Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Holy Saturday Shopping

Pork Noodles by williamnyk
Pork Noodles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

CK was staying over at SK's place so early on Saturday morning, we went to breakfast together. Simple meal of pork noodles and some deep-fried crullers. The crullers weren't good. Just tasted wrong. Even dipping it into kopi-o couldn't save it. Yuck. Went to the mini post office later cause SK needed to send a package. In her hurry to tape up the box, she actually managed to cut her own hand with the scissors. :S. Ate lunch together as well, but at Subang Jaya's Kar Heong (one of many). Cheap and simple dishes-- homemade tofu with loofah, deep-fried abalone mushroom and deef-fried tofu with fish paste. Taste-wise, it didn't quite have the wow factor. What better way to burn off a fatty meal than to go shopping? Made a visit to Tangs at Empire Subang for SK to collect her cash voucher. Some good bargains around-- a whole bunch of Paul Frank undies were going at half price! Don't worry, I didn't get any. My underwear drawer is overflowing as I compose this post. Also noticed that Superdry underwear is finally here. Must have the same obscene prices as their clothes. Tea time was at T Forty Two with Grat. Came bearing steamed pumpkin cakes for us. So sweet of him.



In the evening, mum and I went for the Easter Vigil mass, the culmination of the Easter Tridiuum (beginning from Maundy Thursday, recalling the passion, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ). Gave a miss to the yummy crab dinner that Grat had planned. Sent KH as my representative. LOL. Standard liturgy saw the lighting of the Paschal candle and the candelight procession. I posted a picture of the priest and the altar boys on FB and Ash the Stalker just took under two minutes to find the cute altar boy's profile. A master. As it was high mass, the poor assistant parish priest had to do a lot of singing. But he's tone deaf. I pity the pianist. One child actually stuck his fingers in his ears. The mass continued with a whole lot of readings from the Old and New Testament. But my favorite part would alway be the Litany of the Saints. This year they found a better cantor to do the job. The other main focus of the night would of course be the baptism of the cathecumens. This year round, they seemed reluctant to keep their heads down, giving the priest headaches when it came to baptising them with the holy water. Was so difficult to pour without splahing the whole jug in their face lol. And the over-zealous altar boys not only dabbed their wet foreheads but threatened to wipe their faces off. The priest took over the job instead. By the time it was over, parishioners attending the next mass was already crowding in. All dressed to the nines, with elaborate sarees and stacks of gold bangles. Quickly made a move before we got stuck in the onslaught!

Veiled and Empty

The Light of Christ

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Nippy Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday by williamnyk
Palm Sunday, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On the 24th of March, it was Palm Sunday at church. As usual, palm fronds were distributed and all the flowers in the church were exchanged for palms. Had the short procession going into church exclaiming "Hosanna" and the long reenactment of Jesus on trial before Herod. Finally managed to have lunch at Nippy, though we had to wait for a table to clear up. A rarity for me to wait for tables. Ordered the dry and wet variety of their bamboo noodles. Mum loved it. The crispy texture reminded her of her childhood days. Too bad we couldn't catch the chef of the apprentice making the noodles. The flour is kneaded using a thick bamboo pole and the required pressure is exerted by sitting on the pole (not THAT ok?). Should be quite interesting to watch. Since Snowflake was nearby, brought mum there for some dessert. Her first time. Ordered my favourite-- the Sesame Prosperity. Took the deluxe option with extra green tea ice cream and a dribble of cream (not THAT cream). Don't bother with that, just go for the basic. Good enough.

Sesame Prosperity

Didn't do much in the afternoon, but for dinner, SK invited mum and I over for dinner. Watched a Taiwanese dating show on Astro. Eligible bachelors would turn up on stage for a bunch of single women to choose. Most of the women looked quite old for their age (with thick makeup and bad teeth). Couldn't quite believe my eyes. But entertaining none the less. Some of the men were handsome and tall. But when one such specimen started talking about his frugality, the women dropped him like a hot potato. And when a very cute Caucasian English teacher cum part-time model made an appearance, he nearly left without a date (but he s cute fumbling with his limited Mandarin vocabulary). Looking pretty aint' everything it seems. But I was most surprised when I saw that the busker I saw on my first night in Taipei was a contestant! LOL. Luckily he got a date (although he is short and has no job security), but truth be told, I think he can get better better women through the usual channels. :P.

Would You Date A Busker?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fairy Tail Taxes

Foursome by williamnyk
Foursome, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Went to the OUG wet market on Saturday... yadda... yadda... yadda. Wanted to bring mum to Nippy to try their super crispy bamboo noodles, but they don't open in the morning. Crap. So turned back out to Jalan Kuchai Lama to eat at Soon Lei. Sat down and ordered a bowl of XO fish head noodles and also tried a box of sea bird's nest angku. Judging by how chewy the colorful angku were, I think the lady mixed konyaku powder into the seaweed jelly. Still find that this place can't fight the fish head noodles at Goon Wah. If not because for the fact that Goon Wah doesn't open on the weekends, they would have it worse. At least can chap sei kai on Saturday and Sunday. Since we were in the vicinity, stopped a while at NSK to do more grocery shopping.


Please Take Me Home

Didn't do much that Saturday afternoon. Just watched a whole lot of episodes of "Fairy Tail". Happy the flying cat is so cute! "Aye!". Had a super late lunch of porridge at 3:00pm. Mum didn't notice the time as she was busy frying new year cakes in wantan skin for the BEC gathering that night. It wasn't as crispy as we hoped. Perhaps because we didn't put plastic straws in the oil while frying. :S. Stopped watching anime after lunch and started doing my taxes. A little confused about the filing for 2012 as I had started generating rental income. Wonder if I can still claim housing loan interest deduction for the non-rental period and subsequently claim housing loan interest as an expense upon my rental income during the rental period. Tried sending LHDN an e-mail, but no reply. Blegh. Perhaps some experts out there can enlighten me. BEC was the usual deal and that ended my Saturday.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beefy Directions

Ouch! by williamnyk
Ouch!, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Ended up at Paradigm Mall for lunch after Sunday Mass. Wore my Aasics Casuals that day and it was another ouchie experience. But the foot bed is as nice as the Van's, at just half the price. Will break it in soon I hope. Thought of breaking my usual lunch routine and going for something Western instead. Plan B came to mind, but the place was perpetually full. Couldn't accept waiting for half an hour, so I thought, "Screw you, I'm going to Sakae Sushi". And of course the Citibank pink plate offer sweetened the deal for me. Spent the rest of the afternoon processing my Taiwan trip photos. Quite tiring. Even more tiring if I was compiling at photobook (gambate KH!).


Mum went out for dinner, so KH,SK and I ate out. She treated us to dinner at Kobe Gyutaku, a premium Japanese grill at Subang. Took us ages to find the place. The GPS couldn't pin-point the exact location, so we made a call to the restaurant. The fellow on the other line was quite hopeless. We were at the Asia Cafe area (lots of college cuties by the way), and the fellow couldn't give us proper directions. Think he' a bit 'impaired' in that department. Must have skipped some classes in primary school when the teacher explained about "in front", "beside" and "behind". When I saw SK struggling on the phone with him, I nearly blew my top. I took over the phone and found myself automatically shouting into the phone. We kept telling him that we had parked and were on foot and he kept telling us directions from the highway. Wanted to strangle him. Whatever the case, we finally found the restaurant and boy, that pre-dinner experience didn't help my appetite.


The guy on the phone earlier really looked like a teenager, and he was dressed in a white long sleeved shirt and a bowtie which it a bit more comical. The rest of the staff were migrant workers. We were shown to a lovely table right opposite the toilet which wa strangely located smack dab in the middle of the restaurant. As I sat down, I fired up Foursquare and found a lot of unfavourable tips. Immediately after reading about the lousy service from the staff, I saw the waitress give a scowl when SK told her that the green tea wasn't hot. As we were hungry already, SK quickly looked through the menu and started ordering. Since KH likes swordfish, we ordered the Mekajiki Ootoro Sashimi. My first time having that fish and unfortunately, it was only the first time in my life eating sashimi that was frozen, with ice particles still in it! Had to let it thaw!!! Yurusenai! KH even contemplated putting it n the grill!


Also had the Yukke for starters, basically ground raw beef with special sauce and raw egg mixed in. Sounds icky, but yummy! For the grilled items, it was ox tongue and some semi-premium cuts of beef. Incredibly good when eaten wrapped in lettuce (surprisingly only one portion is free) with miso sauce. Didn't really need the large dispoable bibs that they supplied because we got the staff to do most of the grilling. That short meal cost nearly MYR200! Wasn't satisfied with the quantity of food, but quality-wise it was quite good. Completed our dinner at the nearby Super Kitchen. Shared a bowl of pan mee and five spice fried pork. For drinks, we tapau-ed Coco Tea to Blackball. LOL. Don't think they noticed.

Chili Pan Mee

Fried Pork

Wasn't too late when I reached home, so I watched bit of the film "Assassins". Had a castration scene where the old eunuch just cut of the guy's family jewels and casually threw it out for the dogs to eat. T_T. When mum came home, she brought supper for me! Eat, eat, eat... I downed a mini lotus leaf rice wrap. So delicious with chunks of pork, dried oysters and mushroom. Also snacked on a couple of sticks of new year cakes and yam wrapped in wantan skin, then deep-friend. A winning combination. Little wonder that my pants are getting tight. Help (me get out of 'em :P)!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Saturday Driver

80gms by williamnyk
80gms, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Woke up early thought I had no date with the wet market that Saturday. Spent some time on the lappie after doing some simple stretches and exercise routine (migt have included some other 'exercises' and 'stretches') in my room. Went to breakfast with mum after that and went to Goodarch HQ at Sri Petaling after that. An old lady living near my place needed to get her orthotics adjusted. Reached there about 10:30am due to the long queue at the BOMBA juntion, but as luck would have it, the place only opens at 11:00am. Sheesh. Waited a bit more before the front door was opened. Took quite long to get things settled and by noon, we dropped by Central Hypermarket to do some restocking at the organic store there. Been taking psyllium husk for a couple of months now and I must say that it does wonders for my bowel regularity (ever had shit so light that it takes a bloody four flushes to send it on its way?!). Nasty to drink actually (has the consistency of dried insect husks) but mixing in honey vinegar doesn't make it that bad. Hopefully it will help with my cholesterol levels too.

Next up was to raid the salmon slices at Giant BK5. Mum and her friend bought a lot! While they shopped, I thought I would make a quick stop at the post office there to buy a POS EKSPRES envelope and by golly it was anything but 'EKSPRES'. Loads of people with only two counters 'operational'. And get this, when one counter went online, the other went offline. The period of concurrent operation was less than 2 minutes each time. Absolute stupidity. And they had no dedicated counter for postage, stamps and etc. Nearly gave up. I stood in front of the counter until it was my turn. Late lunch was had at Hoboh Lui Cha, Taman Kinrara. Been a while since I ate there. Nearly a whole day gone just running errands here and there. And we sometimes wonder where our weekends went.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Weekend After

Snake Oil by williamnyk
Snake Oil, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
As luck would have it, mum dragged me to the wet market the Saturday after I arrived home from Taiwan. The usual sights and smells with the exception of a snake oil salesman dressed like a troll doll. Crazy hair. His business was brisk that morning selling some kind of numbing oil for joint pain (and I won't be surprised if works for hard cocks too). Wonder what's in it.


Later in the afternoon, mum cut up yam, sweet potatoes and new year cakes to make some sinful snacks. Sandwiching the new year cake between the other two ingredients, she dipped the combination in batter and deep fried it. The resulting sandwich was absolutely crispy with a runny center. Yummy!

Yam I Am

Yam Sandwiches


The next day, I went to church as usual, but wore my new Van's. Boy, what a painful experience it was. Pain at my baby toe and scraping at my heel. Hopefully the leather will soften up soon.


Ouch! Ouch!

Went to The Gardens Mall after mass to escape the heat. Checked the price at Royal Sporting House and found that the price in Malaysia is comparable to Taiwan... Oh well. Just saved a little. Was supposed to collect my rebate voucher from Robinsons but their 'clever' system couldn't do anything for me cause I did not bring the redemption letter. Sat down at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf after some window shopping and tried their Hazelnut cake. New arrival. Not good at all. Luckily I wa entertained by Mr. Arms who was trying to study. Every 30 seconds after reading his textbook, he would grimace and try to nap or play with his phone. Hopefully he did well in his exam! Actually there was another bulgy bicep boy at Cold Storage, but I have no clear shots t share. :(.


Mr Arms

Had dinner at SK's place (where KT dropped by from her way down from Batu Pahat to give us some kau yuk pau!) and later went out to yumcha with KH at K3K Benta Kaya. Yes, again. Celebrated KH's lunar calendar birthday with a kaya topee. We told them not to cut it, so it arrived in the shape of a big, thick, and crispy pancake. See how I decorated it. Adorable righ? :P. The infernal heat drove us to Snowflake. Had my favorite there-- the Sesame Prosperity. Definitely hit the right spot. A gastronomic G-spot of sorts. Send KH home after that and gave him a long birthday kiss, a cheeky birthday nipple tweak and a lustful birthday crotch grope!


Birthday Topee


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taiwan VII: Epilogue

Breakfast II by williamnyk
Breakfast II, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Woke up early on our last day in Taiwan to have breakfast at the chachai place again. This time round we took some pig's ears and chicken intestines, just like the locals do. Delicious stuff. Crunchy. Took a last minute spin around Ximending for some bubble tea and tapau the yummy goose from Ya Rou Bian (advertised as the 'most intimate of gifts'). Couldn't resist and ended up ordering some to eat and this time round we also tried the liver. Hehe. Bumped into a bunch of Malaysian tourists at the shop. They were made up of three straight couples. And the weird thing was, they just sat there and ate. Not a peep out of their mouths. Must be too tired from sex. Yikes.

Breakfast I

Most Intimate Gift



Most of the shops were closed, so were dragged ourselves back to the B&B to do our final round of packing. Camwhored a bit at the small park opposite our building. Lewis didn't pick us up that day. The official reason was that his commercial driving license had expired, but I suspected that there was a more sinister reason. Halfway through our trip, there was a squabble with his boss regarding some business interests and he was not amused that he used FB to network with his boss' clients. Anyway, he arranged for a friend to pick us up. We left a little earlier to go Chia Te to buy pineapple tarts (their cranberry tarts are fabulous too!). The place was really crowded. The cashiers worked like they were on a production line serving a conveyer belt.



At the airport, we settled settled the VAT refund (a painless process), and proceeded to check in. Peculiarly, after checking in, on must watch the conveyer belts to make sure that your luggage is not booted out after going through the X-ray scanner. Since SK held a priority pass, we could use the MORE Business Center. Plenty of food and drinks. The whole table was piled high with used bowls. Haha. In addition to the food, there was an internet cafe, massage room and meeting room inside. There was also a self-service shoe polisher and mini putting range.


Goodbye Taiwan

Our plane arrived on time and it was a pleasant flight home. Just that we needed to readjust back to the weather again. And my skin was dry and scaly for more than a week! T_T. But whatever the case, it was a great trip. Great spending time with KH and can you imagine that it was one of the rare times that I actually celebrated his birthday with him? Haha. I'm such a bad boy. Below is a map of our trip in Indiana Jones style. Hope to visit the other parts of Taiwan in the future!


Thanks for staying with me on this journey and thanks for reading! The end.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taiwan VI 2nd Half: Black Birthday Bunny

An Awkward Bird by williamnyk
An Awkward Bird, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Took the Metro back to City Hall Station and we lunched at Ramen Kagetsu Arashi in Uni-Hankyu. Ordered an interesting fish broth ramen called the W. Fitting. Garlic came really fresh. They would give you several cloves with a metal hand press! Did the obligatory trip to Taipei 101 after that. Walked through their busy City Hall. So much hustle and bustle. And the best thing was, the staff all looked very cheerful. Took a short coffee break at Skypig Cafe before dashing across the road to see the landmark skyscraper. Sipped some coffee, enjoyed the breeze and the surroundings. Taipei 101 is just another tall building with luxury shopping space. Didn't spend much time there.

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi

Trees & Balls

City Hall

Taipei 101

Did further shopping at the nearby ATT 4 FUN. Found a Private Structure boutique there and was fun to hear the sales guy explain that it's a brand from Malaysia. Didn't look like they were doing well. SK wanted to buy her Jimmy books, so went to Eslite Xinyi bookstore, Taiwan's largest bookstore, occupying 8,000 sqm2. Was delighted just browsing their interesting souvenier section with many designer baubles and trinkets. On the other hand, KH went looking at their gay mags. Quite a pain for me going up and down the floors because something we had bought earlier kept triggering the alarm.


Moved back to the metro after that, navigating through a stretch of booths for the new HTC One. Dinner was at Japanese at Uni-Hankyu again, this time at Xanadu. Food wasn't all that great, but the sake we ordered was. A nice way to unwind after a long day of shopping. It would have been perfect if not for the chatterbox beside our table. The guy could go on and on about himself. Practically talked his dinner partner's ears off. Went back down to the food court after dinner and we were drawn to the cutesy Aranzi Cafe. Took another excuse to celebrate KH's birthday again!

"That cake please."

"Black Bunny?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, Black Bunny."

Drink and be Merry


Black Bunny

The cake was really cute, but the taste wasn't all that super. Travelled back to Ximending, put down our stuff, and took another spin around the area. Basically roamed giant Uniqlo there. They have more stuff, but we didn't buy anything as the price wasn't really attractive. Didn't stay out late as we had to pack all our stuff for departure the next day. I don't wanna leave! That night, we filled up the small tub with hot water and dropped in a packet of Muji lavender bath salts to soak our tired legs. Had our final Taiwan skank and called it a night.

Uniqlo @ Ximending