Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taiwan VII: Epilogue

Breakfast II by williamnyk
Breakfast II, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Woke up early on our last day in Taiwan to have breakfast at the chachai place again. This time round we took some pig's ears and chicken intestines, just like the locals do. Delicious stuff. Crunchy. Took a last minute spin around Ximending for some bubble tea and tapau the yummy goose from Ya Rou Bian (advertised as the 'most intimate of gifts'). Couldn't resist and ended up ordering some to eat and this time round we also tried the liver. Hehe. Bumped into a bunch of Malaysian tourists at the shop. They were made up of three straight couples. And the weird thing was, they just sat there and ate. Not a peep out of their mouths. Must be too tired from sex. Yikes.

Breakfast I

Most Intimate Gift



Most of the shops were closed, so were dragged ourselves back to the B&B to do our final round of packing. Camwhored a bit at the small park opposite our building. Lewis didn't pick us up that day. The official reason was that his commercial driving license had expired, but I suspected that there was a more sinister reason. Halfway through our trip, there was a squabble with his boss regarding some business interests and he was not amused that he used FB to network with his boss' clients. Anyway, he arranged for a friend to pick us up. We left a little earlier to go Chia Te to buy pineapple tarts (their cranberry tarts are fabulous too!). The place was really crowded. The cashiers worked like they were on a production line serving a conveyer belt.



At the airport, we settled settled the VAT refund (a painless process), and proceeded to check in. Peculiarly, after checking in, on must watch the conveyer belts to make sure that your luggage is not booted out after going through the X-ray scanner. Since SK held a priority pass, we could use the MORE Business Center. Plenty of food and drinks. The whole table was piled high with used bowls. Haha. In addition to the food, there was an internet cafe, massage room and meeting room inside. There was also a self-service shoe polisher and mini putting range.


Goodbye Taiwan

Our plane arrived on time and it was a pleasant flight home. Just that we needed to readjust back to the weather again. And my skin was dry and scaly for more than a week! T_T. But whatever the case, it was a great trip. Great spending time with KH and can you imagine that it was one of the rare times that I actually celebrated his birthday with him? Haha. I'm such a bad boy. Below is a map of our trip in Indiana Jones style. Hope to visit the other parts of Taiwan in the future!


Thanks for staying with me on this journey and thanks for reading! The end.


thompsonboy said...

pakailar moisturizer lar

Twilight Man said...

All the pigs are deaf now. You ate their ears! Alamak!

What a fruitful trip you had. I'm jeles!

Anonymous said...

and thanks for the excellent write up..altho lacking in erm spicyness lol

-VC :)

Leo Nut said...

Omg Pigs ears! My absolute fav!
Anyways, may i ask, does taiwan really have the desserts that they serve in snowflakes and all? lol

William said...

Creme de LaMer?

They can hear in piggy heaven! No need jeles. You go to more places than I do

Spicy = More sex?

Errr... I tak nampak actually.

Ban said...

more bunnies!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Glad that you had a great trip.