Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beefy Directions

Ouch! by williamnyk
Ouch!, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Ended up at Paradigm Mall for lunch after Sunday Mass. Wore my Aasics Casuals that day and it was another ouchie experience. But the foot bed is as nice as the Van's, at just half the price. Will break it in soon I hope. Thought of breaking my usual lunch routine and going for something Western instead. Plan B came to mind, but the place was perpetually full. Couldn't accept waiting for half an hour, so I thought, "Screw you, I'm going to Sakae Sushi". And of course the Citibank pink plate offer sweetened the deal for me. Spent the rest of the afternoon processing my Taiwan trip photos. Quite tiring. Even more tiring if I was compiling at photobook (gambate KH!).


Mum went out for dinner, so KH,SK and I ate out. She treated us to dinner at Kobe Gyutaku, a premium Japanese grill at Subang. Took us ages to find the place. The GPS couldn't pin-point the exact location, so we made a call to the restaurant. The fellow on the other line was quite hopeless. We were at the Asia Cafe area (lots of college cuties by the way), and the fellow couldn't give us proper directions. Think he' a bit 'impaired' in that department. Must have skipped some classes in primary school when the teacher explained about "in front", "beside" and "behind". When I saw SK struggling on the phone with him, I nearly blew my top. I took over the phone and found myself automatically shouting into the phone. We kept telling him that we had parked and were on foot and he kept telling us directions from the highway. Wanted to strangle him. Whatever the case, we finally found the restaurant and boy, that pre-dinner experience didn't help my appetite.


The guy on the phone earlier really looked like a teenager, and he was dressed in a white long sleeved shirt and a bowtie which it a bit more comical. The rest of the staff were migrant workers. We were shown to a lovely table right opposite the toilet which wa strangely located smack dab in the middle of the restaurant. As I sat down, I fired up Foursquare and found a lot of unfavourable tips. Immediately after reading about the lousy service from the staff, I saw the waitress give a scowl when SK told her that the green tea wasn't hot. As we were hungry already, SK quickly looked through the menu and started ordering. Since KH likes swordfish, we ordered the Mekajiki Ootoro Sashimi. My first time having that fish and unfortunately, it was only the first time in my life eating sashimi that was frozen, with ice particles still in it! Had to let it thaw!!! Yurusenai! KH even contemplated putting it n the grill!


Also had the Yukke for starters, basically ground raw beef with special sauce and raw egg mixed in. Sounds icky, but yummy! For the grilled items, it was ox tongue and some semi-premium cuts of beef. Incredibly good when eaten wrapped in lettuce (surprisingly only one portion is free) with miso sauce. Didn't really need the large dispoable bibs that they supplied because we got the staff to do most of the grilling. That short meal cost nearly MYR200! Wasn't satisfied with the quantity of food, but quality-wise it was quite good. Completed our dinner at the nearby Super Kitchen. Shared a bowl of pan mee and five spice fried pork. For drinks, we tapau-ed Coco Tea to Blackball. LOL. Don't think they noticed.

Chili Pan Mee

Fried Pork

Wasn't too late when I reached home, so I watched bit of the film "Assassins". Had a castration scene where the old eunuch just cut of the guy's family jewels and casually threw it out for the dogs to eat. T_T. When mum came home, she brought supper for me! Eat, eat, eat... I downed a mini lotus leaf rice wrap. So delicious with chunks of pork, dried oysters and mushroom. Also snacked on a couple of sticks of new year cakes and yam wrapped in wantan skin, then deep-friend. A winning combination. Little wonder that my pants are getting tight. Help (me get out of 'em :P)!


Tempus said...

Subang had suck good grill? Ugh prolly only eat out with mah friends since the family don't take beef.

Twilight Man said...

Hey we have same shoes and food tastes! Once I had a pair Adidas of shoes that looked so similar to your grey one. Nice!

nicky05 said...

eat eat eat!! fat fat fat!!! :P

Ban said...

those shoes cannot lar. You'll get blisters soon at this rate