Friday, March 29, 2013

Screw First, Praise Later

Shout it! by Jimmy Jack Kane
Shout it!, swiped from Jimmy Jack Kane on Flickr.

During a meeting with my client:

BizUser: I think the system should have the capablity to {insert business requirement here}.

MyBoss: For the time being, we do not have this feature.

BizUser: I think it should have.

MyBoss: Er....

ProjectDirector: BizUser, I do not think that this is in the scope of what the system should do.

BizUser: (Starting to protest)

ProjectDirector: I WON'T REPEAT MYSELF. It is not in the scope! (If you are familiar with Dune, it's like the Bene Gesserits employing the use of Voice)

BizUser: (Black face and muttering under her breath)

MyBoss: (Shocked look)

(5 minutes later...)

ProjectDirector: I'm sorry to interrupt again. First and foremost, I would like to apologize to BizUser. She is a valuable member of the team. So far she has asked many intelligent questions, displaying her business and technical acumen. However, when it comes to scope, I still need to control it. I hope you understand. Thank you.

BizUser: (Nods in agreement)

An amazing approach is it not? Cut you off at first to eliminate any argument, then ply you with compliments to get back in your favour. I guess only people of a certain level can play such games. Really an eye-opener. Bravo. Perhaps its in some ancient Chinese strategy text?

I know of an another account manager in my company who screws you in front of everyone, then quietly calls you to apologize after the meeting. More despicable no?

All sorts of people out there...


Twilight Man said...

Sounds like my own brother - the male version of bitch.

Gratitude said...

The one who barks more and first usually has the upper hand.

William said...

Must be very successful

True, true

Anonymous said...

so in order to has to screw around...


William said...

Other screwing works too