Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Holy Saturday Shopping

Pork Noodles by williamnyk
Pork Noodles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

CK was staying over at SK's place so early on Saturday morning, we went to breakfast together. Simple meal of pork noodles and some deep-fried crullers. The crullers weren't good. Just tasted wrong. Even dipping it into kopi-o couldn't save it. Yuck. Went to the mini post office later cause SK needed to send a package. In her hurry to tape up the box, she actually managed to cut her own hand with the scissors. :S. Ate lunch together as well, but at Subang Jaya's Kar Heong (one of many). Cheap and simple dishes-- homemade tofu with loofah, deep-fried abalone mushroom and deef-fried tofu with fish paste. Taste-wise, it didn't quite have the wow factor. What better way to burn off a fatty meal than to go shopping? Made a visit to Tangs at Empire Subang for SK to collect her cash voucher. Some good bargains around-- a whole bunch of Paul Frank undies were going at half price! Don't worry, I didn't get any. My underwear drawer is overflowing as I compose this post. Also noticed that Superdry underwear is finally here. Must have the same obscene prices as their clothes. Tea time was at T Forty Two with Grat. Came bearing steamed pumpkin cakes for us. So sweet of him.



In the evening, mum and I went for the Easter Vigil mass, the culmination of the Easter Tridiuum (beginning from Maundy Thursday, recalling the passion, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ). Gave a miss to the yummy crab dinner that Grat had planned. Sent KH as my representative. LOL. Standard liturgy saw the lighting of the Paschal candle and the candelight procession. I posted a picture of the priest and the altar boys on FB and Ash the Stalker just took under two minutes to find the cute altar boy's profile. A master. As it was high mass, the poor assistant parish priest had to do a lot of singing. But he's tone deaf. I pity the pianist. One child actually stuck his fingers in his ears. The mass continued with a whole lot of readings from the Old and New Testament. But my favorite part would alway be the Litany of the Saints. This year they found a better cantor to do the job. The other main focus of the night would of course be the baptism of the cathecumens. This year round, they seemed reluctant to keep their heads down, giving the priest headaches when it came to baptising them with the holy water. Was so difficult to pour without splahing the whole jug in their face lol. And the over-zealous altar boys not only dabbed their wet foreheads but threatened to wipe their faces off. The priest took over the job instead. By the time it was over, parishioners attending the next mass was already crowding in. All dressed to the nines, with elaborate sarees and stacks of gold bangles. Quickly made a move before we got stuck in the onslaught!

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