Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Coach by williamnyk
Coach, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
The end of CNY was basically celebrated over the weekend. On Saturday, I had my CNY BEC gathering. Donned my reddest boardshorts and went with my fiery flip-flops. And finally started using the Coach wallet that KH got me more than a year ago. :D. There were rumours that the turnout might not be good, but still a good crowd came. Surprisingly during the sharing session, many people decided to open their mouths, thus making things quite lively. As usual, we had plenty of food and fun. Was also pleasantly surprised because a Taiwanese woman commented that I look to be in my early twenties! Wakakaka! But truth be told, I look older these days. New lines are taking shape on my face. Goodness. Time for collagen! And there is a very sticky couple in my church group that SK and I love to watch. Always new and refreshing gag-worthy moments. They have three daughters and the youngest daughter is already in college. When the facilitator mentioned that Chap Goh Mei is considered the Chinese VDay, they looked longingly into each other's eyes and giggled. And when we were singing hymns with mention of love, they would have little gestures and touch each other's faces. Wahlau, really like pengantin baru. Not something that you see everyday. Wonder if my relationship can be kept that fresh and loving at their age!



The next night, celebrated CGM proper at KT's place. Invited me and my mum, SK and her granny, Ryan's cousin's and her business partner. Previously, she already had a series of steamboat sessions, this was only one of it. Aside from the typical steamboat fare, she cooked up Henghua Mee Suah and otak-otak. Drinks-wise there was wine and beer. The pencuci mulut was osmanthus jelly, Magnum and mango pudding. Fattening sekali. As she was quite busy, we entertained ourselves by watching TV, drinking and snacking. Wathed an interesting programme on 8TV that explained the origins of the Tua Pek Kong diety popular among the Hokkiens. The highlight of the evening was a fireworks extravaganza. Ryan finished off his stockpile that night and while he was at it, his neighbour outsourced the job to him too. We were also supposed to light a Kong Ming lantern but the rain dampened our plans. Quite interesting to note that the lantern was red, had gold ingot motifs and even a lucky number. Goodness. Typical. Helped to clean up then called it a night. That's all for CNY 2013!


P.S.: You can stop hating me now since I have finally wrapped up CNY2013! :P


Anonymous said...

am sure all of us are eagerly awaiting stories from TW....

hurry up! :)

- VC

nicky05 said...

so fattening eat magnum. Never share :P

William said...

Soon! :P. But I have not written a single TW post yet.

Hahaha. Later you blame me for your tummy.