Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Weekend After

Snake Oil by williamnyk
Snake Oil, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
As luck would have it, mum dragged me to the wet market the Saturday after I arrived home from Taiwan. The usual sights and smells with the exception of a snake oil salesman dressed like a troll doll. Crazy hair. His business was brisk that morning selling some kind of numbing oil for joint pain (and I won't be surprised if works for hard cocks too). Wonder what's in it.


Later in the afternoon, mum cut up yam, sweet potatoes and new year cakes to make some sinful snacks. Sandwiching the new year cake between the other two ingredients, she dipped the combination in batter and deep fried it. The resulting sandwich was absolutely crispy with a runny center. Yummy!

Yam I Am

Yam Sandwiches


The next day, I went to church as usual, but wore my new Van's. Boy, what a painful experience it was. Pain at my baby toe and scraping at my heel. Hopefully the leather will soften up soon.


Ouch! Ouch!

Went to The Gardens Mall after mass to escape the heat. Checked the price at Royal Sporting House and found that the price in Malaysia is comparable to Taiwan... Oh well. Just saved a little. Was supposed to collect my rebate voucher from Robinsons but their 'clever' system couldn't do anything for me cause I did not bring the redemption letter. Sat down at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf after some window shopping and tried their Hazelnut cake. New arrival. Not good at all. Luckily I wa entertained by Mr. Arms who was trying to study. Every 30 seconds after reading his textbook, he would grimace and try to nap or play with his phone. Hopefully he did well in his exam! Actually there was another bulgy bicep boy at Cold Storage, but I have no clear shots t share. :(.


Mr Arms

Had dinner at SK's place (where KT dropped by from her way down from Batu Pahat to give us some kau yuk pau!) and later went out to yumcha with KH at K3K Benta Kaya. Yes, again. Celebrated KH's lunar calendar birthday with a kaya topee. We told them not to cut it, so it arrived in the shape of a big, thick, and crispy pancake. See how I decorated it. Adorable righ? :P. The infernal heat drove us to Snowflake. Had my favorite there-- the Sesame Prosperity. Definitely hit the right spot. A gastronomic G-spot of sorts. Send KH home after that and gave him a long birthday kiss, a cheeky birthday nipple tweak and a lustful birthday crotch grope!


Birthday Topee



ChatMate said...

Nice arms! Your fav... :D

William said...

Yum yum

Twilight Man said...

Good reminder that I have saved and kept 3 big cakes of Nin Gou. Time to fry them with sweet potatoes and invite William for tea!!

bre said...

crotch grope must be nice! i'd longed to have one.

William said...

the perfect tea time snack!

nice to give one too :P