Monday, March 11, 2013

Dry Season

Gosh... No new Jap porn on Gay Torrents. I need some iku iku to spice up my nights! Anyone know of any alternatives? Thanks in advance. I'll dedicate my cumshots to you. :D


Mr Lonely said...

i know i know but u need pm me in FB for the links! LOL

Anonymous said...

That's one free link. Hv fun.

nicky05 said...

I know too XD

Robb Chew said...


Anonymous said...

come here, we'll make porn together!
there are a lot of FB gay subcribers, they post tons of gay j-porn, you just need to add them as your friend.

William said...

I can always e-mail you :P

Thanks. This looks more like youtube.

Never share!


Hahahaha. You have a studio? Can't add such scandalous profiles in my FB account!

Thanks a lot for the detailed instructions!

Twilight Man said...

It rained the next day! All your cums!

William said...

Hahahahaha. Imagine that... white, sticky rain.