Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Nippy Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday by williamnyk
Palm Sunday, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On the 24th of March, it was Palm Sunday at church. As usual, palm fronds were distributed and all the flowers in the church were exchanged for palms. Had the short procession going into church exclaiming "Hosanna" and the long reenactment of Jesus on trial before Herod. Finally managed to have lunch at Nippy, though we had to wait for a table to clear up. A rarity for me to wait for tables. Ordered the dry and wet variety of their bamboo noodles. Mum loved it. The crispy texture reminded her of her childhood days. Too bad we couldn't catch the chef of the apprentice making the noodles. The flour is kneaded using a thick bamboo pole and the required pressure is exerted by sitting on the pole (not THAT ok?). Should be quite interesting to watch. Since Snowflake was nearby, brought mum there for some dessert. Her first time. Ordered my favourite-- the Sesame Prosperity. Took the deluxe option with extra green tea ice cream and a dribble of cream (not THAT cream). Don't bother with that, just go for the basic. Good enough.

Sesame Prosperity

Didn't do much in the afternoon, but for dinner, SK invited mum and I over for dinner. Watched a Taiwanese dating show on Astro. Eligible bachelors would turn up on stage for a bunch of single women to choose. Most of the women looked quite old for their age (with thick makeup and bad teeth). Couldn't quite believe my eyes. But entertaining none the less. Some of the men were handsome and tall. But when one such specimen started talking about his frugality, the women dropped him like a hot potato. And when a very cute Caucasian English teacher cum part-time model made an appearance, he nearly left without a date (but he s cute fumbling with his limited Mandarin vocabulary). Looking pretty aint' everything it seems. But I was most surprised when I saw that the busker I saw on my first night in Taipei was a contestant! LOL. Luckily he got a date (although he is short and has no job security), but truth be told, I think he can get better better women through the usual channels. :P.

Would You Date A Busker?


nicky05 said...

I still prefer the soya blend prosperity. haha sesame prosperity makes body heaty. XD

Nick said...

Busker looks cute! XD

William said...

Keeps your hair black :P

Check out my Taiwan post for a clearer pic