing the start of May! Hehe

On May Day, one woud definitely sleep in. But my beauty sleep was interrupted by a raging hard-on at 6:00am. At times like that, a boyfriend in your bed would be very much welcome, but when the tough gets going, the hand starts fapping. Continued to sleep after that till about 9:30 am. Mum had whipped up some Cholerra instant noodles (the noodles were green!) for breakfast. SK picked us up for brunch not long after. Met Lifebook at Plan B. Paradigm Mall. By the time we arrived, it was nearly full already and service was expectedly bad. The couldn't serve us water because they did not have enough glasses to go around. Wonderful. Food and coffee came slow as molasses too. Ish. I went to ask a waiter about our orders and he said that he would check. He checked by standing there they way he did before I came up to him. Commendable. The food wa better than the service. I ordered one of the weirder items off the menu-- ox tongue sandwich. Really quite well made. Always liked tongue. You can interpret that in any way and it will still be true. Mum had their Eggs Royale and boy was it creamy. I like my eggs creamy. Once again, you can interpret that in any way and it will still be true.

Late Latte

Ox Tongue Sandwich

Did some shopping after that. Quite fruitful for my mum and SK. Then sat down at Tong Pak Fu for something cold. First time there after all these years. Tried their black sesame shaved ice but truth be told, that 'medal winner' couldn't hold a 'ice cube' next to Snowflake's Sesame Prosperity. SK's granny ordered their chu cheong fun and I can only say that it was foul. However, their Chilled Mango Sago Creme With Pomelo was truly good. Well-balanced. Back home, I went for a swim before going to BeautifulMale's choral drama at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. Apollo had arrived much earlier to secure a row of seats for us. Unfortunately, I ended up behind a big. snowy angmoh mountain. T_T. During intermission, we munched on some naan that we had packed earlier. Truth be told, choral dramas aren't really my thing. No used to the format. Prefer something with a more prominent vocalist. Hankering for the mixed pork soup at Jalan Hang Lekiu, we drove over there hoping for the best. Unfortunately, they were sold out. :(. Sigh. Stopped by at Meng Kee, OKR, but we left again after they told us that they don't serve noodles. Ended up at the hawker stalls at the corner of Jalan Kuchai Lama and OKR. First time ever dining inside a bus stop. LOL. A simple supper of wat tan hor and BBQ lamb. Yummy.



Black Sesame

Snowy Mountain

Friday, May 24, 2013

Third Time Unlucky

Fennel & Artichoke by williamnyk
Fennel & Artichoke, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Usual deal of Sunday church. Exhausted most of my Sunday lunch option, so brought mum to Publika instead. Her first time there. Parking was easy enough to find. First choice was Red Bean Bag at Block A. Still had not fulfilled my Western lunch option so I though I'd give it a try. Disappointment greeted me again. Full house. Trudged all the way back to Journal by Plan B only to find that there was no table available as well. Ugh. And worse of all, my Van's were biting my toe again. :(. Decided to go to the foodcourt. Ordered Woo Pin fish head noodles and the wantan noodles. Both were quite good. Walked around a bit after lunch. Exploring the many stalls at the flea market. Bumped into Jonathan Cheng and his 'friend'. Immediately went into spy cam mode and got some shots for a friend who goes wet at the mention of his name. Also explored B.I.G., a treasure a trove of imported goodies and groceries. Even a bottle of jam costs MYR50! Walked out with a can of pork liver pâté and packet of Black Forest ham. Only when I dumped the items on the cashier counter did it dawn on me-- should I have paid for these in the non-halal section? Opps. However, the Malay girl did not throw a bitch fit. She gingerly scanned the items and packed 'em. Me bad. :P. Before leaving Publika, we stopped at Namoo on the Park for some dessert. Mum and I shared a bowl of Mat Tang, yummy oven-baked pumpkin, sweet potato and rice cake, drizzled with syrup and crushed peanuts.

Publika Flea


Mat Tang

Monkey Bars?

After much 'deliberation' with my sister, dinner was had at Hee Lai Ton, Puchong Jaya. Been ages since I ate there. Although a double wedding was going on there, they still had tables for walk-in customers like us. Comfortable place to eat although the air-conditioning was set to warp drive. The price was also quite fair with the exception of the sweet and sour tilapia that we ordered. Renamed it to "Mountain Water Fish" and charged us MYR50! But it was well executed, not fried to a crisp. Went to the newest toilet in Puchong after that-- Donutes. Can you imagine, a 24/7 bakery chain from Taiwan (didn't see it in Taipei though). When we arrived, a crazy crowd had gathered outside. Went in to find that place had the 'ransacked' look to it. Nothing much left. Rumour has it that they serve a mean cup of coffee. But from my Taipei experience, coffee isn't a Taiwanese specialty. Shall reserve my comment first. Bought a few items, whatever that was left. The Polo bun was quite good, but a tad greasy. Lets see how long this fad lasts.

Mountain Water Fish

P.S.: Here's the spy pic. Lousy quality le. Sorry guys!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

House Hunting

PBN by williamnyk
PBN, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Woke up early on Saturday to morning to have breakfast with mum, SK and an elderly neighbour who is my mum's morning walk kaki. These days, can't seem to sleep on after the morning sun invaded my room. Getting old. Ate at Restoran Yoong Sheng. They make quite a mean bowl of pork ball noodles (quite a good kon lou too). And they make their own 3JC. In the afternoon, mum went out to her society's AGM. I went out too to have lunch with KH and SK at Thai Kopitiam, Kuchai Lama. Getting there was hell. For some reason, the roads were all jammed up and to make things worse, there was a road block ner Seri Petaling. Ugh. Trust everything Thai to have their fair share of gay customers and gay staff. Took their lunch set of rice with basil chicken. For just MYR7.90, it came with mini fried fish cakes and a cold drink.


Loitered until 2:00pm, then we went over to Residensi Desa for a viewing with a real estate negotiator. He showed us several units, ranging from 1,200sqft to 1,400sqft. Found the floor plan to be a little weird with lots weird niches and corners. An interesting feature was a large window just by the bathtub where one could soak and enjoy the view (and inversely, let others enjoy your view). However, the idea was scuttled by the fact that the bathtub shared a space with the air-con compressor. :S. The pool area was quite nice, but a tad too small. But Residensi Desa does seem OK and has a low density. After all that running up and down, we went to Snowflake to cool down. SK invited us over for dinner again, and this time round, my sister and the kids also joined because my BIL had gone to China for a business trip again.

Bathroom With A View

Coming back to the issue of real estate, actually I was quite surprised that KH suddenly put his house hunting activities into high gear. Quite beyond my expectation. A good sign of his settling down in KL. Although units are available in the condo where he stays (quite a nice place I must add), he told me his preference for staying a little further away from his parents. In line with his plans to turn it into our skank pad? LOL. No fun waking up to your mother-in-law banging at the front door with a packet of wantan noodles while you're naked in bed, still groggy from a night of sweaty sex. Hopefully he will find a "heart water" place soon, in the right location and for the right price.

Happy Meal

Roast Duck

P.S.: Perhaps during the new house viewing, KH and I could hold hands and act like a lovey-dovey newly-married couple to spice up the real estate negotiators life a bit. XD

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rocket. Ignition.

Amberjack vs Salmon Toro by williamnyk
Amberjack vs Salmon Toro, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: It's still pre-GE13 in my timeline! Bersabar ya? :P

Like the previous week, my church followed up on its general elections awareness programmes. This time, they got someone to brief the parishioners about the flow during the voting process. Told us what to look out for and what to avoid. Also educated us about our rights and what we should if certain scenarios should arise. Was thinking of splurging on lunch, so I brought mum to Yamada at SS15. I love their sets because they usually feature a diverse combination of items. Departing from the norm, I ordered some ala carte nigiri sushi. The salmon belly and amberjack that I ordered were delish! Expected since it came with a premium price tag of MYR6 and MYR9 per piece respectively! Well-worth the price.


Later that night, mum and I went to a PR ceramah at Happy Garden. Thankfully, we found a parking spot that was quite near to where the action was. Stood by the roadside and listened to speeches by Teng Chang Kim, Nurul Izzah and Teresa Kok. I must say that both Teng Chang Kim and Nurul Izzah are good speakers. Teresa on the other hand has an approach more suited for heartland folk. As the night went on, more and more people came and traffic became worse. And it didn't help when the Penguatkuasa SPR came and parked both or their four-wheeled drives right at the traffic light junction, effectively killing off one more lane. Basically, they just stood there and took some videos of the crowd. The DAP people were aware of their presense and treated them well, not giving the SPR and police any excuse to shut down their activity ahead of time. At about 10:30pm, mum and I left (gave the bunch of cuties nearby a final look) as tomorrow was the start of another working week...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vote for Wantan Mee Again!

Vote for Wantan Mee Again! by williamnyk
Vote for Wantan Mee Again!, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

My old Iswara turned into a moving sauna so I sent it to the mechanice for a quick fix. Hoped that an air-cond gas refill would solve my woes. Actually it did. For a week to be precise. By the next weekend, all the gas had leaked out and I had my mobile sauna once again. MYR30 down the drain. This time round, the mechanic did a more thorough check. Found two leakages-- at a metal tube near the cooling coil and at a long rubber tubing. The welding and tube replacement cost me another MYR240. :(. For breakfast, SK brought mum and I to Kim Kee at Kota Kemuning. Their wantan noodles were quite good and came with extra minced meat. The curry noodles also scored an A in terms of aroma and taste. Another winner was their kuay teow soup and pumpkin barley drink. Gotta try their other items. Promising!

Vote for Curry Mee!

Went to Hero Market after that. Grabbed a latte and croissant(sedap giler!) at their in-house cafe and bakery:

Moi: Melloyello Bread? Apa tu?

Staff: Rasa dia macam Gardenia, tapi kurang lemak.

Moi: Melloyello tu ramuan istimewa ke?

Staff: Melloyello tu nama kedai la...

Moi: Oppss...


Not satisfied with one visit to the hypermarket, we went to Central Hypermarket after that. According to the tenants, it will be torn down and a new consruction will take place. Had a late lunch at Restoran Ah Loy. Just picked out some economy fried noodles, YTF and tong sui. In the evening, I went for my monthly BEC gathering. Been a long time since I went to that church member's house. Her husband is an avid cup collector, so nearly every inch of the walls were covered with cup-filled cabinets. I asked her ten year old son if he ever remembered the cups being dusted-- he answered nay. LOL. As usual, we had our sharing sessions and multiple makan sessions. Never a dull moment.

Pineapple Stack

Monday, May 13, 2013

Vote for Wantan Mee

Foochow I by williamnyk
Foochow I, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
With the polls just less than a month away, my parish priest started talking about our rights as voters and that we have a civic duty to vote. During the sermon, he reminded that the rakyat were the bosses and we should not be afraid of changing our government. Not happy? Change. Still not happy? Change again. At the end, a video fom Catholic Research Center & The Council of Churches Malaysia was screened.

Responsible stewardship. Something everyone should think about. Suddenly had a hankering for the wantan noodles at Aman Suria, but apparently they had moved again. Difficult to do business there. Shops keeps closing down. Restoran 747 is no longer in business and the spanking new Ipoh Kopitiam just opposite it also went under. Can anyone tell me where they moved to from Restoran Shang Yi Fatt? :(. Ended up at Restoran Yong Hao that serves up Foochow food and dim sum. A horribly hot and stuffy restaurant with the workers constantly shouting at each other. Not a peaceful meal. Mum odered the wantan noodles and I must say that the noodles were good, but the sauce a tad too sweet for my liking. Red wine chicken mee suah for me and it wasn't good. Obviously the red rice wine was of questionable quality.

Foochow II

In the afternoon, I went swimming with KH. Our usual underwater grope fest. Don't worry, no need to service the filters after our swim. Our little swimmers did not escape. LOL. A very sweaty guy who had just finished gymming just jumped into the pool to wash his sweat off! Bloody hell. I would have told him off if he didn't bear some resemblance to an Athletes' Conquest pornstar. :P. Dinner was at SK's place. On ASTRO, some MY ASTRO Music Awards was going on and we watched that till near 11:00pm. Ella from SHE actually came. Her stylist had her wear a black bra top that would not seem out of place in Lady Gaga's wardrobe. However, she wore it over a white shirt. *roll eyes*. Several other singers came, notably the adorable Wilbur Pan. Thomas & Jac also sang, and I must say that they should just continue to look cute and keep their mouths shut. Evan Yo sang horribly in the first song and suddenly improved tremendously during the second song making me wonder if it was the same person. Maybe cause he took off some clothes :P. Not much else to report. Over and out.

credits to

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Friday, May 10, 2013


Triple Mango Delight by williamnyk
Triple Mango Delight, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

I have been eyeing the Hui Lau Shan at KLCC for a couple of weeks now. Every time KH and I want to have some after-lunch dessert (not toilet quickies), the place would surely be out of available seats. Maklumlah, just a small kiosk on the 4th floor. But luck was on my side one Friday and we managed to get a seat. I wa quite skeptical about it when KH suggested to go take a look. Luckily I didn't say something like, "if got seats I let you go for happy ending massage". XD. So I ordered their triple mango delight. Basically mango on mango on mango. Mango pudding, mango puree, chunks of mango and mango ice cream. Only the puree impressed me. But what was most interesting was the fact that the women sitting beside us were enjoying their cold desserts while sharing a plate of potato curry! Seems like a weird combination to me. I hear that Tong Pak Fu has something in the same vein-- curry fishballs. Gom dou tak!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Bye-Bye At Serai

Chili Pan Mee by williamnyk
Chili Pan Mee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Went for a pan mee breakfast at Super Kitchen, Seri Petaling. A word of advice, if you want to drink their gingko barley, don't go too early. Loitered at the Seri Petaling wet market while waiting for CK to arrive at the LRT station. Amazingly SK found granny blouses selling for just MYR5 at one the stalls. Reject items no doubt. But still, just five bucks le! Later in the afternoon, I picked up SK's granny and we met her at Serai, Empire Subang. It was a farewell tea gathering for CK who was leaving for his doctorate in Scotland. We were joined by several of SK's colleagues and also CK's suspected love interest (but of course they deny it, though they were caught massaging each other in just their swim trunks by the moonlight :P). Shared some cakes, drank some juices (the Honeydew Blast put me into a coughing fit!), did some chit-chat.


Honeydew Blast

Berry Pavlova

Sensing that mum was getting bored, we left halfway through to do some shopping at Jaya Grocer. The tea party ended not long after that, but we continued on at Empire. Went to Aino and KitchShoppe and found some pretty cool deals on Brabantia and Maxim products. For some reason, we always buy kitchen stuff when in Empire. Dinner time was near, so we ate there as well. Went to Marutama Ramen and tried their special Aka Ramen. Thick soup and very fragrant due to the seven types of nuts in it (and a twist of lemon). The noodles were also thinner and had a nice texture. Speaking of ramen, I have yet to try Ippudo at The Pavilion. Supposedly a must-try.

Aka Ramen

Monday, May 06, 2013


Retro by williamnyk
Retro, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Once again, post-church lunch plans at Plan B were scuttled by the lack of available tables. Waiting for a table is unacceptable! Walked around wondering what to eat and stumbled upon Purple Cane Tea Restaurant at one of the hidden corners of Paradigm Mall. Newly-opened and with interesting interior design-- wooden furniture with the use of painted bamboo, giant lanterns, patterned tiles, tea containers and old world tableware. From the menu, I picked out stewed duck wings (cheap and yummy), shrimp omelette, stir-fried pumpkin and fried artisanal noodles. Thought the portion was small, but turns out I over-ordered. Also ordered a teapot of Jasmine tea at just MYR2/pax. We drank pot and pots of it and the aroma was still strong! Worth it.

Purple Cane

Tea Omelette

Jasmine Tea

Paradigm Mall was abuzz at around 1500 due to the appearance of several TVB stars who were in town to film a TV series entitled "Outbound Love". Don't find the male actor cute. Mum and I ignored the stage and went into Uniqlo instead. Mum bought several items. I contemplated getting some colored jeans, but I think I will still go for Topman's coated jeans. At the entrance to Uniqlo, I caught sight of a twink whom I will call Ink Ian. He was busy fiddling with his old Nokia phone (spent to much on his ink perhaps) while others were jostling to get a better look at Moses Chan's girlfriend on stage. Just as we were about to go home, we bumped into mum's friend from Kuantan. She babysitted both of her boys from when they were babies. Both of her kids look completely different from what I remember. And they are taller than me now! The elder boy recognized me, but his brother had only a slight impression of who I was. Suddenly feel so old...

Ink Ian

Ink Ian

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Water Woes

To The Roof We Go by williamnyk
To The Roof We Go, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
For about one week, I had noticed a funny smell in my water supply. Whenever I washed my face, or brushed my teeth, I caught whiff of a fishy smell. At first I thought that the smell came up from the drainage pipes, but I later realized that it was from the tap itself. Did tests at all of the bathrooms in my house, but only my attached bathroom was problematic. That was very peculiar. Was there something wrong with my piping? Highly unlikely. Further tests revealed that all the bathrooms had a problem. It was just a matter of letting the water run long enough before the odour appeared. Yucky. Conclusion was... there's something very wrong with my water tank. Immediately my mind started imagining that several bloated rats were floating in my water supply. Ewwwwww! Started scouring the FB forum for a reliable plumber. Found a guy who would do it for MYR150, but the earliest he could come was the following Saturday. Gawd. Had to endure one more week. I filled water at the kitchen and lugged the pail upstairs to my room. Also filled a large tumbler with clean water for washing my face and brushing my teeth.

What a Catch

On Saturday morning, Mr Plumber came and climbed up the roof. He removed a piece of tile from the roof and unplugged the water tank. Superbly dirty water spilled into the master bedroom's bathroom. Smelly sediment, mud and pieces of polystyrene. No doubt brewing since day one. After a decade, the environment was finally right for the bacteria colony to grow (mutate!) into a metropolis and cause the icky smell. The whole process took about one hour and in that sixty minutes, Mr Plumber went on and on about water quality. He is convinced that his late mother's dementia was caused by toxins in the water. Anyway, his cross-selling went on and on and on. All I could focus on was the cute polka dot case that he used to carry his digital camera. If he didn't say he was married, I could have sworn that he was gay. But that doesn't mean I'm wrong. But he did convince me to get a point-of-entry filter and I needed to replace my point-of-use filter anyway. Decided to go for a leasing option because the guys from the other company came all too often to 'change the filters' or push another 24 month installment down my throat.

Ini Curry lah!

Mum cooked me clear soup noodles for breakfast and for lunch I ate out. As usual, mum wasn't feeling hungry, so I walked out to the nearby shops for some curry noodles. In the evening, mum and I went to CCC's house in USJ20 for a housewarming steamboat party. CCC is my junior from my Form Six days back in Kuantan. SK and CK was there much earlier to make preparations. HP and her hubby also came. His place was really huge and had undergone major renovations. Quite an overkill for someone living alone and with no immediate plans to get attached (we think he is a closet case). Unfortunately, he did not install a single air-conditioner making the party a sweat-inducing affair. Since SK did most of the preparations, there was plenty of food to go around-- mostly fresh meats, seafood and homemade meatballs. And what's a party without alcohol? Near the end, Apollo joined us (the stove died by then, but luckily he did not want to eat) and we ended the night with some crazy cam-whoring.